Sunday, April 07, 2013

Feeding the Seagulls

Time to clean out my freezer again.  Time to feed the seagulls down at the beach.

Last night I had some Tyson's grilled chicken breasts. Then I had an upset stomach.  I checked the bag and sure enough, garlic powder!  I love garlic but I cannot digest garlic powder.  Thus, those grilled chicken breasts were now destined to be seagull food.

I also had some garlic bread left in the refrigerator from the farewell lunch I had with Dr. Spo, Someone and Doug at the Miltonian Restaurant in Milton.  Bill and I don't eat bread anymore but I hate to waste food so when I returned from that lunch I froze the bread.  I took that bread out this morning.  More Seagull food.

I also had some unidentifiable frozen items in the freezer that had been there for who knows how long.  More Seagull food.

When I feed the seagulls down at Rehoboth Beach (note to The Cajun: don't tell me that it is against the law to feed the seagulls at Rehoboth - I know that. I am breaking the law) I go early to avoid the Sunday traffic and the Rehoboth police who would probably cite me (or worse) for FEEDING THE SEAGULLS.  I guess I could always go the the Walmart parking lot but I find the beach more scenic plus, if it's not too cold I could take a quick walk on the boardwalk to help reduce my spare tire.  

It's still cold around these parts folks.  I woke up to 30 degrees and thin coat of ice on my birdbaths.  Come on spring, make an appearance.  

Have a great day!


anne marie in philly said...

cause feeding the seagulls is such a crime like...oh, I don't know...drug pushing perhaps? murder?

Anonymous said...

You can argue the merits of feeding the seagulls all day long and get nowhere. I hope you have a lovely time at the beach so early in the morning! It will be beautiful I'm sure.

Peace <3

the cajun said...

"spare tire"!!! hahahahahahahahaha! BTW, we all feed the seagulls, but don't talk about it. Now shoosh!

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I bet you have a nice relaxing time feeding the gulls, I'd like to know what's wrong with that. I can see it now the local police give heat for feeding the seagulls and right behind them a mom with a baby is getting mugged. And if you try to point that out you'll get arrested for causing trouble. It's funny for you to mention seagulls, I was at our amateur radio club breakfast Saturday and saw a gull on a lamp post in the resturant parking lot. All the way out here in the great plains, some 1400 miles from the ocean. I hope to make it out to Delaware next April to see the beaches for my self. Peace and much love. Randy.

Stan said...

I got yelled at over the loud PA system on The Lewes ferry for feeding the gulls.

Ron said...


Isn't that ridiculous? What difference does it make to feed the seagulls? They eat anyway. What? The authorities don't want to encourage it? I've always found it so interesting the priorities that the authorities have in small government. Bill and I call them "The board of the superiors." I half expect some local government "superior" to read my blog and yell at me.


Ron said...

I know, as soon as I posted this I thought "don't advertise!" But there it is, part of my day. I don't do it all the time, maybe twice or three times a year. Especially when the temps are below freezing. Today was an exception because I had foolishly bought a lot of chicken that I didn't know was seasoned with garlic powder. I felt guilty just throwing it away. So now there are seagulls at Rehoboth with garlic breath.


Ron said...


I love the beach early in the morning, as long as its not too cold. Summertime and fall are the best. Have to get there before the crowds and the humidity though.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I've always been fascinated by "the superiors" (what Bill and I call the local authorities) and their priorities. God forbid one should feed the seagulls.


Ron said...


As my friend "The Cajun" says "everyone feeds the seagulls, just don't talk about it." I don't feed them on a regular basis but when I have some good food that I don't want, I hate to throw it out in the trash. It seems such a waste, especially on those cold, frigid days when the seagulls are freezing at the beach.

When I lived in Downingtown, PA I would see seagulls in the Jamesway parking lot. They had to be hundreds of miles from the ocean. Seagulls go where there is food.

I do hope you make it to Delaware for the Bloggerpalooa next year. We had a regular love fest this year. It was so wonderful to experience all that camaraderie with such a diverse group. Next year will be even better.


Ur-spo said...

i hope feeding the birds always remains marvelous and without restraint.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps feeding seagulls encourages the seagulls to dive bomb unsuspecting individuals looking for their food.