Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mystery Photo From the Past

My fellow classmates Buddy, Glenn, Frank and Franny at Gettysburg 1958 - check out the gals with their puffy, crinoline dresses

Ever since I got a camera for my 12th birthday, I have taken a lot of pictures.  My 12th birthday was in 1953.  This was back in the old "black and white" days of the Fifties.  This was also back in the day when I made a total (if I was lucky) of about $5.00 a week from my paper route.  After buying comic books and candy, I rarely had more than a dollar or two left over to buy film for my Kodak Brownie camera.  And remember, back "in the day" one also had to pay to have that film processed, which I did at the Sam Charles News Agency in the center of Downingtown, the small Pennsylvania town of 5,000 where I lived, picked up my newspapers and delivered them to the east end of Downingtown.  

Just to prove to everyone that my camera bug thing has always been with me, I'm posting this picture I took of a few of my classmates during our junior class trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  

And then a funny thing happened.  When I went to pick up my pictures at Sam Charles, there was this one extra picture in it that I didn't take.  I know most of the bathing beauties in this picture but I DIDN'T TAKE IT.  All these years (55 to be exact) I think I'll send it to the Downingtown Historical Society and have them publish it in their monthly newsletter.  Every month they post an "old timey photo."  This should be fun.  Stay tuned.

By the way, as  you probably have already guessed I wasn't so much intrigued by the gals in their bathing suits (although they are very attractive) as I was by the guy wiggling his hips in the background.  I have no idea who he was but he DID get my attention.  Back in the Fifties there was no Internet porn, this was as close as this then 15 year old got to a thrill.  Just saying. 


Bob said...

Swivel Hips looks like he might have been a good time!

Jon said...

I never had a Brownie camera, but when I was nine my father gave me an old camera that had belonged to my grandfather!! Those were the dinosaur days when you had to take the film to the drugstore and wait a week for the pictures to be developed (Dear Gawd, I'm not REALLy that damn old, am I????)

It will be interesting to see if anyone remembers the bathing beauty photo when you send it to the Downingtown Historical Society.

Ron said...

"Swivel Hips" is still a mystery to me. I remember the first time I saw this picture, whoo too! It was a big deal for me back in the Fifties.


Ron said...


Oh I definitely remember taking the roll of film to the newsstand and waiting a whole week to get it back. The anticipation was fun, something we don't have now with the instant gratification of digital photography. One downside though, if you took a bad picture you were stuck with it and believe me, I took my share of bad photos!


anne marie in philly said...

the age of innocence.

Ron said...

Wasn't it though Anne Marie?