Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Interview About Same Sex Marriage Legislation

Me being interviewed by WDEL radio this afternoon.  Click on the link below.  I am at the end of the five minute video.

WDEL 1150AM - VIDEO: Same-sex marriage legislation unveiled in Wilm.

Today I was in Wilmington attending Governor Markell's announcement of a bill to make marriage equality a reality in Delaware.  For the first time in my life I was interviewed.  Funny thing, when the I was doing the interview, first I had the microphone on backwards, showing you how many interviews I've done in my life (like none).  Once the reporter showed me how to place the microphone my mouth started to go.  Man oh man, getting interviewed is HARD.  I thought I did terrible but you know what? After watching it, I think I did all right.  What do you think?

Me thanking Governor Markell for his leadership in promotion marriage equality

I am so proud to live in a state like Delaware who has a governor and lieutenant governor who recognizes me and my fellow LBGT citizens as equal under the law and having the dignity and protections accorded to other Americans. It is indeed "A nice feeling."

Me talking to the media - a first!


Anonymous said...


Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Ron - you did just fine!

Jon said...

Congratulations on your celebrity status! It's definitely not easy to be interviewed, but you handled it like a pro. I have a strong feeling there will be more interviews in your future.

Governor Markell sounds like he's truly sincere about his interest in this cause - - which is rare and refreshing.

Ron said...


Check out my blog posting again. I added a picture of me thanking Governor Markell. Yes, very cool!


Ron said...

Susan (?)

Thank you! I thought I did terrible on the interview but it sounded alright didn't it? I'm glad I didn't embarrass myself.


Ron said...


Check out my blog posting again. I added a photo of me thanking Governor Markell for his leadership. I thought I did whacko during the interview but listening to it, it didn't sound half bad did it? I hope I did something to move the cause of marriage equality forward.


Buddy Bear said...

You sounded and looked great! Well done!!

Kelly/RICGD said...

I want your Governor... good interview... we are inching our way there... hugs!

Ron said...


I tell you, it is great to live in a state where the governor, lieutenant governor and the attorney general are on our side!


Ron said...

Buddy Bear,

Thank you! I thought I did terrible until I saw the interview. First interview ever. I have a new found appreciation for people who do spontaneous interviews like this,, they're not as easy as they look.


Geo. said...

Great job, Ron, on your WDEL interview! Equality, as you say there, "It's a nice feeling." I would be remiss as an American not to congratulate you on that.

Raybeard said...

Lovely contribution, Ron. You come over as reasonable, sensitive and relaxed - though I know you weren't feeling the latter. So pleased you were able to give a little helpful boost to the cause which means so much to you and your fellow countrymen. Well done!

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, Wow a real celebrity in our midst! Now I can tell I know a LGBTQ Leader, but I don't know who I'd tell in red state Nebraska. Now I would really like to make it out there next April and shake your hand. And even Montana is resinding their anti gay law, so I guess it's legal to be us in that state. Hey Ron you did great if I had done the interview I would come out sounding like Jerry Lewis! Just ignore the microphone and pretend you're talking to just that one person. You must have one great governor there. Is he that short or are you standing on the top step? As always, a plesure! Randy.

Ron said...


Thank you! I've always believed in taking a stand for what I believe in. I was so thrilled and satisfied to be at Governor Markell's announcement yesterday. Everything felt just right. I've lived most of my life with the fear of harassment, rejection, threats of physical violence and loss of jobs just because I was a gay man. How wonderful it is at this time of my life to know that finally, I will be treated with the dignity and protections that are now accorded to other Americans. And by the way......yes, I was standing on a s tep above Governor Markell when I was talking to him. He was leaving the top of the steps when I approached him from the back. You can't plan these things Randy. :)

Have a great day!


Bob said...

You go!
That was brazilliant!

Ron said...


Thank you. I am privileged that I had the opportunity to contribute to the fight for marriage equality so that all of same sex couples can get married and lived with the dignity and protections accorded to other Americans.


Ron said...


Indeed, it is a very "nice feeling", one that I have rarely felt in my life. I am glad that I was able to contribute to the cause for marriage equality for gay men and women so we can all live our lives with the dignity and protections accorded to other Americans.


Ron said...


Thanks! Well, of COURSE I am "reasonable, sensitive and relaxed." :) That's me Ray! And yes, I am very thankful that I was able to give a "little helpful" boost to THE CAUSE. For the first time in my life I think equality is actually going to happen for gay folks like myself. Just a wonderful feeling to know that we will no longer be "less than."


Ken Eaton said...

You made me proud to know you, even if it is only through your blog. You are a good man and good spokesman.

Ron said...

Thank you Ken. That makes me feel good. I am fighting for a good cause and I am so happy that I can do something to make marriage equality a reality in Delaware, even if it is a little thing like holding that flag yesterday in that wind (which almost knocked me over a few times.)


anne marie in philly said...

FINALLY got to watch the video this morning; ALL the people are AWESOMESAUCE! you gave a fine, thoughtful interview, mr. poster child!

to quote a line from the 60s: "the people, united, shall never be defeated!"