Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Not An Easy Day

This morning on the beach at Rehoboth watching the waves roll in

Not an easy day today folks.

The day started out innocently enough.  I got up early (5:30 am) and was down at the boardwalk in Rehoboth by 6:30 for my daily walk.  Up and down the boards (one mile) then a stroll on the beach to listen to the waves.  Then my usual seat at the north end of the boardwalk then up and down again for another mile walk.  I'm enjoying this new activity.  It is not only healthy for my body but my mind.  While sitting and watching the folks go about their activities on the beach, I'm clearing my mind plus I'm giving Bill some space (and getting my own space too.)

Then I head back to where I parked my car at the end of Rehoboth Avenue and head out of town.  Today I'm meeting my neighbor Barbara for lunch and a visit to the weekly Rehoboth Farmers market.

My car is a red 1998 Subaru Forester.  The mileage us approaching 124,000 miles.  For sometime now I have been aware that soon I will have to buy a new car.  I think today my decision was made for me.
That's my old trusted friend, my '98 red Subaru Forester parked in the primo parking slot on Rehoboth Avenue - I get there early in the morning

For the past few years I've had some strange noises coming out of the back of my car when I start it up or slow down to make a turn.  I've ignored these noises, wishfully thinking that it was my imagination.

When I picked up my neighbor Barbara for lunch today the first thing she said was "What's the matter with your car?"  I say "Oh, that noise?  It's been there for ages.  Wayne always used to complain about it when I picked him up when we went to dinner at the Purple Parrot."  She said "You should get that looked at."  This is something I didn't want to hear.  I had inured myself to the fact that my trusty old friend, my red Subaru Forester was getting old.  It still looked good but it is now of an age (like me) that strange things start to happen.  Like my knees are sore when I walk, my Subaru was complaining also that it has a part of its body that is wearing out.  I guess I can no longer ignore the inevitable.  Time to get a new car.

Now let's see.  My previous car was a 1984 Honda Civic.  I had that one for 14 years.  Nothing was basically wrong with that car either but at 14 years old, it was inevitable something would happen.  My 1998 Subaru Forester is now 12 years old.  I only had 68,000 miles on my Honda when I sold it.  I have almost double the miles on my Subaru.  Pretty darn good.  But I think I'm pushing my luck if I think I have too many more years with this car.

Barbara and I had a delightful lunch at Dos Locos.  My friend The Cajun was on host duty and was his usual charming self.  The food was wonderful (Barbara had the Mexican Dish and ate almost the whole thing because it was so good) and I had the Plain Jane Burger.  I have simple tastes.
Barb and I at lunch at Dos Locos today - great food, wonderful service!

Then we were off to fight the heat and the crowd and look for a parking place at the Rehoboth Farmers Market which takes place every Tuesday 12 to 2.  The last time Barb and I went to the farmer's market she was overcome by the heat and fell to the ground.  I had to get her car (a Cadillac the size of Cleopatra's barge) and get her out of Dodge before she passed out.

Rehoboth Farmers' Market today - shady, cool breezes, fresh veggies

Today the heat wasn't as oppressive.  There was a nice breeze through the park where the farmers' market is held.  We were doing fine until just about the end and Barb is again overcome by the heat.  She goes to the ground.  OMIGOD!  Again.
Barb smelling the flowers (a few  minutes before she went to the ground)

My car is parked over by the laundromat.  Parking is not an easy chore at the farmers' market.  A concerned vendor gives Barbara some cold water.  I get my car to the fence, near where Barbara is sitting.  She's on the other side of the fence.  She doesn't see me.  She's throwing up her Mexican Dish lunch which was probably not as nice going out as it was going in. What to do?  I didn't want to get a ticket (Rehoboth is well known for it's efficiency in handing out parking tickets.)  I move my car farther down the street and park were it is permitted.  I go back to Barbara.  She's feeling somewhat better, but not completely.

Fresh veggies at the Farmers' Market today

I get her in the car and maneuver the best I can to get out of the maze of cars with Pennsylvania license plates that packs Rehoboth Beach during the height of the season.  I wonder "What am I doing in Rehoboth this time of day anyway?  Can't I get my cucumbers at the roadside stand outside Milton?"  Of course I can.  And I will in the future.
We can get tomatoes and peaches like this in Milton

I help Barbara in the car and we're on our way home.  We turn on the packed Rt. 1 north.  Oh how I just love traveling Rt. 1 during the hot, sizzling midsummer day with all that traffic.  I gently tell Barbara this is the LAST time I will be doing this. Really.

My car is still making strange noises (thank goodness she didn't remind me again) and I'm trying to get home in time to take my afternoon nap.

When I get home I drop Barbara off at her house which is right next to mine.  Then I pull into my garage, thankful to get out of the heat, traffic and stress of a near serious medical emergency.  Twice this has happened.  It will not happen again thank you.  The burger I had at Dos Locos was good and the host was delightful, but I would just as well stayed at home updating my iPhotos or working on my autobiography (oh yes, my next big project.)

Tomorrow we go to Dover to look at new cars. I knew this day would come.  I hate dealing with auto dealerships.  I'm not looking forward to it.  I would rather go to the dentist.  More stress tomorrow.


Barbara said...

I certainly did ruin your day yesterday, and I truly appologize for it. Came home , showered and jumped in bed and stayed there. Don't feel great today either, but better than yesterday. No more Farmers Market for me either.

G said...

The car, we had a 1985 Honda Civic CRX for 16 years. If you know were a dealer called "CARMAX" is located they areknown to be good people. You can find them on line, unless you are looking for a new car. They sell only pre owned.

Ron said...

No need to apologize for yesterday. I'm sorry if my blog posting came off the wrong way. It wasn't your fault. Actually something good came of it because I got a new car today. I'm just glad the situation didn't turn into something more serious yesteray. However, I don't want to tempt fate a third time.

Ron said...

I bought a new car today. Same thing, a red Subaru Forester. This one has a moon (sun) roof and a lot of cool extras. I got a great deal. This car should last until they put me in the ground.

Ron said...

I bought a new car today. Same thing, a red Subaru Forester. This one has a moon (sun) roof and a lot of cool extras. I got a great deal. This car should last until they put me in the ground.

G said...

That's great, my neighbor has a Subaru, it's a '99 and has low milage. She turns 80 next week. She also has the original "65 Mustang she bought new, and she still drives it on occasion.

Ron said...

I just got home from work at the hotel. First time I ever rode in car with the moon roof open. I loved it!

nitewrit said...


I did not have an easy day yesterday either. In fact, none of my days have been easy now for some time.

Hope you have a long and enjoyable ride in the new car.


Sam said...

That plus-size margarita might have played a teensy role in Barbara's spell. Add in a big plate of Mexican food and some heat and humidity and I probably would have passed out too.

Congrats on the new car. There's nothing like it, is there? Enjoy the moon roof.

Hmmm, now I've got margaritas on the brain. Maybe for dinner.

G said...

We now own two Toyota RAV4's. Mine is a '07 abd Glenn's is a 2008. They both have a moonroof. You are going to love it. Just be sure you always close it completely. One rain storm and your screwed.

Ron said...

I'm loving my new red Subaru! Guess what is the subject of my next blog posting. :)

Ron said...

I love my moonroof! Where has this been all my life?

Thanks for the tip about making sure it's closed. I haven't opened it to the fresh air yet. It's just way too hot and humid here on the East coast. Last night it did shower while I was working at the hotel. My baby got wet for the first time. My brother Isaac has a Toyota RAV. I was tempted because it is so comfortable inside but I don't like the the tire on the back door and the way the door swings open. I'm used to opening my door up instead of out to the side. His car is also redline mine.

I would love to see pictures of you and Glenn in your cars. I haven't posted my blog about the new car yet. Too busy with morning walks on the boardwalk, work and now lunch with Jack and Paul in about an hour and a half. Busy boy.

Ron said...


I love my new car! LOVE IT! I am so happy. As soon as I get caught up here I'll post a blog about it. Everything went perfect when I purchased it. Like clockwork.