Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who Is My Mr. Right?

Guy Madison as "Wild Bill Hickok"

Recently one of my favorite bloggers (Frank from "Up From the Ashes") listed the qualities he was looking for in his "Mr. Right."  Frank produced a long list of qualities he was looking for in his "Mr. Right."  His list inspired me to write about the qualifications for my own "Mr. Right."  However, my list is fairly short.

The Qualities Ron is Looking for in his "Mr. Right" (in this order)

  1. Gentleness - the man I love must be a caring and loving man who loves his fellow human beings as well as all the critters of this earth.
  2. Masculininity - the man I love must be a strong and masculine man.  I am not attracted to men who act like women or who possess a campy gay persona.  
  3. Physical attractiveness - the last on my list of requirements.  

Growing up as a teenager during the Fifties, my ideal man was Guy Madison, "Wild Bill Hickok."  Whenever his show came on TV I was glued to the TV set.  I dared not to let anyone know that watching "Wild Bill" and his weekly adventures with his sidekick "Jingles" (Andy Devine) literally took my breath away.  My fantasy all during those years that someday I would meet someone like "Wild Bill."  

Well, guess what?  I did.  Lucky me. We've been together forty-six years now.  Here is my "Wild Bill." And yes, he does possess all three of my requirements.......in spades.

Bill in Bamberg, Germany (Air Force)


Mark said...

I can see the attraction, for sure! I would have fallen head over heals in love too. But I've always been a sucker for a man in uniform.

Ron said...

I'm a sucker for a man in uniform too. Those "policemen" on the Rehoboth boardwalk catch my eye every morning I take my walk.