Friday, August 06, 2010

New Car

Love at first sight

Well folks, I did it.  I bought a new car.

My last new car purchase was in 1998.  It was a Subaru Forester, red.

My 1998 Subaru Forester first time pumping up

I've been very happy with my Subaru for the past 12 years.  Me and Old Friend have had quite a few adventures during the 123,000 plus miles I put on that car.  My last big trip was in June when Bill and I went south to visit my brother John and my Mom in Greenville, South Carolina.

Me and Old Friend off to another adventure September 2003

However, lately I've been hearing strange noises from the back of Old Friend as I slow down and turn corners.  When I've heard these noises I usually turn up the radio.  I didn't want to face the fact that I might have to have another major job done on Old Friend.  Last year I was leaking oil so I had to have the gaskets replaced.  That put be back $1,900.  When you start putting money in a car, even if it is your Old Friend, it's time to start looking for a New Friend.

Uh oh, I don't like that sound

That happened on Wednesday.  Bill and took a ride to Dover Volkeswagen Subaru  just "to look." Well, that soon went out the window as soon as I saw this gleaming, red, moon-roofed Subaru Forester on the showroom floor.  It was love at first sight!  The only thing that would hinder my purchase of this beauty was what I could get for a trade in on my old Subaru Forester.

Bill checks out the new Subaru

A couple of years ago we drove to a Subaru dealer in Maryland.  I was serious about replacing my car at that time.  The problem then is I didn't like that year's Subaru model and they were only going to give me a $400 trade in on my Old Friend.  Before I left I had checked the Blue Book value at it was $2,400.  Of course it pissed me off that they were only going to offer me $400.  I got up to leave.  As I was leaving, the sales floor manager (who was seated high up some kind of contraption near the door) stopped me and asked "What can we do to keep you from leaving here without buying a new car?"  I replied "You could get serious about the trade in value of my car."  I told him the Blue Book value and he gave me some gobbledegook nonsense about the Blue Book value "doesn't really mean what they say."  Say what?  These are people I don't want to deal with.  Plus, they were going to charge me Maryland sales tax even though I lived in a non sales tax state of Delaware.  Time to leave.

I decided to keep my Old Friend until I ran it "into the ground."  On Tuesday, when I took my neighbor Barbara to the Rehoboth Farmers' Market, the first thing she says as I turn out of out development was "Ron, there's something the matter with your car." I didn't want to hear this.  But, there was no denying that I probably did have a problem.  Did I want to pour more $$$$$$$$$$ in this car even though it was  Old Friend?

So when the salesman at Dover Subaru took  Old Friend for a spin around the car lot and came back and said "You have a problem with the back end of your car but I'll give you $1,900 for a trade in."  As soon as I heard those words out of the salesman's mouth I knew I was going to get a New Friend.  It was a Done Deal.  Where do I sign?

Me with Lou, the Subaru salesman - I'm ready to sign

After signing all the paper work and cleaning out my old car (I had no idea I hoarded so much in Old Friend - I had FOUR fix-a-flat cans under the seat!)  I was ready to hit the road back to LSD in my new, gleaming, sparkling, delightful 2010 Subaru Forester with the Moon Roof.

Moving from the old to the new (guilt abounds)

I open the door to get in and was immediately greeted by that new car smell that we all love.    I put it in gear and glided out of the dealership parking lot onto Dupont Highway.  Oh the power steering, a child could drive this car.  The comfort, arm rests on both sides.  Bill and I headed north on Dupont Highway to the exit for the Route 1 expressway south.  We're going home with my New Friend!

I left that parking lot with 9 miles on the odometer.  As I type this blog, I now have 185 miles on the odometer.  Me and my New Friend have been to Rehoboth Beach twice for my daily "walk on the boards" early in the morning.  This afternoon we went to lunch in Millsboro at La Quezatelteca with old friends Paul and Jack.  I introduced my New Friend to my Old Friends.

Old Friends Jack and Paul in front of New Friend (oh, the adventures we're going to have)

Somewhere in the Dover Volkeswagen Subaru parking lot is my Old Friend, the 1998 red Subaru Forester.  I can't help but think that my Old Friend is wondering why I have abandoned him (yes, I use "him" and not "her".)  I try not to think about my betrayal.  What I prefer to think about is that Old Friend will get a new lease on life when it is sold to its new owner.  I hope the new owner takes good care of him as I have the past twelve years.  He deserves no less.

Goodbye Old Friend.


G said...

Your old friend will be fine. You have a new friend to take of now, and it will take care of you. It will be a safer car, air bags everywhere, and most important, reliable. I see a long and happy friendship.

Ron said...


You're right about the air bags. I was concerned that I didn't have side air bags in my old car. The only time I was in a serious accident I was hit on the driver's side of the car. The impact threw me across the seat to the passenger's side of the car. This was in 1962, before seat belts. I used one of my nine lives that night. Incidentally, I've used up all of my nine lives a couple of years ago. I'm living on borrowed time now.


TGD said...

Congratulations on the new car!

G said...

No, actually I think after you turn 60 you get to start with nine lives all over again. Sounds good to me.

Ron said...

Then that's the answer Mike. I KNOW I've used up all of my nine lives and then some. It's all gravy now.

Mark said...

We just got a "new" van back in June which I wrote about. I went through all the same emotions about leaving an old friend.
Your new Friend, m.

Ron said...


I guess we're just too sentimental. You probably have quite a history with your "old friend" like I did. I felt like I abandoned my "friend." I try not to think about it. :)