Sunday, August 15, 2010

Swiss Steak

Ron's Swiss Steak

On Sundays I like to stop at the local Food Lion supermarket in Milton to check out the meat sales.  Today I was in luck.  They had London Broil steak on sale.  I usually don't buy steak because it is too expensive but I couldn't pass up today's sale. I bought 2.18 pounds of London Broil originally priced at $11.97 for $4.02.  That's a savings of $7.65.  I'll take it!

London Broil 2.18 lbs

My Number One special recipe is Swiss Steak.  I have yet to make it this summer.  In summers past I made it often to take advantage of the abundance of fresh tomatoes, green peppers and onions.  I had purchased fresh tomatoes and green peppers from the fruit and vegetable stand on Route 5 on the outskirts of Milton on Friday.  Today was the day that I put all of these fresh ingredients together for a sumptuous meal.  Accompanied of course by home made mashed potatoes.  Bill says no one, but no one make better mashed potatoes (we call them "Squashed Potatoes") than me.  I have to agree with him, I do whip up a good batch of mashed (Squashed) potatoes if I do say so myself. No false modesty here.

Below is my recipe for Swiss Steak that I will share with all the readers of this blog.  You may like it, or not.  But I haven't tasted any better and in the end, isn't that all that matters?  What taste best for you?  You'll never taste this kind of food from Sysco, that's for sure.



2 lbs London Broil or Round Steak
5 ripe tomatoes
1 large green pepper
1 large onion
1 cup all purpose flour
salt and pepper to taste
1 15 oz. can diced tomatoes
1 15 oz. can Italian style stewed tomatoes
6 slices bacon
2 tablespoons all purpose vegetable oil

Fresh Veggies


Cut the steak into 2 inch square cubes
Season the flour with salt and pepper
Place flour in large bowl
Dredge the cubed steak into the flour
Pound the floured cubed steak with a metal meat tenderizer hammer
Flour the steak again
Pound again

Pound that flour into the meat

After the first pounding, coat in flour again

In a electric frying pan, cook the bacon. 
After the bacon is finished, take it out and leave the bacon grease.
Keep the grease hot and brown the twice floured cubed steak.
As the bacon grease is assorted, add more vegetable oil and cook the remaining steak cubes.
After all the steak cubes are browned, remove to a bowl and drain the remaining oil in the pan.
Leave the brown bits (this will add to the flavor of the Swiss Steak.)

Brown the meat in the bacon grease and vegetable oil

Set aside the browned meat

Core the tomatoes and cut into long wedges.
Core the green pepper and cut into short strips.
Peel the onion and slice into circles.

Top the meat with the fresh tomatoes

Top the meat and tomatoes with the fresh onions

Top the tomatoes and onions with the fresh green peppers

Reheat the pan up, with the brown bits, and place all the brown steak cubes.  
Cover the browned steak cubes with the tomatoes, onions and green peppers.
Around the edge of the pan pour the can of diced tomatoes and stewed tomatoes.

Cover all and simmer at least one hour to an hour and a half.  

The vegetables that cover the steak cubes will infuse them with a fresh garden flavor.  The liquid in the pan will tenderize the steak.  

Grind some pepper from a pepper mill ore all and serve over freshly made mashed potatoes.   Enjoy!

This is probably my favorite recipe.  I've been making it since I learned it from my Mother about sixty years ago.  This is not my Mother's original recipe.  I have made many changes over the years.  

I prefer to use fresh summer vegetables that are in season with this recipe.  They seem to give it a unique "summer" taste that you can't get from using canned tomatoes alone.  But you can make this recipe from canned tomatoes.  Perhaps the most important thing to remember from this recipe, it to make sure you thoroughly pound your meat before you brown it.  That's where you get the fork tender morsels of beef.

Hmmmmm good!


Mike, Studio city said...

Oh crap, this looks so good. I will give it a try, I know it will be good. Why doesn't Bill weigh 300 pounds? You are such a good cook.

Ron Tipton said...


Bill is on a diet now. He won't eat my food. He's just eating watermelon and cantaloupe. He says I cook too much. I gave part of this to my neighbor Bob Murphy.
I don't cook like this all the time but I haven't had Swiss Steak in a long time. I had the taste for it. You understand. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that does look delicious! I love swiss steak & can't wait to try your recipe. Remember, you promised to share your chicken salad recipe with us.

I'm glad to see you are enjoying your walks in the morning. Do you feel more energetic during the day than before? I always do when I walk in the AM. I need to get out & do it & not just depend on your experiences. As your waist is getting smaller, mine's getting bigger!

Have a great week Ron!


Ron Tipton said...

I forgot about the chicken salad recipe. I'll have to post it in the future.
Yes, I do feel more energetic after my morning walk. I'm surprised it took me this long to discover the beach after living so close to it for almost four years now. I'll go down every day if I can. Walking on the boardwalk and beach is definitely a win-win situation for me. It's healthy, I lose body fat and stay out of the stores from spending money. It is amazing how the weight drops off, especially around the waist which is where I was developing a "fanny pack."
See you on the boards!