Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I Write a Blog

My friend Michael - nice shirt

I write a blog so I don't go crazy.

Blogging is my therapy.

I know people (friends and family) that think blogging is invasive and self indulgent.  So be it.

I have friends and family members who value their privacy so much that they would never so much as write about what they did yesterday, let alone share their innermost thoughts.  That's the way they think about blogging.  That's fine for them.  I don't pass judgement on them because they don't blog.  I respect their views.

However, I am different.  I have always put my thoughts, aspirations, and record of what I do down on paper.  When I was a teenager I had pen pals.  At one time I had 67 pen pals.  I remember my great aunt Grace asking my Mother "Why does Ronnie write to these strangers?  Doesn't he have any friends?"  

When my Mother relayed her aunt's comment to me (my Mother didn't approve of me having pen pals either), I was hurt and humiliated.  My great aunt had actually hit upon a sore spot, I didn't have many friends at 15 years old.  I was a too tall, skinny kid with low self-esteem (constantly verbally beaten down by my father) and queer to boot.  I was alone in the world and needed an outlet.  My pen pals provided that outlet.  They were my friends.  They were nonjudgmental.

I dropped most of my pen pals when I went into the Army.  I made new friends.

Later in life, even with many friends, I still felt a need to put my thoughts down in writing.  I began keeping a daily journal during the 70's.  I kept that journal for ten years until someone I was helping gained access to those journals and attempted to use them against me.  I quit keeping a journal until three years ago.

At that time in my life I was going through great turmoil.  I couldn't sell my house in Pennsylvania and I was building a new house in Delaware.  Fortunately I got through that crises in my life but to keep from going crazy, I began keeping a journal again.  I also discovered blogging.

Blogging was perfect for me.  I could write and also share my many pictures.  I have found that I could also learn a lot from other bloggers.  Plus, I could make new friends.

Ironically, as I was writing this blog I heard a knock on my door.  It was from the UPS man.  He left a box at my door from "Wine Country Gift Baskets."  I was puzzled at first because I was expecting a package of fiber blend from the AIM Companies.  This didn't look like that box.  I opened the box to find a "Toscano Tower" of goodies.  I opened the card in the box.  The card said:

"We're thinking about you.  Hang in there.  Out cat Tammy says hello.   Michael and Glenn."  

Me with Mike and Glenn's gift this morning

I am touched.  This was a gift from my friends Mike Wilson and Glenn Miller from West Hollywood, California.  They discovered my goofy, self-absorbed blog some months ago and we have become good friends.  They are expressing concern over the fact that I had just posted that my Mother was dying.  I probably should not have made that posting because I wasn't trying to elicit sympathy but only to take the stress off of my mind.  But I posted it anyway because this is my life and I made a vow to myself that my blog would always be honest and as open as possible while still respecting the privacy of my friends and family.

Mike and Glenn, thank you for being such good friends.  If we weren't on opposite ends of the coast I would give you both a big hug right now.  Love you guys!

Now do you see why I blog?


G said...

Ron, we lost Glenn's dad last Feb. He was like my dad also. He was in my life for 23yrs. We know how much this can tear a person up. Rather than quote a pearl of wisdom I'll just say this. I'm glad I didn't send you the nude photo. HA

Mark said...

Okay, I just started typing a comment and my computer went nuts. Please erase the first comment if you get it.

What I was starting to write was that I look at blogging as therapy too. I also look at it as a way of keeping me honest. Because if I stray from the truth,just a tad, someone will call me out. Anyway, the truth is always easier to remember.

Okay, now I need to build a time machine and go back to 1975 and meet this Michael guy.

Your Cyber Pen Pal, m.

Ron said...


My blogging keeps me honest too. I forgot to make that point. You are right, the truth is always easier to remember and I'm just too lazy to lie. It doesn't come natural to me anyway.

Yes, Mike does look good doesn't he. He's another friend I gained through my blogging. His partner is pretty hot too. They both live in West Hollywood.


G said...

I posted a comment this morning but maybe I didn't enter user name correctly, or something. Anyway what I said earler was, I sure am glad I didn't send you a photo of myself nude, HA.

Ron said...


You understand.

Hey, a nude photo? Hmmmm.


Mark said...

That would be nice.

Sam said...

Mike is a total dreamboat.

Ron said...


I agree with you there, Mike is a TOTAL DREAMBOAT. Where was he when I was catting around? :)