Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast

One of my absolute indulgences is that we stay at The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast on Hollywood Boulevard.  This is the first bed and breakfast I've ever stayed in and I have to tell you I hit a home run by choosing this delightful bed and breakfast.

Pat checking his e-mail by the pool

Last year was the first time we stayed here and again, I was very pleased.  The location is ideal, right in the heart of West Hollywood.  Within walking distance of 8000 Sunset Boulevard,

Pat at 8000 Sunset Blvd, taking a picture of the Chateau Marmot on the hill across the street

were we often eat at the Veggie Grill.  We can also walk to Hollywood and Vine as well as our laundry, conveniently named The Hollywood Laundry.  Hey folks, a lot of the businesses in Hollywood are named "Hollywood."  What are the odds?

Me soaking up the ambiance by the pool

Well, we LOVE The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast. Last year we stayed there the whole of our ten days.  This year we split our stay between The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast and an Air B & B in the Hollywood Hills, that Pat choose.  That stay wasn't a good experience, which I'll write about in a future blog posting.

"Let's take a dip!" (Pat suggests)  HA! I don't reveal my pudgy bod in public anymore

Pat, being the minimalist that he is, was at first put off by all the "busyness" (color, nick nacks, etc) of the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast but soon became accustomed to our host Nina's eclectic taste in decor.  Of course you know I love all the color and tchotchkes.   

Pat and our host William in the breakfast area - spotless!

When I'm at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast I feel like I'm at home.  Our hosts William and Nina are gracious, available but not intrusive.  And the place is SO CLEAN, which you know I love.  

And the breakfast is perfect.  Anything you could want in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.  This year we didn't get to meet any fellow travelers but last year we did and they were most pleasant to share a breakfast with.  

Folks, I have to admit I feel like calling the airline right now and arranging for another two weeks in sunny California to stay at this wonder home away from home.  At least to get through the month of February. There is nothing like getting off the plane in California in January, walking out the door the LAX to catch the Enterprise Car Rental Shuttle buss and to see the swaying palm trees and the warm caress of California sunshine on your cheek.

Real palm trees folks and that's California sun warming our faces . . in January!

What was the name of that Mama's and Papa's song?  Oh yes, "California Dreaming."  


Anonymous said...

I love your banner photo! Some nice eye candy to relieve the starkness of the aftermath of last weekend's blizzard.

Ron said...

I love going to California in the dead of winter. So enjoy those palm trees and tropical breezes although this year it was a little chilly (55 degrees) in sunny California.

Jon said...

California dreaming, indeed. You're making me homesick, Ron. I never realized how fortunate I was until I moved away. In my heart it will ALWAYS be my only home.
The Hollywood Bed & Breakfast is such a perfect, peaceful setting - - and the wide variety of breakfast goodies is amazingly tempting!

Raybeard said...

The two of you make a most persuasive commercial for this venue - even with Pat's unheard commentary on my silent computer. You should increase manifold W & N's business there with this. I certainly know where I'd like to stay when I manage to take up my long delayed vacational visit.

Ron said...

We (Pat and I) both love California! Our dream is to retire there and be away from all this cold. However, we will probably never do this but we will always visit and for sure stay at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast, which is just like a second home to us. California, like Cape Cod, is a place where I feel perfectly at home.

Ron said...

Interestingly, the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast has a fair number of Brits who stay there. If and when you visit California, the H B & B is definitely the place for you to stay!

Ur-spo said...

My favorite travel destinations all have excellent B&Bs connected with them. The breakfasts are part of the pleasure of staying in them.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
If you and Someone ever visit Los Angeles (West Hollywood), the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast is the place to stay. Gracious, impeccably clean and reasonable and ideally located. It is truly a "Gem in the Hollywood Hills."