Sunday, January 10, 2016

Packed and Ready to Go!

Me and Pat with "friends" last August in Toronto.  Lookout LA, here we come!

Well folks, I spent the best part of this day packing or shall I say, deciding what to pack. I still have that tendency to pack too much.  

The most important thing is to pack the underwear and socks and some toiletries (I can buy the rest in LA). Also, all my Digital Age accessories.  MacBook Pro, iPhones, chargers, et al.  Wow.  

I guess you heard by now, I didn't have the winning Powerball ticket.  The next jackpot is estimated to be 1.3 billion.  BILLION!  Now let's see how much that is after taxes and early payout. Heck, if it is only about 300 mil, I'll take it!  

I bought eight more tickets today through our stay in California.  I don't want to take a chance on missing out on this Opportunity of a Lifetime.  The opportunity to win the biggest jackpot in the history of the world.  

Hey folks, I'll share something with you.  I've always believed that I was destined for something really big.  REALLY BIG.  I don't know exactly what that BIG would be but you know, it could just be winning this Powerball jackpot.  I've already made tentative plans on how to spend it using my career workplace background of working in a bank trust department.  I can't give too many details right now because I don't want to jinx my chances but let's just say that my family; nieces, nephew, grand nieces, grandnephews and even one grand-grand niece will have a healthy trust fund set up for them so they would never have another money worry in their life.  "Uncle Ronnie" sure would like to leave that legacy.  

Dreams folks, always nice to dream.  But in the meantime, I leave Casa-Tipton Kelly tomorrow at 9 am for my ride to Philly International and my 1:35 pm flight to LA.  I'll meet Pat at Philly International.  He's flying down from Toronto.  We'll take that 6 hour flight sitting next to each other.  

We arrive late afternoon tomorrow.  Early the next day we take the few blocks from where we're staying to the CBS Television Studio City studio to appear in "The Price is Right!" audience.  Can't wait folks.  

Life is indeed good. 


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with dreaming I already have my apt in New York picked out for visits to the city this time tomorrow you will in sunny LA

Unknown said...

Take me with you!!! I could hang out with Tony. He's cute!!! Seriously, have a great time and post lots of pics!!

Melissa said...

Have a great trip.

Ron said...

Cool! That's what I want to do, buy a modern pad in LA for our visits.

Ron said...

Absolutely! Come on along!

Ron said...

Thanks Melissa!

Linda said...

Ron, have fun and good luck with the lottery. I had four numbers and won $100.00! I cannot wait to start seeing your posts from L.A. I hope you or Pat get picked for The Price is Right!

Fit Studs said...

That first photo is kinda scary. :D
Enjoy your time, have an adventure!

Ron said...

Fit Studs,
I was wondering if anyone would notice. Thanks!

Ron said...

Congratulations on winning $100! The most I've ever won was $7.00 and I used to play three tickets twice a week for about four years. All money down the drain. I'm glad someone I know won.

WARPed said...

Just saw this...

In October 2015, Eddie Raymond Tipton — former information security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), was convicted of rigging a $14.3 million drawing of MUSL's Hot Lotto game.

Too bad your long-lost cousin didn't cut you in for a few!



Ur-spo said...

Travel safe and well.

Linda said...

Ron, thank you. It has been more than 25 years since I won anything. a girl can still dream/

pat888 said...

Ron - another truly great enjoyable trip to La La land. And I know you will have more to say about packing. LOL.