Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm On TV! (Finally)

Ron the Ham in all his glory (and Spo Shirt) high fiving our friend Lloyd (hand in orange pullover) who go the cal to "Come on down!" (he didn't win but did get up on stage with Drew Carey)

Hey folks, I was on TV yesterday!  Yep, your old blogger buddy here had his fifteen minutes of fame and was on national TV yesterday.  

Actually I didn't even have fifteen minutes, more like fifteen SECONDS, but there I was.  In my custom made Spo shirt of very colorful parrots.

That is our friend Lloyd (in the orange) who was called to "come on down!" I'm in the back to the left of Lloyd looking like the fool that I am.  Is this any kind of activity for a 74 year old retired bank operations manager? By the way, I thought for sure my Spo shirt would guarantee me being called.  As it turned out all I was good for that day was audience eye candy.

My venue for fame was the longest running TV game show "The Price is Right!"  I had written for tickets at the end of last year and received two Priority Tickets (for me and my Travel Buddy Pat).  We attended the taping at the CBS Television Studio City on January 18th.  

Can you feel the excitement?  That's me and Pat (gray pullover with hands above his head) in the second row behind the Ladies in Yellow cheering the guy in back behind us who was making his way down to the stage after getting the call to "Come on down!" - why didn't they call us?  Damn!

There was some confusion as to when the show would be shown on TV.  When we entered the studio we passed a placard that said the show would be shown January 27th.  However, when I returned home from our California holiday and checked the website it said the show would be aired this coming February 29th.  So that's the date I advised everybody to look for.  So wouldn't you know it they did air the show yesterday.

I found out by my friend Larry, who faithfully watches the show everyday. He saw me high giving our friend Lloyd Mullcom who was the last contestant to get the call to "Come on down!" by George Gray, the announcer (who we were seated near).  

You can see Pat (in gray pullover with hands in air) and me (my hands are covering my face, what was I thinking?) seated near George Gray as he made the calls to "Come on down!" I got to talk to George right before I left.  A very nice man indeed.  Genuine like Drew Carey, who unfortunately I didn't get a chance to talk too. Maybe next year when I do get the call to "Come on down Ronald Tipton!" 

I took these pictures from my TV after freeze framing the scenes that Pat and I were in.  

This is a good picture of how close Pat and I were next to the announcer George Gray - we're in the second row - Pat in the gray pullover and me (with my hands in front of my face again) in my parrot Dr. Spo shirt with the Guy in Red standing next to me

After looking at these pictures and the video, I have decided I will write for tickets again next year and give the show another try.  Even if we don't get the call to "Come on down!" it was great fun to be part of the very happy experience that day, even if we did have to wait in line over four hours.  You know what folks?  With all the bad news in the world today, those five hours I spent that morning of January 19th will be among the happiest I have spent in my lifetime.  And you know, we can never have too many of those moments in our life.  Below, it's quick but you can see me to the left high fiving our friend Lloyd (in the orange pullover) who was called to "Come on down!"


Michael Dodd said...

Great to see you and to see the shirt! Both looking bright and happy.

Ron said...

The famous Spo shirts get around! I think Dr. Spo can have a spin off business with his shirts. Really, I do!

Jon said...

Wow - it's a good thing Larry saw the show or you would have missed it. The freeze-frame photos are great. I'm glad that you got your 15 seconds of fame and really enjoyed yourself. And now you'll know what to expect when you go again next year!

Anonymous said...

Ron, is George as gay as he seems to be on TV? I love that he always talks about his mother. I hope he is as happy in his private life as he seems to be on television. ~~ NB

Ron said...

Yes he is and he is very nice. A most pleasant man. He was very friendly to all of us in the audience. Not a phony bone in his (slim) body. Pat noticed that he had rings on almost everyone of his fingers. Drew was also very nice. In fact everyone on "The Price is Right" staff treated us very well. Overall, a very pleasant and uplifting experience.

Ron said...

Larry is a good friend. I'm glad he caught the show that Pat and I were on. Yes, now I know how everything goes when we go back next year for the show.

Ur-spo said...

I am honored so, and am most thankful you opted to wear my shirt.
I admit the colorful setting and the prismatic outfit do go together - how smart of you to match so !

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I was honored to wear your custom made shirt as I am honored to have you as a friend.

Anonymous said...

I need to go back and find the episode ��