Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016.

Here we go folks, another year has ended and we get a reboot for a new year.

Last night I worked at the hotel, which was almost full.  And as usual, all the guests were so nice and friendly.  During my fifteen plus year working at a hotel I find that the guests during "The Holidays" (Christmas and New Year's) often to be the nicest and happiest and last night was no exception.

I got off my shift at ll:00 PM, which gave me enough time to get home (takes me about fifteen minutes) to see the Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper Awkwardness Nonsense on CNN.  Last night was no exception, especially when Kathy told Anderson to put two spoons to his eyes and she spray tanned him.  What was that all about? Poor Anderson, usually giggling (like a little school girl) wasn't giggling over that stunt and I don't blame him.  Kathy?  What are you doing?

I was going to flip the channel to look for Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve (he's still doing it isn't he, dead or alive?) but was too lazy tired to pick up my remote control.

Yes, I did watch "the ball drop".  Very colorful this year I must say.  

My New Year's resolution this year is to get rid of this ten pounds of flab I have around my middle.  The first step was to go to bed last night right after the ball dropped, sans my usual banana smoothie.  Oh how I missed that smoothie.  I'm not sure if I can keep this resolution but I would really like to get rid of that life preserver I have around my waist. 

Pat was playing a New Year's gig last night in Toronto. More power to him and his bandmates.  I don't know if I could stay up until four in the morning.  Of course he's unconscious sleeping right now. 

Bill made me promise to be nicer to him this year. That I will do.  I have to admit sometimes I lose my patience with his hard of hearing.  I feel like I'm shouting all the time which upsets him so I have to find a middle ground. I'll work on it, I promise.

We have a quiet day planned here.  Update my Scrabble boards and, of course, update my blog.  I should update my e-mail, or shall I say scroll through all the junk e-mail looking for the real messages.  I have to admit I don't do e-mail much these days.  It's been ruined like snail mail, overwhelmed with Junk Mail. 

By the way, I still didn't get my new Discover credit card.  I notified them almost two weeks ago.  I called two days ago to inquire where it was and was told it was "still active."  I asked "Did I do something wrong when I called and said I lost it?" He very nice gentleman on the other side of the line said "No you didn't sire, it was a clerical mistake."  Gee, thanks.  The very nice gentleman said he would overnight it by Fed Ex.  Of course I didn't get it yet.  Service.  Am I asking too much?  I hope I get more dependable service in the New Year.

Only a little more than a week to go folks before the Ron and Pat Show hit the road again.  This time California.  Here we come LA!

The Intrepid Twosome in LA last year - we're going back but without out hats, we lost them on a roller coaster ride in Toronto this past August - don't worry, we have new hats


nitewrit said...


Those people were gathering by afternoon yesterday, herded into pods more or less. The commentators said they couldn't even leave to use rest rooms. I said I hope they laid off the coffee. I'm not a big crowd guy, so you wouldn't find me there, especially standing about for six-seven-eight hours or more. I didn't watch the ball drop or to see if they had stuffed Dick Clark and mounted him about the stage either. The new year can slip in unannounced to me these days.


pat888 said...

Happy New Year to you Ron, Bill and all blog readers. I remember when it was a big deal when in grade school I had to change the date from the 50's to 60's. And now we're well into the next century. Time flies but I'm really enjoying it. And looking forward to time in LA!!


Ron said...

The years are really flying by aren't they? It doesn't seem that long ago that we turned the century and here we are now sixteen years later! What happened? Well, one thing is pretty sure, we probably won't be here sixteen years from now. Just our old blog entries. Happy New Year Lar!

Ron said...

Happy New Year to you too! You brought in the New Year right, playing a gig at a downtown Toronto nightspot. While you were playing I was snoozing. Just two weeks from today we'll be in LA. Watch out LA!

Jardley said...

If your last LA trip is anything to go by, if you eat at the Veggie Grill again, you'll trim the fat in no time.

Happy New Year Ron!

Ur-spo said...

May 2016 be one of the best year for you and Bill !

Anonymous said...

I've scrolled back and looked at several pictures and no need to lose ten pounds around any middle. ��.

Raybeard said...

Happy NY, Ron - and to Bill too (do please wish him from me) - oh, as well as to Pat (that sounds like an afterthought, but it's not meant to be).
We can also now wish you a Happy LA. Nothing like starting a fresh year with a bang, provided it's not the kind of bang of which the NRA would approve.
Reports (Drat! That 'bang' again!) will be forthcoming, I'm sure.

Ron said...

You got that right Jardley. I can't wait. And the food is SOOO delicious at the Veggie Grill. Oh how I wish we had one around here. Alas, all we have is fish, crab cakes and hamburgers.

Ron said...

Right back at you Dr. Spo!

Ron said...

Oh believe me, an unwanted ten pounds of flab has taken up residence around my waistline. Very uncomfortable and unattractive. I have to maintain my "boyish" look.

Ron said...

Thank you so much for our well wishes. And my best to you this New Year also. We'll (me, Pat, Nadege and Tony) give a toast to you while we're in LA in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron! Happy New Year! My husband is also hard of hearing. I have found that is it most important to look him directly in the face when speaking. He can manage to understand me fine that way, and I don't have to raise my voice. I have tried to pass this tip on to my mother when she communicates with my father, but to no avail. All those years on the factory floor @ GE did not do his ears any good. Take care, and I can't wait for your posts about your LA trip. ~~NB