Friday, January 22, 2016

We're Back!

Hey folks, we're back!  Actually I arrived back to Philly yesterday morning. It seems like so long ago now just as our ten day stay in Los Angeles seems like last year.

This will be a short post as I am still recovering from both the trip and jet lag.  Last night I slept for almost twelve hours.  This afternoon I got back to my daily hour plus nap.  I'm almost "home" now.  Just in time for a Major Winter Snowstorm that is headed this way over the weekend.  What timing!  Can you imagine us returning to this mess? I was lucky . . . this time.

So how was our trip to LA?  Only one word can describe it:

I took hundreds of photos and videos.  I'll cull through those and post them to future blog postings.  But for now, I'm just trying to get back into my "Delaware at Home" grove and prepare for this winter snow storm and hope (and pray) we don't lose power.  

Stay tuned folks!  The best is yet to come.

We have landed! Check out the palm trees in the background. Love it!


Linda said...

Hooray! You and Pat are safe and home! I was worried as there have been no posts since you left. Anyway, hope your trip was fabulous! Yes, we are expecting a big storm. Stay safe and warm!


Jon said...

Welcome home, Ron - glad to know your L.A. sojourn was FABULOUS. Can't wait to hear the adventures.
Yup, you're just in time for the big winter storm. I'm presently snowed in - - we got 12 inches (of snow!) today and -from what I hear - you're next! I'm missing those palm trees more every day....

Sorry I didn't see your email until it was too late to send addresses. More about this later.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to a recap of the adventure ....... Looked all week to hear "Ron Come On Down ......."

Ron said...

Yes, we're back and just in time. Planning a January trip is always a roll of the dice. We lucked out this year that we didn't encounter any winter snow storms to affect our travel plans. Right now I'm safe at home, with the power still on. I just hope it doesn't go out. More later!

Ron said...

Yes, we dd have another fabulous trip to LA. We both love LA. This year we did some of the same things (eating almost always at the Veggie Grill across from the Chateau Marmont Hotel) but some new activity like riding up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu. Didn't see Babs and Jim though. Why don't you make plans next year to join us in LA so you can show us some of the sites? Now that would be FABULOUS!

Ron said...

January 27th is the date that we will be on "The Price is Right!" They sat us to the far right, near George the announcer. The screaming women and groups they sat in front and I they got most of the TV time. I doubt if we got any at all. I might have got some when our friend Lloyd was the last contestant to be called "Come on down!" and I gave him a high five. Even if we didn't get on TV, the whole experience was fun. I would like to do it again but Pat said "Once is enough."

Jack said...

So happy you made it back before the storm. They were already cancelling flights before the snow/ice even started. I couldn't imagine spending any more time than necessary in ANY airport, but especially LA. Glad you had a fabulous time, the travel gods were with you both coming and going.
Welcome home.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - even when the weather wasn't as warm as last year - it was still great. And a nice mix of clouds and sun. So glad to see Nadege and Tony again - what a treat. And of course I get to talk to the staff at CB2 daily. By the way - when you did that airport video I thought I was posing for a photo. I'm really goofy there.


Raybeard said...

Good heavens! Back far sooner than I expected, and quicker than you would have liked, no doubt.
Looking forward to seeing and watching more of the 'evidence' that you haven't been kidding us all along - though 'watching' will be the key word as I'm still sound-less, and likely to continue to be so till I get a new computer - and God only knows when that'll be, and it'll have to be with his help too! Meanwhile, I 'looked' at your brief video above, but as I can't lip-read.....

Btw: I like your panoramic heading picture of the departure hall. A lot of very familiar attitudes caught there.
Now I'll leave you to get busy with your shovel.

WARPed said...

0700 here in Baltimore...looks about 14" so far...lucky it's very light, dry snow.



Ron said...

Yes indeed, the Travel Gods were with us this year. Can you imagine being stuck at an airport? I would rather extend my stay in California. Hey, maybe I can arrange to do that next year. I always want to stay at least two weeks but Pat says ten days is enough. But I am glad I'm home. And so far, the power hasn't gone out (fingers crossed). I hear that Philly will be getting a record snow with this storm. I hope you're safe and warm to ride out this latest winter storm.

Ron said...

Always a nice winter respite, our annual visit to California. Next year let's do two weeks!

Ron said...

Yes Ray, I would have liked to have stayed at least two weeks but Pat doesn't want to stay any longer than ten days.

By the way, have you seen the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Revenant"? We saw it while we were in California. We're both interested in your take on this much hyped movie.

Ron said...

Not snowing here now and only about four inches of snow but heavy winds. So far the power is still on although it did blink on and off four times during the night.

Travel said...

Welcome home, we look forward to hearing all about your fabulous adventure.

Raybeard said...

Seeing 'Revenant' not until one week on Monday, Ron - and I'm NOT looking forward to it as I fully expect it to be a very uncomfortable ride. Wouldn't be going if I didn't feel it my 'duty' - and anyway, I've already seen, or am scheduled to see, all the other Oscar 'Best Film' nominations, so it would be a glaring omission if I didn't. So I'll swallow hard and go. It sounds like both of you managed not to walk out. Or maybe you did?

Ron said...

Pat said "Revenant" reminded him of the Roadrunner cartoons. "What more can happen to him?" seemed to be the story line. Of course Leonardo DiCaprio was good but actually he didn't have much dialogue other than grunts, groans and screams. And the story wasn't true to the actual events which is always a turnoff for me when directors takes "poetic license" to make the movie "more interesting" as if life itself wasn't more interesting than the made up stuff that abounds in movies. My rating on the movie would be 4 out of 10 and mainly because of the photography and the cgi effects of the grizzly bear attack which was very realistic.
Looking forward to your review.

Ron said...

Thanks David. I'm still trying to come to terms with my feeling of being violated by all the pat downs that I had to endure going through security. I must look very sinister to always be pulled aside for the thorough check. I didn't think to check but there were a fair number of Middle Eastern types both going out and coming back. I wonder if they got the same kind of scrutiny that I did.

Raybeard said...

I'm reassured by your both surviving watching it. I'm seriously at the stage now where I don't know if it's worth cluttering up the time I have left with 'entertainment' which depresses or disturbs me - and in future circs this will be the sort of thing that I'll be cutting out. If you'd given this the thumbs down I might well have done so. Mind you, 4/10 is hardly a resounding recommendation. However, go I shall.