Thursday, October 15, 2015

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Bill and me at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Bill and I discovered Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. 

Last week was Bill's 87th birthday. Next month will be my 74th birthday. We're two old men.

Bill checks out an early settler family graveyard at Prime Hook

What do two old men like to do?  Well, for one thing we like to get out of the house at least once a day.  I usually always take Bill for a ride with me to Food Lion, Walmart or one of my many doctor's appointments.  

Bill reads the information about the family graveyard - so quite - so peaceful

One of our favorite rides is taking a ride down the dead end Oyster Rocks Road which is right outside our development.  Last week we couldn't make that ride because the nor'easter that blew through this area flooded the road.  

Our alternative is to take the two mile ride up Route One to the Broadkill Beach houses.  We took that ride last week and were again blocked by flooded roads.  Both Oyster Rocks Road and the Broadkill Beach houses are located in wetlands.

Since we were thwarted again I took a left to see where the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Road led.  Well guess what folks?  That long road led to the beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.  Wow.  It only took me nine years (we moved down here in Delaware in November of 2007) to find this magnificent gem.


nitewrit said...


I'll have to drive down and take a walk there someday. Like to see what is beyond the bridge Bill is strolling down.


Travel said...

Amazing adventures wait just around every bend.

WARPed said...

I think I might have gone canoeing at Prime Hook NWR once.

You might want to check out Bombay Hook NWR, up near Smyrna, they have a loop driving tour there (make sure it's not closed for deer hunting before you go.)


Jono said...

I spent about 15 summers at Broadkill Beach and got to the refuge regularly. My favorite time was this time of year when my father and I would go and close up the cottage for the season. Isaw pictures of the flooding around our old place and while it is not good, the storm of 1961 was worse. I lost my entire comic book collection to the flood.

pat888 said...

Ron - you are right. So calm and peaceful. And you are not far from that location. The walkway with the high grasses blowing in the wind against a pristine blue sky with good air has got to be a very positive thing.


Anonymous said...

May you both have many more occasions of enjoying that little gem of a spot. It appears good for the soul.

~ Canuck

Ron said...

Great minds think alike! I thought of you immediately when I was walking one of the trails in Prime Hook. I thought "Larry would like to add this to his repertoire of walks." I just tried to call you on FaceTime (been missing you several calls over the past month) to arrange a date. Yes, come one down for a day. We'll do lunch at the Golden Eagle Family restaurant in Milton. You would like it.

Ron said...

True dat!

Ron said...

I've heard about Bombay Hook. It's a little out of our range though. Prime Hook is so close and beautiful and no deer hunting. At our property in Pennsylvania there was deer hunting. I thought eventually I would be shot by one of those obsessed hunters. Not a problem at Prime Hook though. All natural, no hunters.

Ron said...

You had a comic book collection too? Same here. My Mom didn't want me to have comic books, probably because I had all those crypt keeper comic books before they were outlawed in the Fifties. I put them all in a grocery paper bag and hid them in between rows of corn in my father's cornfield. It rained and the comic books were ruined and she threw them away. I don't have one comic book left. Oh how I wish I had those comic books now, like my friend Lar. He still has his collection.

Ron said...

Nothing is better for one's soul and well being than a walk through pristine nature. I love it!

Ron said...

Oh yes, we will. I am always refreshed and recharged after a walk with nature.

Ur-spo said...

It is lovely to see/hear you two going out and doing things together. Just lovely.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
At least once a day I take Bill for a ride. We are both very pleased that we have discovered a new destination for our daily rides.