Saturday, October 03, 2015

Random Thoughts Nor'easter Saturday

This morning I had to go down to our local B.J.'s (a heckuva name for a wholesale warehouse wouldn't you say?) to order new glasses.  My standard, day to day glasses had become foggy because the coating wore off.  Wow, that was a long sentence.

Beady eyed and bagged out (bags under my eyes), I plopped myself down on the main thoroughfare of B.J.'s and took advantage of their 60% off sale (wait a minute, didn't they just have that sale a few months ago)?  

Getting fitted by "Bruce" for my new progressive 60% off glasses

I needed new glasses because the coating had worn off my regular, Around-the-House Glasses. I wear different glasses to work - the Lenscrafters progressive lenses $400 glasses.  I also wear my full top false teeth.  Have to look my (phony) best you know for the guests.  No Falling Apart Old Gay Guy Displayed Behind the Front Desk here.

I lucked out and walked right into a 60% "Nor'easter Five-Day Sale".  Something to drum up business at B.J.'s on this wind and rain swept nor'easter day.  For the past three days, the wind has been howling and near Noah's Ark rain in these parts.  This morning on the news they had a report on power lines down in Greenville, South Carolina.

Sure does look like my brother John's street in Greenville, South Carolina

 I looked at the picture and could swear that it was the street my brother lives on.  Although he wouldn't want me swearing, being a Southern Baptist pastor and all (another whole story which I won't go into here at this site . . . again . . . because I think my previous statements have already alienated me from him and his family - see I do have SOME control).

I sat like a good boy and got measured for my glasses then I was off for a little shopping.  You think I would go to B.J. and not INDULGE?  I am a born shopper although I have to admit in the past five years or so the shopping addiction was loosened its grip on my psyche (thank God and I'm not even religious).

I needed to get some more of that delicious spicy carrot hummus. And my luck was further extended when I discovered that there was a new stocking of Panera soup,  Autumn Squash and Loaded Potato Soup.  Big Whoop!  I've been making my own soup (black bean and delicious by the way) but having LOTS of gas.  Serious gas so much so that at times I felt like I should bottle that gas to fuel my car.  

On the way out . . . . wait . . . . what was that?  Christmas decorations?  Well, I'll be!  Oh yes Virginia, Christmas decorations and we're only into October three days.  Well folks, this year we're making some changes here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  I'm cutting way back on my Christmas cards.  No sixty to seventy-five cards will be mailed out of this same sex married household.  I was seriously thinking of mailing NO Christmas cards but relented a bit out of respect for long-time old friends to let them know I'm still alive.  For all others, check me off of "You mailed me a Christmas card so I have to mail you one back" list.  Ain't happening this year folks.  No disrespect.  

I'm not doing Halloween this year either.  Again, just not into it.  I used to love all these holidays (Thanksgiving too) but I just don't do them anymore.  Not that I have anything against them.  These days we just prefer to coast along in our regular, comfortable routine thank you.

Gay (former) neighbors Don and Al (Al now deceased as so many of my friends) - Halloween 2007 - almost ten years ago!  Where does the time go?

On the way home we drove into my now deceased (September 2014) friend's place off of Anderson Corner Road outside of Georgetown.  Oh the times we used to have there.  We called it "The Ranch."  Many a times in the late 70's and 80's we whooped it up on many a weekend.  If that double-wide could talk.  Some of my blog followers might never return to this blog.  

Me cutting my birthday cake at my 39th birthday party at "The Ranch" - check out the cigarette and drinks abounding -
Ah, the memories.  Look at me kneeling folks.  Something I can't do today.  Yep, I cannot kneel on the floor like this.  If I did, I would need at least two people (preferably a couple of sexy men) to help me up.  That's how old and feeble I am these days.  Gee, look at that shirt . . . . I still have it!  I have the pants too but they don't fit (32-36) any more.  My waist has expanded and my height has shrunk.  These days I'm a 34-34, loose in the seat pants.  This reminds me, I still have to post all my old jeans on eBay and sell those vintage MF's. 

Ah well, I've rambled on enough today.  If I remember the dream I had at my three hour nap this afternoon I'll tell you all about it.  Three hour nap you say?  On a windy, rainy day like today I nap for hours.  HOURS!  Probably won't be able to sleep tonight now.  Oh well.



Travel said...

This has been great napping weather! I keep three or four pairs of glasses at any one time, bifocals for driving, the office and eating out, single vision distance glasses for watching TV. The 2 or $99 specials do fine for around the house.

Jon said...

I love your rambling posts. You seem to write exactly as you think, which is exactly what I do. It seems to be raining everywhere, but here in TN it never stops. I'm thinking of building an ark, and letting in all the animals EXCEPT the cats. I adore them, but three can be extremely annoying at times.

I desperately need new glasses. My frames have fallen apart and are literally taped together. Remember the good ol' days when glasses frames lasted for years? Now they last about six months. Cheap. Made in China.

Now that I'm alone (with three annoying cats), I don't have any enthusiasm for the holidays like I used to. I still love Halloween. I'll probably make some goodies and watch scary movies with the lights out. One good thing - - I won't have to worry about trick-or-treaters way out here in the wilderness. Well, maybe Bigfoot will come to my door.
That's a snazzy Halloween costume you're wearing in the photo, but what is it? Dracula? Or Zorro? You seem to be wielding a knife.

Well, I've said more than enough. I'll probably have a new blog post later today.
By the way, homemade soup sounds good on a rainy autumn day..

Anonymous said...

Your right perfect weather for a long nap !

Ron said...

Another great nap today. I love napping with the wind howling outside my bedroom window. I also have several pairs of glasses. Trifocals for work without the lines, bifocals (with the lines) for around the house, and prescription sunglasses for driving. This is the first time I've had glasses that the coating came off thus making the glasses foggy to look through. Never had that happen before. Cheap glasses.

Ron said...

Thank you! Sometimes I love to just write what is on my mind. "The Cajun", who always wrote very interesting posts, thought his out posting them first to Word. I tried doing that but I lose some of my spontaneity. Thus I just let my words flow from my mind, while at the same time trying to use proper English. I know my former English teacher Miss Hurlock would be rolling over in her grave at such a "travesty" of writing and disobeying all the "rules" but hey, thats what I love about my blog. I can write exactly as I think. That's probably why I like your blog so much. You write much the same way. Of course neither one of us can write EVERYTHING, but sometimes I would like to. But then I have to remind myself who is reading my blog. In addition to my usually following of middle-aged housewives (oh yes, I have them too), people from work read my blog. Some of my neighbors read my blog and I know some of my estranged family members read my blog. And oh, that's why they're estranged from me, because of what I've written before that they choose to take offense. Oh well, such is the life of an semi-undisciplined blogger.
That costume I was wearing was a vampire costume minus the mask. We all had masks. I was wielding more than a knife, it was a butcher knife.
I hope you don't have any trick or treaters out there in the wilderness where you live Jon. If you do I can see one of those horror/hostage/slasher movies right now. "Single guy lives alone in the woods, listening to the howling of coyotes and hears a knock at his door on Halloween night. Should he answer the door?" Tune in next week.

Ron said...

I love this weather! Not all the time but it's a nice break from the almost endless sunny days we've been having all summer. However, that wedding that was planned for the beach yesterday, I wonder how that worked out.

Ur-spo said...

your photo made me laugh for in Jungian Psychology the 'Triple Goddess" is the maiden, the matron, and the crone, and their colours are white, red, and black - and lo! there you three are!

Jon said...

Ron, there are so MANY things that I would like to write about in my blog, but if I did I'd be abandoned by all my readers. You'd probably be the only one left. A lot of my relatives read my blog and also some old friends who are sensitive to certain issues.

I started my new blog, Cabinet of Curious Treasures,SOLELY. so I could post some raunchy photos and be openly gay - - and, wouldn't you know it - -all of the Baptist farm ladies discovered it, along with a lot of my very nice straight friends. SO....I'm afraid to post anything of a risque nature.

Also, much like you, I prefer to write with spontaneity. It sounds too artificial when I think things out.