Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Price is Right!

Well folks, as you know Pat and I will be returning to Los Angeles for our annual visit for ten days this January.  

Last year was the first time we visited and we had a FABULOUS TIME!  Only one problem, we didn't have enough time to do everything we wanted to do.  In fact, we hardly scratched the surface of fun things to do.  

Pat and Ron in LA last year in out out os style hats which we lost on a roller coaster ride in Toronto this past August

Last year we basically flew by the seat of our pants.  Pants, by the way which we quickly found out were out of style.  The new style is the skinny legged jeans.  Hmmmm, not for us folks.  These two old dudes from the East will continue to wear our out of style jeans.  Me?  I prefer my cargo pants, stylish or not.  They provide a safe place for my iPhone and wallet.  I also notice that very few of the IN folks wore baseball caps.  Hmmmm.  Again folks, Two Old Dudes from the East will continue to set our own trends.  

For this trip I plan a little more structure.  Loose, sure but maybe plan some things like a visit  THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!  

Drew Carey, host of "The Price if Right!" and his audience

Last year while we were visiting Los Angeles, we stayed at a fabulous bed and breakfast called "The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast" (what are the odds a bed and breakfast in Hollywood has THAT name? There's only about fifty of bed and breakfast hostels in West Hollywood where we stayed).  Our friend Nadege introduced us to The Grove, which is a high end (very) shopping mall in West Hollywood.  I noticed from our parking level while we were waiting for an elevator I could see the CBS Studio building where "The Price is Right" is taped.  Guess what folks?  I'm writing for tickets!

The last time I wrote for tickets to a TV show was for "To Tell the Truth."  This was many years ago (1967 I think) when that show was taped in New York City.  I wrote for tickets for me, Bill and my Mother.  We took a bus to New York City to see "To Tell the Truth." 

Joe Garagiola was the host.  I remember that the panelists included Peggy Cass and Kitty Carlisle.  I don't remember who the male panelists were.  Was the trip and the show worth it?  Absolutely!  We got to see how a TV show is produced.  One thing that surprised me was the warm-up prior to the actual show beginning.  Also the "APPLAUSE" sign.  We're told when to applause?  Apparently and we did like trained seals.

I'm excited folks.  Even more excited is my friends Dr. Spo and Someone and Sassy Bear and his husband join us.  I'm writing for six tickets just in case they decided to join me and Pat and make this a mini West Coast Bloggerpalooza.  And Lar, you and Lois are invited too!  

Just between us, I'm getting a ticket for our friend Nadege.  Hear that Nadege?


Travel said...

When are you going to be there? I have a board meeting in Huntington Beach on the 27th, I need to fly home on the 28th. I will likely fly out on Monday and have Tuesday as a free day. I tried to arrange a stop over in Phoenix on the way out but I can't make the arrangements work without going over budget.

Jack said...

It hardly seems possible that another year has passed so quickly and you're already planning another west coast trip. As you said, now that you have one trip under your belt, you can plan with more structure. Don't over plan, you might disappoint yourselves if you don't accomplish all you had planned. Going by the seat of your pants in combination with planned activities should work.
Many years ago we (my mom, dad, sister and I) flew to Los Angeles to visit many relatives from Southern California and one in Northern. My uncle was a music editor at MGM and we got the deluxe tour, saw James Franciscus (Dr. Kildare) in the MGM commissary among other things. We also attended the Let's Make a Deal taping and my dad won $70.00. We also squeezed Disney Land and the San Diego Zoo. I flew up to San Francisco alone and spent the weekend with my cousin. It was the best time and probably the last time the whole family was in one place at one time. Sadly, most of the west coast family is gone now, just a few 2nd cousins (in their eighties) and a first cousin. Time marches on.
I am excited for you to be able to make another trip after the horrid winter you had. You deserve a break (no pun intended).
Oh btw, I'm feeling better but still have to take the medication taking me down the road to blissful oblivion, just not as much. If it seems like I am enjoying the drugs I am. I can take a trip without leaving the comfort of my bed.

pat888 said...

Ron - I used to watch The Price is Right when I was in grade school. Also, To Tell the Truth, Beat the Clock, and some kind of word charades. Enjoyed them all. If we make it to the show it'll be a trip down memory lane of sorts. So that's where Drew Carey ended up. That I think was a good decision for whoever made it. I think I would have been way better at guessing the prices when I was a kid than what I'd do now. But there's no way I have the personality for a contestant so nothing to worry about.


Ron said...

That would be wonderful is you could join us, even for just a day! We're arriving in Los Angeles January 11th and leaving January 21st. We'll be staying in West Hollywood (of course). I hope Dr. Spo and Someone can make it. Also Sassy Bear and his hubby. If we have enough bloggers there, I'll arrange a mini-bloggerpalooza!

Ron said...

It is scary how fast time flies by. I only posted about 15% of my videos from our last trip to LA! Thanks for the warning about over planning for our trip but we won't do that. We're always very flexible on our trips, that's what is so great about Pat. He's very flexible and doesn't get upset over last minute changes. But last year we missed so much and I did want to cover those bases, especially a studio tour. And it would be fun to attend a Price is Right taping. I've watched that show for years.
I'm glad you're feeling better after your medication. That was some comment you made (smile). Always good to hear from you Jack.

Ron said...

I used to watch all those games shows too. I loved Beat the Clock. Where are those game shows today? Everything is reality shows and I couldn't care less about them. In fact, they're anything but "reality" shows, they're very scripted.
By the way, you have the perfect personality for a contestant. I bet you get chosen and you'll probably win the showcase!

nitewrit said...


Don't know who might have been the fourth panelist when you were at To Tell the Truth, but the other one in the photo you posted is the late Bill Cullen, who use to host the original Price is Right, if I'm not mistaken.


Anonymous said...

I went to a taping while out there for an interview and 2002 and would have never thought how much I would enjoy it.

Ur-spo said...

what a groovy far-out holiday you have planned; I can feel your excitement through the laptop.

Ron said...

I remember Bill Cullen. However, he wasn't the fourth panelist when we visited. And you're right, he did host the original Price is Right. When he hosted it needless to say, it was MUCH less exciting. Bob Barker made the Price is Right an American institution.

Ron said...

I am sure we will have a fabulous time. We did last hear, even though we were the obvious country hicks/tourists in our out of style (no skinny legged jeans) clothes and baseball caps. We're going to do it again, go against the grain and have a great time! 100% tourists!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Pat and I always have a fabulous time. The more I know Pat the more I am convinced that we were the same cosmic spirit in a Previous Life. We're just that much alike and so compatible. I am blessed to have him as a friend.