Thursday, October 08, 2015

California Dreaming

After yesterday's post about writing for tickets to "The Price is Right!", I'm California dreaming.

Pat and I are scheduled to fly out to Los Angeles January 11th, from Philadelphia.  Pat will take fly from Toronto and meet me in Philly.  

We'll be staying ten days in Los Angeles.  Five days at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast, where we stayed last year.  The remaining five days we'll be staying at one of those Airbus rentals in the Hollywood Hills.  Pat chose that location.  

I can't believe that almost a year has passed by so fast.  I've only posted about 25% of my videos form last year's trip.  The video I'm posting today is of our visit to the Griffith Observatory of our trip last year.  

Pat and I, when we go on a trip, loosely plan our activities.  Last year we were so lucky because the weather was perfect wherever we went.  The day we visited the Griffith Observatory was perfecto!  We had a fabulous view of downtown Los Angeles, a view we often see in movies.  

This year we may actually have a mini Bloggerpalooza.  That is if we can coordinate Dr. Spo and Someone to come.  David (the Travel Penguin) and may be there too!  We hope to see Tony and Nadege again.  And Cindy of Sonoma?  You're invited! And of course Randy of Nebraska, always welcomed.

Note: the header photo at the top of this blog is of Pat at the Hollywood Hotel.  This is where he stayed the last time he visited LA alone.  We stopped in to check the renovations.  I didn't want to stay there last year because of all the negative Trip Advisor reviews but hey, maybe after the renovations they will be improved.


Tony said...

You guys will definitely see me, we will plan something fun! I will not join you at Price is Right, as I worked at the Whole Foods at 3rd and Fairfax for 11 years and saw so many of the audience members in their custom shirts. They had fun, but locals don't is indeed a thing for tourists to do. You will have to make shirts for you and whoever goes though, as you want to attract attention in the audience!

I hope Spo and Someone come out as well--Mini-BloggerPolloza, west coast style!

Jon said...

I was only six years old the first time I ever visited Griffith Park Observatory. Members of the Observatory staff who had appeared in the film "Rebel Without a Cause" were still working there at the time of my first visit.

Much later, during my deliciously wild youth, I knew Griffith Park as a notoriously hot gay cruising area. It was a pleasure palace of debauchery. I'm sure the L.A. Sanitation Department has cleaned the place up since then - and banished the gays out of Eden.

I miss the good old days......

Anonymous said...

Having your California trip to look forward to will provide nice thoughts during the cold winter.

P.S. Regarding the video clip, I love Pat's typically Canadian dry sense of humour.

~ Canuck

Ron said...

We're both looking forward to seeing you again! Yes, I knew about the distinctive shirts audience members should wear in the Price is Right audience. I'm thinking about that now. Not over the top but something to catch their attention.
I do hope Spo and Someone can make the trip too. If they do, maybe we can get them in the Price is Right audience!

Ron said...

How about you making the trip to Los Angeles this January to join us? You can show us around to some points of special interest, especially those "points of interest" of your very interesting past history. We'll be in Los Angeles from January 11 through the 21st. Would love to meet you in person. Just think, you could add more history to your already fascinating experiences. Pat and I are very nice, really. And if Spo and Someone joins us (and, hope against hope) Sassy Bear and his husband - what a fabulous time we would all have at this West Coast Bloggerpalooza! Think about it.

Ron said...

Pat is a joy to be with. So patient, generous and that sense of humor. I love a dry sense of humor and he has it!

pat888 said...

Ron - so great you have that flair for capturing your adventures on film. You've treated us to friends Nadege and Tony, restaurants, historical landmarks, Hollywood Hills just to name a few. Loved that drive into the Hollywood Hills and Mulholland Drive. Looking forward, of course, to seeing some of these same locations again as well as some new. And if more people turn up - we can take in some of these things together. I don't know what the winter will be like this year - but no matter - it's always nice to be walking in the sunshine with palm trees overhead and simply enjoying that city with all it has to offer. Soon we'll be sitting and chatting over coffee in Little Tokyo - maybe with company!


Ron said...

Thanks to you I am vastly enjoying this Last Fling of my long and happy life. I am so fortunate to be having such a wonderful time in my senior years. I would never have believed how happy I would be at 73 years old! I am blessed