Sunday, October 04, 2015

Surf's Up!

  For the past several days a nor'easter has been tearing through where we live here in southern Delaware.  No, this isn't Hurricane Joaquin, it's just a regular nor'easter.  

It seems like it the howling wind and rain have been here all week but actually, only about three days.  Great napping weather which I have been taking full advantage of, sleep at least two hours ever afternoon listening to the wind whistle and howl outside my bedroom windows.  My bedroom is constructed in such a way that I get the maximum eerie sound effects of the wind.  I could tape those sounds and sell them to old mystery radio shows. In fact that's what that howling wind reminds me of, listening to radio shows like "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon" when I was just a child of five years old in the late 40's.  Yes, I am THAT old.  

Today, as usual, I took Bill for a ride.  You think we hang out in this house, as glorious and comfortable as it is, all day?  Not us.  We have to get out.  If I'm not working I take Bill out for a ride.  We usually ride down Oyster Rocks Road, which is a dead end to the Broadkill River.  We went down that way yesterday but the road was flooded so we gingerly turned back by making a hasty U-turn.

Today we toured downtown Milton, which the Broadkill River runs right through the middle of town.  Oh my, flooded!  And the Milton Theater was just refurbished too.  I see a new fund raising campaign in the future to Save the Theater!

The flooded parking lot in downtown Milton - the theater is the red brick building on the right of this photo. Looks like someone left their car and bicycle parked in the lot.  Who knows, maybe someone left their cake out in the rain too.

After touring Milton (I have other videos which I may or may not post tomorrow), I decided it was time to visit Rehoboth Beach.  Surely the summertime tourists are gone now.  

Route One was still fairly congested much to my surprise.  Upon entering Rehoboth Beach I decided to drive out to North Shores, which is the gay beach where my late departed friend Ed Cage used to troll for sex.  Poor Ed, on an ever ending quest for that Anonymous Sexual Encounter.  He died this past January 27th, the anniversary date that I entered the Army in 1960.  Thus I will never forget the day he died.  But I digress.  Back to North Shores. 

Me and my friend Paul Bickerstaff at North Shores in 1980 - that's the way the "surf" usually is at North Shores - calm as a lake - by the way, I still have that New York Yankees hat - get rid of it Ron!

While Bill stayed in the car (the wind was too much for him), I tried to go to the beach.  The wind fought me all the way.  Man oh man, was that wind ever strong.  The strength of the wind may not come through in this video, but a couple of gusts almost knocked my iPhone out of my hands!

That surf may not look like much but on my previous visits to North Shores, the waves gently roll in. Not today folks. This surf was ferocious!
A couple of times a strong gust of wind almost blew me (no pun intended) away.  My friend Ed would appreciate this "humor."  My apologies to my family friendly blog followers but occasionally I do dip down into my innate crude humor (which I inherited from my hillbilly father, my Mother of course would be greatly offended, being of Quaker heritage).  

So it's been quite a day here folks.  Every day is a gift and I appreciate the experience of Life.  Wind, rain, sun, heat, cold . . . . all of it.  I love life!

Now to take a shower and have some dinner then check my online Scrabble boards.  By the way, any of my followers who want to play online Scrabble (Facebook), let me know.  I'm getting quite good.  My friend Pat (he of Toronto, Canada) introduced me to the pleasures of Scrabble.  I find playing online Scrabble most enjoyable and would love to play with others online.  Check it out.  Facebook friend me and let's play!


Jack said...

Thanks first of all for the birthday card, always enjoy Ms. Lawson's cards. I joined so look for some in the future.
It has been an interesting week. I threw my back out so far that it landed into next Wednesday. I have had problems in the past so I did nothing about it as it usually runs it's course in a few days then everything is normal again. NOT THIS TIME. By Friday I was in such agony that I knew I had to do something so out I went in the wind and rain to the walk in clinic seeking relief. Generally the clinic is crowded but the weather was so bad there was no line, no wait. I was taken right away but then had to wait for a doctor or physicians assistant to see me. I saw them standing around but apparently none was too happy to start work. A physicians assistant came in, asked some questions, did some push pull tests and loaded (literally) me with prescriptions for muscle relaxation and pain and also a shot while I was there. I have spent the last day and one half in a blissful fog, pain free and not caring about the weather. A wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. I just took another round so I will be slipping into oblivion very shortly. Does any of this have anything to do with your post? I'm not sure. Oh yeah, a comment about Ed's house. Sad to see it just sitting there letting nature take back the grounds. Again sad that we are losing so many due to age and not other reasons.
I enjoy playing scrabble and might join you soon when I have more time to devote to the game.
If this comment makes no sense, don't post it. I can't go back and read it, I'm slipping into blissful oblivion and weird dreams.

WARPed said...

I was in Rehoboth about thirty years ago during a Nor'easter, I think it rained 10 inches in 24 hours.

Was heading home, so I gassed up, then my new truck wouldn't start. I looked around and there were several other vehicles that wouldn't start...water had infiltrated the underground gasoline tanks,

A young mechanic happened on the scene, and he had all the stalled vehicles towed to his country garage in Selbyville, where he got 'em all going again.

Since my truck had an electronic fuel pump/injection, it was an easy matter to disconnect the fuel line, and simply pump the water out of the fuel tank by just turning on the key; cars that had carburetors had to have the carbs taken apart and blown out with compressed air.

I think the mechanic planned on having the fuel distributor reimburse him for his work, via a class action law suit.



pat888 said...

Hey Ron - it looks like you have a little Nawlins right in Milton. The theatre might be damaged but you know it's so hard to keep some theatres afloat these days. Pardon all this bad humour. Always enjoy the videos. And I hope a hurricane never ever passes into Delaware as it is so flat and unprotected.


Ron said...

Wow, what a comment! "Blissful oblivion", I've been there before and will again in the future. I hope you're feeling better now. Let me know.

Ron said...

I think I remember that time thirty years ago. I began visiting Rehoboth and my late friend Bob McCamley back in the late 70's. I've experienced just about every kind of weather except the Big One (major hurricane), the one that they says is "100 years overdue." Sandy only missed us by fifty miles.

Ron said...

Right in the very center of Milton, the Broadkill River runs through it. Remember when you were here the last time and new building was in progress? That's where the flooding took place this latest nor'easter. Not the best place to build and look for a renaissance.

Sunshine said...

I have been a dedicated Scrabble player for decades but still play on a board, the old-fashioned way. I never checked out the online version and think it could get addictive.

Ron said...

I never played any online games before. The last time I played Scrabble was in high school, fifty-five years ago. Recently I discovered online Scrabble because I liked to play Scrabble with my Canadian friend Pat. I began playing and, yes, have become addicted. At any given time I have about twenty games going at one time. Would you like to join he party? Are you on Facebook?

Ron said...

Whoops! I just checked your "Sunshine" link and found you're an ad. I got fooled again. My bad.

Ur-spo said...

At the moment I am losing in five ongoing games. Phooey!