Saturday, April 04, 2015

Pat Gets Patted Down

Me, Nadege and Pat at Curry Palace (?) - don't we make a good-looking trio?

Continuing on from yesterday's post where we met our friend Nadege in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles . . . . we met for lunch.  Since the three of us like Indian cuisine we decided to have lunch at an Indian restaurant nearby, whose name I have forgotten now.  

Our spicy Indian entrees arrived, YUM!

Both Pat and I like spicy food, something else we have in common. Pat lives a few blocks from India Town in Toronto.  You know where we often ate when I visited Pat last August in Toronto? Yep, Indian town and spicy, spicy veggie dishes. We asked Nadege for a recommendation of a nearby Indian restaurant when we met her in Little Tokyo. I think the name of the restaurant was "Curry Hot Palace" or something like that.

Poor Pat, after a few bites of his "Mama Mia, that's a spicy dish", his forehead broke out into beads of sweat.  Nadege had to pat the rivulets of sweat off of Pat's forehead.  You just can't take Pat anywhere (smile).

After our spicy entrees, we opted to share a cool cheesecake. I forget what was in it but it was a very light cheesecake.  In fact it wasn't even a cheesecake since this was a vegan restaurant.  It was made out of something (Nadege or Pat will correct me after they read this post) other than a dairy product but it was absolutely delicious.  In fact, better than a cheesecake.  

Getting ready to dive into the "cheesecake". Pat has recovered from his spicy encounter with his lunch
You know folks, looking at these pictures and videos of my friends Nadege and Pat, I am reminded again of the benefit of associating with friends who bring out the best in you. Both Nadege and Pat are just good folks. They don't have a negative bone in their bodies.  They see the good side of life, the good in people.  And like Sally Field so famously said after she accepted her second Oscar "You like me! You really like me!"

Folks, it's nice to hang out with people who like me and who I like.  

Our life as we know it can end in an instant, witness my fall on the ice February 18th.  I could have died if I fell a few centimeters to the left and hit my head on the side of the building and laid in that alley all night in zero degree weather.  

Thus, my affirmation again to make every moment, every day, every week and every month count as long as we're on this earth.  

Nadege treated us to lunch . . . . thank you Nadege!  Next year we treat you to lunch . . . . in Santa Barbara!


Raybeard said...

Very nice and apparently very popular, which is no surprise. Do you recall if the restaurant had the unfortunately too frequent sitar music on for atmospheric 'effect'?

Ron said...

No sitar music in this restaurant nor any of the Indian restaurants in Toronto. As I recall this restaurant did have nice music, contemporary.

pat888 said...

Ron - I think Nadege and you chose medium while I picked hot. Despite the warnings. The "cheese cake" was terrific. Very light and tasty - and did not leave you with a heavy feeling. Still, probably calorific because I think a fair bit of ground cashews goes into producing it. And it is the best hanging out with folks who seem to coast along without any or much concern. And Ron - you are super easy to hang out with - Nadege and Tony would totally agree. I think you can sometimes get a vibe from someone fairly early.


Jon said...

I like all the photos, but especially the first. Sincere friends and good people are what it's all about. And spicy food. I love spicy food - - but it's better to order the "medium" rather than the "hot". I'm sure Pat would agree.

Ron said...

Thank you! You're right about sincere friends and good people. For too long in my life I've accepted "friends" who weren't sincere, who didn't like me for whatever reason, often because they were jealous of me and tried to bring me down. Having lost two such "friends" in recent months, I have noticed that I feel a sense of relief that I don't have to deal with their negativity any longer. I blame myself of course. Friends like Pat and Nadege, who like and respect me and who I respect, makes me realize my mistakes of the past. It's taken me a long time (too long) to come to this knowledge but I plan to make the rest of my life count with sincere friends. I'm tired to trying to find the right way to find acceptance for those who don't want me as a friend. You're also right about the spicy foods . . . medium is always better than the hot. Both Pat and I agree.

Ron said...

Medium "hot" is the best. And I loved that "cheesecake". Best "cheesecake" I've ever had. Not heavy like a slab of butter as is often the case with New York style cheesecake.
And thank you Pat for saying I'm easy to hang out with. I think so too!

Amanda said...

That cheesecake was really delicious, even better than real cheesecake! Funny because I love tofu but never had any sweeten versions of it.

Ron said...

That was the best "cheesecake" I ever had! And to think it's healthy too!