Monday, April 27, 2015

Physical Therapy - Week Two

Me with "The Ball" exercise at Tidewater Physical Therapy in Milton, DE

Today at nine o'clock this morning I began Week Two of my physical therapy.  

I have to admit, that something I was dreading (physical therapy) is turning out to be the high point of my day.  

Three days a week I go to physical therapy for an hour session.  

The modern and up to date facility is nearby. The folks who work there are always upbeat and happy. They're happy to see me (which I always like - I hate it when I'm "greeted" with a frown - "oh YOU again.") 

The exercises are not painful and very beneficial.  Today I was able to bend my leg sixty degrees!  Last week I was only able to bend my leg thirty degrees.  Progress!!

I get individualized attention.  The staff is kind and patient with me.  Even the other patients are fun.  

This morning on the table next to me was a young guy with an injured foot.  He does contracting work and had jammed his foot while coming down a ladder on a construction job. His accident happened March 10th, which coincidentally was the day of my surgery.  He said he's been in constant pain just about every day since.  I've been lucky because I haven't had that much pain, only the swelling which I have to admit was pretty brutal at times.  

This young guy was very talkative but I didn't mind because he was a happy, upbeat young man (single dad).  Cute too but that's beside the point (I guess).  

There were other people there today from all age groups and of both sexes.  We're all trying to get back to our normal lives.

I only have one picture on this blog because I get the feeling they frown on taking too many pictures at the facility.  But you know me, I put the charm on and push my luck.  So far I've gotten away with taking one short video and this one picture.  I plan to ask more once they get used to me and see what a wonderful guy I am.

This particular picture is of me and "The Ball".  This is an exercise where I do three sets of ten seconds each and pull my knee back to bend it.  I just pull it back until it hurts then I stop.  But a little bit each time I can pull my knee back further.  All the while while Mariah Carey is screeching on the radio (they have musical accompaniment at the facility).  

So I had another good day at physical therapy.  Of course I do some physical therapy at home too.  Pat is coming down at the end of next month for his annual visit to Lower Slower and I want to be up and running.  Well, not actually "running" but walking around normal like I used to before I did that stupid fall last February 18th, which now seems like so long ago. 

Things are looking up folks.  I can now sit at my computer desk and type away on my iMac keyboard.  My leg is still a little stiff but I can take the brace off.  I'm glad I can use my remaining time of forced idleness from my part-time job at the hotel to do something productive at my computer.  One can only lay in bed so long watching TV or sleeping.

A couch potato I am not.


Jon said...

My God, when I saw that picture of the couch potato, I thought it was me!
I would probably need some kind of therapy if I was subjected to Mariah Carey screeching for an hour.......
On the positive side, I'm absolutely delighted to know you are making such good progress. You make physical therapy sound like fun. Or at least a reasonable facsimile of fun.

Travel said...

You will be back to speed before you know it.

Unknown said...

I know it has to be a great relief to be making such rapid, visible progress! That's how I felt when I was doing PT for my broken wrist. They kicked me out after7 weeks, instead of 12, because I had reached all the goals. I suspect you will be done sooner than you think, too. Your positive attitude, and ability to keep exercising at home will work wonders.

Peace <3

Postcard Cindy said...


Your are doing great and will be back to your normal chores and garden very soon! I know you will be better for Pat's visit!

Cindy from Sonoma

Ron said...

I have a deadline, Pat's visit!

kelly said...

Cheers to gaining your mobility back!

Ron said...

I never thought I would look forward to going to physical therapy but I do. I'm scheduled to go for at least another two weeks. I'm exercising right now sitting at my computer by trying to bend my knee just a little further. I hope they don't kick me out early but if they do, that will mean I'm back to normal which would be great!

Ron said...

I hope so!

Ron said...

Mariah the Screech isn't going for an hour but long enough. Who likes her signing anyway? I am making good progress and yes, attending these physical therapy sessions is fun and something I look forward to. It's all positive. I'm making progress plus the folks who staff the PT facility are all upbeat. A win win situation.

wcs said...

Hurray for progress!

pat888 said...

Ron - pretty sure you'll be all back together by the time I arrive judging by your progress and positive attitude which means I'll have to start exercising so I will be able to keep up with you.


Ron said...

Thank you Kelly! I am so appreciating getting my mobility back. Never again will I again take it for granted.

Ron said...

Every day, improvement. So happy.

Ron said...

My goal is to be able to drive my car by the time you arrive in Delaware. At least ride in the passenger seat. This routine of the past three months of being loaded in the back seat of my car for the past three months is so over.