Friday, April 24, 2015

West Hollywood Traffic Jam

During our January vacation in Los Angeles we did indeed encounter the famous Los Angeles traffic. We tried to stay off the Freeway as much as possible but we couldn't this traffic jam we encountered in West Hollywood.

We were returning from our day's outing in the Hollywood Hills sign sighting. We were headed back to our comfortable niche at the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast when we encountered this traffic delay. Not to worry, we were not in a hurry and this was just another chance for us to absorbed the flavor and ambiance of Los Angeles and West Hollywood in particular.  

We wanted to freshen up and go out for dinner.  Dinner again was at the Veggie Grill, our casual, cheap, good restaurant of choice during our wonderful stay in West Hollywood.

We decided to walk to the restaurant on this particular night. Here is Pat walking down the darkened street.

That's Pat in the lime green jacket
You know it's funny but we didn't see any cruising activity while we were in West Hollywood.  Not that either one of us was looking for THAT kind of activity mind you.  But I was a bit surprised.  But then again, we were too old men and Hollywood after all is age obsessed and both of us are way past our expiration date.

We arrived at the Veggie Grill uncruised (I just made up that word) and placed our orders.  I ordered fake chicken with fries.

A vegan (fake) chicken sandwich with fries - very tasty
This is Pat awaiting his order.  At the Veggie Grill you place your order and then they bring it to you . . . . pronto.

I do like the bright colors of this place and the spaciousness and the informality and the price and the food - I liked the Veggie Grill!
Afterward we took a walk down the darkened Hollywood Boulevard back to our bed and breakfast, passing this comic book store. I know someone who would be very interested in exploring this store . . . . Sassy Bear.

A monster comic book store on Hollywood Boulevard

And that folks is my abbreviated posting today.  I've had a busy morning and I'm tired now but I do want to keep my followers informed, interested and happy with current postings of my blog.  


Jon said...

You did such a fantastic job of documenting your Hollywood sojourn. You've certainly captured the memories. That food looks so good.

What? No cruisers on Hollywood Boulevard?? Well, they've been trying to clean that place up ever since I lived there. I imagine all the cruisers were sent to Siberia by now. Santa Monica Boulevard used to be a hustler's paradise. There was a hustler every three feet (I counted....). I don't know what it's like on Santa Monica now - - but they've sanitized Hollywood Blvd. and turned it into Disneyland.

Well, as Tony once mentioned, everything is done via the Internet nowadays. The cruisers are home on their laptops (somehow that doesn't sound sexual implications were intended.....)

By the way, I didn't know we have expiration dates - - that scares me.

Unknown said...

Another outstanding post about an outstanding trip!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Not that we were looking for cruisers, but after we left California, I realized that I didn't see one person cruising. Back in the day, in the gay neighborhood of Philadelphia there was much cruising all the time on the streets, especially Spruce and Delancey, which we called "The Merry-go-round". To me, Hollywood back then, especially Sunset Boulevard would be THE place to cruise. But when we were there, nothing. But again, I wasn't looking for that. Thank goodness those days are way past me. I have absolutely no desire to hookup with a stranger, none.
I was just kidding about the expiration date. Again, back in the day, once a gay guy turned thirty his "marketability" quickly went downhill. Here I am in my seventies and I'm having the best time of my life. Back in my twenties and thirties, I would have never believed such a thing was possible but it is.
I'm glad you're enjoying my little travelogue of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Ron said...

We did indeed have a grand time. I'm so glad we went.

Jon said...

I knew you were kidding about the expiration date. I thought it was funny - - until I realized that my expiration date was probably twenty years ago. I miss the good ol' cruising days (and nights) but lately I have no desire to hook up with anyone. Life is much more simple and enjoyable without complications.

Your L.A. trip with Pat is an inspiration, and tangible proof that "the best is yet to come."

Raybeard said...

The more I see of Hollywood or, indeed, L.A., the more I feel I'd like to live there - though not being a driver might just present a problem.
That fake chicken meal looks yummy. I imagine it was quorn, an ingredient I love - and fail to understand why so many meat eaters turn up their nose at it when it has all the taste of the original meat (I believe) without the unpleasantness of finding pieces of gristle and other bits of God-knows what. I especially love quorn sausages too.

Travel said...

In the video, I noticed the buildings on the right at the beginning and recognized the location, you started to move and I thought Mell's diner will be on the left and it was. The hotel I stayed in was near that intersection. Wonderful flashback. I was there for the National LGBT Bar Association meeting 3-4 years ago, a fun crowd.

Ron said...

I am so glad you're enjoying my travelog of West Hollywood. Our visit there was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Ron said...

I loved Hollywood and L.A. You don't have to be a driver to live there, our friend Tony who we met while we were visiting, doesn't have a car. He has a bike and does quite well. There is public transportation. The few times we took it I was quite pleased. Of course your options are much better if you have a car but you can do without one.
I don't know what "quorn" is. I think the fake chicken was a soy based product. Usually I don't like soy products or tofu but this wasn't bad. In fact I liked it better than chicken because it didn't have that aftertaste that chickens sometimes has.

Ron said...

All those years I was cruising wasn't so much for sex but for that certain person, a person much like me that I could share experiences. I know it's hard for some (many) to understand but Bill and I have a relationship and I do love him. But I've always wanted that one special friend who I was simpatico with. Someone who understood me and who I understood. Someone who respects me and I respect them. Someone who doesn't put pressure on me or judge me. All those years of "looking for love in all the wrong places", all those years of cruising. It was someone like Pat I was looking for. Pat and I have a special relationship. After meeting and becoming friends with Pat I have absolutely no desire or need to cruise anybody. Zero interest for which I will be forever thankful. But when I cruised in my heyday it was fun. I can't deny that. Now life is much more simple without complications. I'm glad you found the same peace and serenity that I have found. But Jon, believe me, there is something good waiting for you yet in your life. It will happen. When you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. I have never been to WeHo (well, I've driven thru it, but didn't stop), but from friends I understand there is a place referred to as "Vaseline Alley" where cruising/hustling still happens (outside the bars, that is). From the name, I would guess it is behind some gay bar(s). Silver Lake is I believe just east of WeHo, and is where you will find the older gays. The names of the bars escape me at the moment, but I'm sure you could Google it if you were interested in hitting one of them the next time you visit. ~~~ NB

Tony said...

No gay guys cruise Hollywood Blvd. these days--only skaterboarders and tourists and drug addicts, late at night. The gay boys walk, but don't cruise, on Santa Monica Blvd. between La Cienega and Robertson--that is where a lot of bars are. But it is the opposite of sexy, as it is very young and silly. Ron, I know you were in West Hollywood, but that is not a cruising area. Most people think of the area I described when they think of Weho--there are areas of it where it is as normal as pie.

Ron said...

Actually I'm not interested in cruising or meeting other gays. One night we did go to "Oil Can Harry's" on Mulholland Drive for Disco Night. I wasn't there but five minutes and a white tank topped macho Hispanic young man asked me (me, the OLD MAN) to dance. He was quite attractive and maybe thirty (or forty) years ago I would have followed through but not now. I'm quite happy with my situation now and have absolutely no desire for any anonymous encounters. We danced then I left him with his puzzled expression. Pat and I did enjoy the Disco night though and we will make a return visit next year.

Ron said...

I did see a few drug addicts on Hollywood Boulevard. Very sad. So young and so lost and wasted lives. I just mentioned the cruising because I had heard so much about West Hollywood prior to visiting there. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I saw no cruising at all. There is more cruising here at the local Lowe's than I saw in West Hollywood.

pat888 said...

Ron - yes another great document of the Hollywood trip. Time just was so relaxing there. Seemed no hassle or hustle bustle. So enjoyable.


Ron said...

I like the way we do our trips, just go with the flow. No "we have to be here this day at a certain time." I believe when one is on vacation one should relax.I'm glad you feel the same way too.