Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Grocery Shopping Day

Bill (with the hat and blue sweater) checking out at Food Lion supermarket this morning

Off to the local supermarket store again today folks.  Usually I go shopping at least three times a week, sometimes more.  I always drive.  I take Bill with me, he sits in the passenger seat and waits for me in the car while I shop.  But now with my healing leg, Bill gets out of the car and pushes a cart.

I had given him a list last night for shopping today.  I wanted to go, just to get out of the house (I've been housebound for about five days now), but I didn't want to put Bill through the  tiresome ordeal of getting me in the car, then out of the car (he has to lift my leg, I can't). Then follow me around the store while I shuffle along on my walker.  However, I do go faster these days but anyone using a walker goes slow as you know because I know most of you have at one time or another been behind someone like me on a walker.  And don't tell me that someone like me on a walker hasn't annoyed you.  Well, I try to alleviate the pain of regular folks who can walk by going to the store early in the morning, like we did this morning.  This works for the most part but there were a couple of shoppers who seemed annoyed with me and my walker.  I.DON'T.CARE.

These days I shop for food that has a high protein content.  I'm told by my health care workers that eating a lot of protein will enhance my healing process.  And folks, I want to heal . . . . fast.

Getting "Pom" high protein drink.  Our local supermarket is starting to reflect it's more health conscious customers. Yes!

So how am I doing?  I still don't trust myself to walk unaided without a walker.  I do not want to fall again and set myself back on my healing process.

My home health care worker visited yesterday and said it won't be necessary for them to come back again.  I signed the discharge papers.  I have to say they were wonderful. Many good things are coming out of this accident I've had with my leg.  I've discovered how wonderful home health care is.  I've also discovered how vulnerable I am (and you all are) when you lose the use of just one of your legs.  You do that folks and you're down and out.  You can't drive which means you can't get to the doctor or shop.  Luckily for me I can get around on one leg thus I don't have to use the portable toilet that the hospital checked me out with my walker last month.  That contraption is up in my attic.  Who knows, we may need it in the future.  One never knows a this fact is especially true now since what happened to me and how fast my life changed.

I look out the windows and see the daffodils blooming.  I won't be able to go out and touch them or take photos of them because my walker doesn't work so well on our grass.

Oh wouldn't I love to take a walk back in the Oyster Rocks development right behind us on a gloriously sunny day like today.  However, it is not to be.  I am housebound again after a very successful trip to the local supermarket. 

It's good to be alive folks.  


pat888 said...

Ron - not that you're looking for this but I feel so badly for you not getting out to do what you love to do - the gardening, shopping and your part time job. It'll be hard with the weather turning nice. However, it looks like you are doing well and it's the big picture that counts. The fully healed back to normal leg. So I guess that's the vision you have to keep in mind.


Jon said...

It's fantastic that you're making such good progress. Easy does it. I know it must be depressing having to stay indoors, but you're handling it beautifully. I'll bet Bill is getting more used to shopping, which is probably a good thing.
I've never heard of Pom, but I sure as heck need it.

Raybeard said...

Your positive take on your accident and subsequent situation makes it sound like it's been a shortcut on the road to enlightenment. It seems to have been that way for you, though I daresay many would have spent the time ruefully reflecting "Why ME?" Still, you're giving us a lesson in how to deal with dramatic adversity, Ron - thoughts we ought to store away when it's 'our' turn.

Ron said...

One thing about my health situation, I am in recovery. Each day is a little better than the day before. Each day I am learning to accommodate better to this difficult situation. My biggest problem right now is just being patient. It will take time for my tissue to repair. And you're right, that is the vision I have to keep in mind.

Ron said...

Oh yes, it is depressing to stay indoors most of the time. Especially now in spring when my daffodils are coming up. Also, I have several bird baths that I change the water frequently. Bill doesn't like to change the water. I see the robins outside my window looking at their empty bird baths and wish I could give them fresh water.
Bill is used to shopping but he is looking forward to going back to our previous routine, where he sits in the car and waits for me to shop. I didn't realize how much I did around her to keep this household going. I don't think he did either.
If you can find Pom, definitely get it. It's expensive (about $4.00 for a small bottle) but well worth it. Pure pomegranate juice, no high fructose corn syrup, artificial ingredients, or any of that other junk commercial food manufacturers put in food to extend their shelf life.

Ron said...

I didn't spend anytime with the "Why Me?" ruminations. Instead I think of how lucky I was that this wasn't a worse accident. I could have broken my hip, had a head fracture or frozen to death in that alley overnight, knocked unconscious. This accident has also given me a new appreciation for the freedom of mobility and how vulnerable we all are. When I'm completely healed I will have a renewed appreciation of my life and good health.

Raybeard said...

Well, if that's what it takes - clouds, silver lining etc. Meanwhile the rest of us try our best to dodge such things happening at all, though what can one do in the face of fate? Zilch! None of us can forecast the terrain ahead.