Monday, April 20, 2015

The Next Step: Physical Therapy

Me in front of the physical therapy location in Milton DE where I will begin my month long regimen to complete the healing of my leg injury

Just got back from my doctor's.  He said I'm ready to begin physical therapy.  The tissue has healed enough in my leg for me to begin a routine of physical exercises to I can bend my knee and build up my quadricep muscles.  I'm ready!  Oh am I ever ready.

I got lucky by having an up to date, modern physical therapy center right in Milton, just up the road from where I live. I knew I moved to Slower Lower for a reason. I was given a choice of multiple physical therapy centers but chose the one closest to me because I just don't want to fight that Route One traffic. Especially now with the tourist season coming up and all those crazy assed drivers coming down here from the north.  You just have to stay out of their way because they are always in a HURRY.  I don't need to have another accident.

The physical therapy center has to verify my insurance and then they will call me to arrange my three times a week visit for physical therapy.  Now for the hard part.  When I dislocated my knee way back in 1962, I also had to undergo a month long physical therapy routine three times a week.  What I remember most about that time was how hard it was at first to get that weakened and stiff leg of mine (it was the other one that time - I'm an equal leg injury kind of guy) to MOVE.  Then, after the initial pain and frustration, the PT just got boring.  One memory I will always have, was that while I was doing PT with weights on my leg, the news came over the radio that John Glenn had just circled the earth in a satellite, thus becoming the first American spaceman (the Russians had already beat us to that title but hey, just a footnote to our history books, right)?  

Eventually my leg got back to normal and I was off and running. Which is what I hope happens this time around.  It better because Pat is coming down on the 23rd of April for his annual visit to Lower Slower.  We have big plans for that week.  I want to be able to move around like a normal person.  I am so tired of being loaded into the back seat of the car with my stiff leg.

By the way folks, those of you who thought I should have had physical therapy sooner - my doctor told me that the tissue had to heal sufficiently on my leg first before I could begin physical therapy.  And oh, by the way, I still have to keep my leg brace on which I thought I would.  I don't feel safe without it.  And my doctor said he didn't want to take a chance of me falling again and undoing all the healing that's taken place over the past six weeks.  I don't either!


Travel said...

Good progress, I would likely break the rules and set up front.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the need to wait on therapy, but is there any possibility you can do home PT instead of having to go someplace? Anyway, sounds like you got a good report from your doctor, and that's the most important thing. Good luck with your therapy! ~~~ NB

Jon said...

Judging by the way you're walking on the video, I'd say you are already making great progress. I'm glad that you don't have to drive far for your physical therapy sessions.

Postcard Cindy said...


Positive results! Things are looking good, work hard and get back to normal!

Cindy from Sonoma is so happy for you.

pat888 said...

Ron - I guess you are just going to have to move along in lower slower mode for the while. But it sounds good the way you are coming along. Nice maneuvering down that ramp too!!


Ron said...

I still feel I need the leg brace and the doctor confirmed that. I think soon enough I will be without the leg brace. I'm coming down the home stretch now.

Ron said...

I'll repeat what I said to Pat, I'm coming down the home stretch now.

Ron said...

I am walking a lot better and can shop without my cane, using the grocery cart as support. I can get around the store just as fast as I did before. The only thing is that I still can't sit in the passenger seat of the car or drive. I have to bend my knee more to do that. This physical therapy should take care of that. These next four weeks will be interesting.

Ron said...

I need structured physical therapy and this center I found today is state of the art. I am very comfortable with it and the location. I've been through this before when I dislocated my knee way back in 1962. It works.

Ron said...

If I could sit up front I would. My leg won't bend that far and I feel if I try I'll break it. I don't want to risk a setback having come this far.

Raybeard said...

Eh? What's that you say? You "Chose the one CLOSET to (you)"? Don't go back now, at this late stage! :-)

Yes, take it easy now. A lot of effort went into that repair and it's so vital to maintain it. Continued good luck, Ron.

Ron said...

Misspelling! I'll go back and correct it now. I just finished my first day at physical therapy. All went well. I am very happy!

Raybeard said...

Just read it on your following blog - and things sound jolly good!