Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bay Leaf Restaurant Milton Delaware

The Bay Leaf Restaurant on Rt. 16 Milton, DE

This evening I had a very pleasant early dinner at the Bay Leaf Restaurant in Milton, Delaware.

I like to dine out occasionally.  However, I've never gotten used to eating alone even though I've been the "lonely guy" many times during my long tenure on this earthly pane.  

My high school friend Ed is down this week from his home in Pennsylvania.  When he's down at his home in Rehoboth, we usually do dinner once or twice.  However, I just didn't feel up to traveling the dangerous Route One to his home in Rehoboth Beach to have dinner at one of those loud, expensive and stressful Rehoboth restaurants.  When I go out to dinner I like it QUIET which is doesn't happen during the Season in Rehoboth.  I remember a time a few years ago when I met my friend Ed for an early dinner and the table next to us was the typical extended family:  Mom and pop, three kids, grandmom and grand pop plus a Baby in a Basket which they placed on the table right next to us.  Oh lovely.  Please don't misunderstand me, those folks are what keeps our economy going but I prefer not to stuff my face with a Chicken Caesar Wrap listening to a two month old baby cry.  Just not my thang, you know?  

I suggested to Ed that we have an early dinner in Milton.  The restaurant is called the Bay Leaf Restaurant.  I've eaten there several times and never been disappointed.  Milton doesn't have a whole lot of restaurants.  Three others that I can think of which will remain unnamed.  I haven't been impressed with the other three.  Been disappointed every time I've eaten in them so I haven't returned.

I was surprised when we went into the Bay Leaf this evening.  There was only one other patron in the restaurant.  A middle aged woman who was eating by herself.  I don't mind so much eating by myself as long as the restaurant isn't crowded and I feel like I'm taking up a whole table and thus depriving the restaurant of paying customers.  However, I prefer to dine with someone.  I like to talk, which should come as no surprise to any of my regular followers.

This evening we had a delightful meal.  My friend Ed had a pasta and spinach dish.  

I had a Chicken Caesar Wrap and fries.  I didn't get a dinner because I just can't eat that much anymore.  I ate half of my wrap and I'll keep the other half for lunch tomorrow.  I splurged and have a Triple Chocolate cake (topped with a cherry) for dessert.  It was licentiously delicious.  I really shouldn't of.....but I did.  Pangs of guilt are sweeping over me now.  As I so often say after Going For The Dessert After the Meal, I'm telling myself "Never again!"  But I will.  

Strawberries Sauvignon - a Bay Leaf Chef Special
After finishing our meal and wrapping up exchanging information on our latest medical adventures, Ed and I checked out.  At the cashier's station the owner asked me "Aren't you the guy with the blog?"  OMG!  You know folks, I'm encountering this situation more and more often.  I've had my blog going on seven years now and apparently I am becoming quite well known in certain quarters.  Of course the first thing I thought of "What did I write in my last blog?"  Even more I thought "What pictures did I post?"  Ah yes!  I did post a picture of Channing Tatum in his, well um....undies.  Oh my.......oh well. 

Lauren - the owner who asked me "Aren't you the guy who blogs?
One of the first things that went through my mind was that she would ask me "Do you practice the gay lifestyle?" as was the question my ignorant, homophobic North Carolina distant cousin asked me when I was on vacation in North Carolina in March and who, when I affirmed I was gay, growled to me "Now get this, if you set foot on my parent's land (I was going to introduce them to another cousin and his wife) you'll have to deal with me, you got that bud!".  Yes folks, I have been permanently scarred by that accusatory question.  I was prepared to be asked not to "set foot" in that restaurant but instead had a very pleasant conversation with Lauren about how slow business was for her restaurant on Monday nights.  I wasn't in Kansas North Carolina anymore folks.  I was in the First State which (mostly) welcomes diversity....and marriage equality.  

Folks, this is a fine restaurant. You want to get away from the traffic, the crowds, the noise of Rehoboth?  Travel six miles north to the historic, quaint town of Milton and the Bay Leaf Restaurant.  They are open for business seen days a week including Mondays!  Comfortable seating, good service, large menu, freshly prepared food, reasonable prices and FREE PARKING.  What's not to like?  

Me in the front of the Bay Leaf Restaurant this evening. Plentiful, free parking folks!

Yes, I do plan to go back on Monday nights.  Now to send out my invitation for dining companions.  Wish me luck! I prefer not to eat under a spotlight.


nitewrit said...


Didn't have anything to say about your post on Channing Stockard or Tatum O'Neil or whomever, but I'll comment on this one.

"Are you the fellow with the Blog?" There are 31 million bloggers in the U. S. according to one source, which is about 10% of the population (based on a 2012 figure of 314 million). Being spotted makes you a minor celebrity.

Next thing you know, paparazzi! :)


anne marie in philly said...

ooooooooooh, this looks yummy! I can't eat a huge entree myself, but I always save room for a dessert; the strawberry one looks dee-lish!

eat dessert, go out in the rain and get wet, laugh loud and often!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Next time in town I'll have to take you to the Bay Leaf. It's not far from the Dogfish Brewery.


Ron said...


I didn't think you would have much to say about "Channing Stockard" or "Tatum O'Neil". Straight people are often put off when a suggestive picture is posted of a man but let one be posted of a woman. Oh wait, those pictures are our commercials.


slugmama said...

Last Fall on our yearly trip down to OC Md. Hubs and I stopped at the liquor store next to the Food Lion by that restaurant. Now that we know it's aok, maybe we'll stop for lunch at the Bay Leaf this Fall.

Ron said...


Bill and I plan to go there every Monday. I like to eat out at least once a week but both of us hate the crowds, noise, and especially the screaming kids. The Bay Leaf isn't fine dining but it is good, home cooked food at a reasonable price. I am so tired of paying those inflated "beach" prices for (mostly) Sysco precooked food.


Ur-spo said...

I confess: I love eating out at restaurants. Meals with chums are always a delight. But I am getting more picky over the years. I don't want to eat bland and totalitarian food often served in chain restaurants. I like 'proper food' and preferably in unique places. And it is always a 'plus' if there is something to try new and adventuresome.

Jon said...

Between your blog and your upcoming monumental marriage, you're going to be a major celebrity. As for me, my miserable life is mostly incognito and I have to beg people to read my blog. I kinda feel like Oliver Twist asking for more gruel......

As for restaurants - - I don't like to dine alone but I'm used to it.
As for screaming kids - - I absolutely HATE them! Restaurants should have "children" and "no children" sections. Better yet, they shoud ban kids entirely.

Ron said...


Our marriage will be a very quiet affair. We're eloping, so to speak. Every time I floated a plan for the event, it kept spiraling our of control. Bill and I are just going to slip away one morning in the month of July and do the dirty. Just our friends Jack and Judy will be with us. This is probably the best for us.

Like you, I hate to dine alone. It's a shame you don't live nearby, I think you would be a wonderful dining companion. I would love to hear your stories, uncensored. Of course we would have to choose a restaurant sans the screaming kids which is a challenge during the summer season at this summer resort.

As for you blog, I think more people read it than you realize. You're a very talented and interesting person Jon. It's just that most people don't leave comments. Don't use the amount of comments left as an indicator.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I too love dining out with friends. Dining alone just doesn't make it. The first time I saw this Steve Martin movie clip (form "The Lonely Guy") I identified immediately. In addition to being laugh out loud hilarious, it was just how I always felt when I dined alone.

Like you, I am getting more picky the older I get. It drives The Cajun to anger when I harp on the Sysco trucks that unload every morning in Rehoboth, thus stocking the (mostly) overpriced summer resort restaurants with precooked food (so the restaurant can serve faster, hire cheaper help, and have a greater turnover of customers) but that is my main complaint with restaurants here in this resort community. When I go to a restaurant I want an entree that is unique. Something that would be too much trouble for me to prepare at home. I want a meal that is prepared from scratch, not half pre-cooked then "nuked" and then slide before me at the restaurant at a $19.95 per entree cost. I've had too many of those meals only to return home with the "never again." Yet I do like to dine with friends and have pleasant conversation and to try something new and adventurism. If you and Someone lived here, we could do that. Just saying.