Monday, June 24, 2013

A Doctor Free Week and Other Ramblings

On this Monday morning when I woke up, I had a different feeling than I've had the past several months.  No, it wasn't because of Bill, who still isn't speaking to me although that is bothering me. Actually, I had a feeling of freedom.  I had to check my calendar twice, but this week I don't have any doctor's appointments.  None,  nada, zero.

Of course this won't last but what a relief knowing that I can go the whole week without once visiting a doctor's office, being asked for my Medicare card and supplement insurance cards (which they ask EVERY TIME I go), being poked, prodded, and punctured.  Yes folks, I have a FREE week.  

I have to tell you folks, this does feel good.  I remember a long time ago when I was young and healthy, full of vim and vigor and going to live forever.  I used to go years without visiting a doctor. In fact I didn't even have a regular doctor.  Oh how those days are long gone.  Now that I have entered my twilight senior years, I have to accept as a fact of life that I have become my parents and a visit to my doctor's office will be part of my life until I check out.  

So what did I do this morning sans Bill?  First I made my milk and banana run to the local Food Lion.  I eat healthy.  Only Corn Chex for breakfast with 2% milk and one small banana.  

I also stopped at the post office.  A dear friend of mine has a birthday coming up and I had to get a proper box to mail my gifts to him.  Of course my time at the U. S. Post Office was spent mostly in line while the lady in front of me fumbled and fussed with ordering two money orders.  What's the matter with getting a checking account lady?

Then I took a ten mile run down Rt. 16 to look for a now abandoned Church cemetery to full fill a Find a photo request.  I found the cemetery, which was bookended by two mobile homes with dangerous looking vehicles outside.  I wouldn't linger around this cemetery.  When I see these now abandoned cemeteries down here in Slower Lower, I always feel sad.  Some of these headstone are over two hundred years old. 

New Market Cemetery today on Spicer Road, Ellendale, DE
Even early this morning, the heat was oppressive so I quickly took photos of all the headstones in this small, abandoned cemetery.  Thank goodness no one came out of the single wides on either side of the cemetery challenging me or worse.  Hey folks, I go to some very interesting places to full fill these FAG requests.  I love doing it though, I find cemeteries relaxing and peaceful plus I'm doing good for somebody.  My fellow FAG volunteers will understand.  Some go on runs, me?
 I take photos of headstones in cemeteries. Sure, it's a lot less glamourous but I can't run.  I lost the ability to run years ago.  Can't remember exactly when it happened but I tried to run once and my legs just didn't work.  I can walk fast though.

This Friday my longtime friend Lar visits me for our annual Cowboy Photo at Old Time Photo.  This is my birthday present to Larry.  We'll have lunch then walk on (not run) the boardwalk. I'll take a video of Lar ogling
the young ladies in skimpy bikini bathing suits.  Lar hates it when I do this but when we walk the boardwalk he can't seem to keep his eyes from roaming.
 Funny thing happened last year, we walked by a couple of  young punks and one of them took one look at us and snickered to his friend "There's two!"  Obviously he mistook us for two old queens.  I was tempted to confront him but then I thought better of it.  Actually I thought "he's not worth the effort."  This is what young dudes do, reinforce their doubts about their own masculinity by mocking a couple of old guys walking the Rehoboth boardwalk which has been know to be trod by Old Queens.  Not us dude. 


Anonymous said...

Um, two elephants f^<king?

Enjoy your week off, and go bang on Bill's door until he stops ignoring you. The silent treatment is childish, but I guess it's better than verbal abuse being heaped on you!

Peace <3

Ron said...


Okay, okay, I cleaned it up. I can't bang on Bill's door. I tried that years ago, it only prolongs the "episode." He has to work this out himself. This has been going on for at least 40 years. Bill is bi-polar. He has to work through this. Yes, the silent treatment is childish but it is his way of "testing" me to make sure I still care for him. Three time (that I can remember) I had enough and made plans to end our relationship but he begged me to come back. I know, I know. It's not like it is in the movies Jay. This is real life. I don't like the verbal abuse but at least there is no physical abuse. If there was I would have been gone the very first occurrence. That is one thing I don't tolerate. Never had it in my family, never will.


Stan said...

I lost my ability to run too after I had an aneurysm. For some reason the message from my brain doesn't transmit to my legs to get going. Even trying to jog doesn't come off right so it caught my eye when you said you couldn't run anymore either. Like you I just run fast. Enjoy your Doc free week.

Jon said...

Heck, your agenda for the week seems to be a lot more exciting than mine. There's not much to do here in the bowels of west TX except swoon from the heat, tackle all the weeds in the yard from the recent rain (yes! we had rain!) and occasionally ogle a cowboy's ass in Walmart (I said "ogle" - not "grab").
Does that girl in the skimpy bikini know that you took her picture? Was she posing for you? That would be funny if she would have grabbed your camera and punch you in the face - - never knowing that you're gay.

Did I spell "ogle" correctly? It's a weird word that I seldom use.

Ron said...


Actually, that "photo" I took of the girl in the bikini wasn't a photo. I was following Larry with his Flip video camera on the boardwalk as I always do when he visits once a year. With a Flip video camera you can take still shots off of the camera which is what I did. That whole "scene" probably lasted no more than a second and a half. She had just come up from the beach and was checking to see if sand was still on her ass cheeks. I didn't know she would come into camera range so it wasn't obvious be taking this "picture" so to speak. Yes, you spelled "ogle" correctly. By the way, I'm very careful when I take pictures of people I don't know, some don't want their pictures taken. However, if they walk into my video range while I'm already taking the video, then all bets are off. It wasn't like I walked up to them and started to take a video. I would like to get a good shot of a guy in a skimpy bathing suit but they are few and far in between. I definitely would be very careful about taking a photo of a guy, you know how some of them are, very machismo especially with two old guys who they think are old queens. Life sure is a laugh riot as Harold said in "The Boys In The Band.":


Ron said...


I don't know when or what caused me to lose my ability to run, but I sure can't. I try but I just can't get my legs coordinated. And I used to be on the track team in high school! By the way, you said "Like you I just run fast." I think you mean "walk fast."