Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Memories

"Dakota" cooling herself at the Sandy Hill Greenhouse on Sand Hill Road Georgetown, DE
Actually, it's not officially summer yet.  Summer doesn't officially begin until Friday, June 21st at 1:04 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time.

I love summertime.  I love the long days.  Actually, the first day of summer the days begin to shorten but it doesn't seem like that does it?

When I was a pre-teen living in a second floor apartment on Washington Avenue in Downingtown, PA I used to live for summer vacation from school.  The summers came and went by so fast.  Before I knew it, Mom was ordering our fall school clothes from the Montgomery Ward catalogue.  Remember the "new" smell of those school clothes?  I do.

These days summer are long and lazy days, mostly taken up with yard work.  I love yard work.  I know that sounds crazy but I do find yard work relaxing.  I think my pleasure in doing yard work probably has a lot to do with growing up in a home without a backyard.  I would do yard work for my great aunt Grace who lived in a small house on 19 Chestnut Street (in Downingtown, PA )with a even smaller back yard.  I also used to mow the lawn for one of my older lady newspaper customers.  While my peers would have considered mowing a lawn work, I didn't.  I've never forgotten the sense of tranquility that I received from pushing that manual lawnmower in an ever reducing square.  

My Aunt Grace's house today (her house to left of flag - what we used to call a "half-house" common in the Northeast)

Some summers I got a special treat.  My aunt's sister would invite me to spend a couple of weeks in the summer with her son "Duckie" at their family farm in the country.  Oh my goodness, how I loved that time spent in the country.  The smell of the hay as we jumped from the loft in the barn into the piles of hay below.  Duckie and I making maze trails through the stalks of green corn.  The oinks of the pigs as we would slop them.  The summer evenings chasing fireflies.  These memories of summers past have never left me.  

Me (left) with my "Aunt" Mildred, and her children Peggy and Ducky on Washington Avenue prior to leaving with them for two weeks in the country - 1952 - by the way I was very tall for my age - I was the same age as Ducky

These days I am creating new "Summer Memories."  Of course over the years I have had other summer memories.  All those summers in the Seventies that I used to frolic in Provincetown, Mass.  Not much yard work done during those days folks.

Me in Provincetown, Mass - 1976 - no "yard work" during those years folks

This morning Bill and I made our umpteenth visit to the Sandy Hill Greenhouse (nursery) on Sand Hill Road outside Georgetown.  While perusing the plants I noticed this beautiful black lab cooling herself under the plant rack.  She dug an indentation in the sand to cool herself.  Seeing her I instantly have a new summer memory.  

So you see folks, I'm not all about The Past, I'm living today and still enjoying life.  

Me raking the grass in our backyard this past Sunday.  One of my favorite summertime activities


Ur-spo said...

"spending the summer' was once upon a time a lovely thing indeed.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

We've never heard about your "spending the summers." I bet they were idyllic indeed. You are such a delightful person, how could they be otherwise?


anne marie in philly said...

cute puppy!

a co-worker was saying this morning that "summer is going by too damn quickly".