Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Perfect Weather/Stormy Weather

Trimming this evening - yardwork in the late afternoon - my Zen time

Today was one of those rare treats....perfect weather.  The rains fell just about all day yesterday.  This after a long, hot dry spell.  After yesterday's rain, everything seemed to "pop" up.  The greens were greener, the colors were brighter. Yes, the plants love a big drink of water from the heavens.  I can water them with my water pail but nothing sets newly transplanted plants in the ground that a good soaking from JC.

So what is going on in my world?  Well, I had to work today.  Normally I work two nights a week, 3 pm to 11 pm.  Yesterday one of my full-time co-workers called and asked if I could take her 7 am to 3 pm shift today.  I consented.  Working day shift is totally different that the night shift.  For one thing I open the hotel, set out the breakfast, collect the newspapers, and put my hospitality personality on full display for the manager and owner of the hotel, who are in during the day.  Yes folks, working the day shift is totally different and I am exhausted.  

The lobby at the Inn in the early morning daylight - a rare sight for me

Why am I exhausted?  Mostly because of my continuing radiation treatment (seed implants).  I've been following discussions on the medical website Inspire.com which is a group discussion of folks like me who are dealing with cancer and other medical issues.  I've been involved the past two weeks with a couple of discussion groups of other men like me who underwent the brachytherapy surgery.  There is good news and bad news.  The good news is that I'm not the only  one having these after effects.  The bad news is that I am having these after effects which could continue as long as 18 months or as long as the seeds are radioactive.  What are the after effects?  You know but if I have to remind you, bowel movement, urination, fatigue, burning sensations, all the "fun" stuff.  Oh well, I guess it's better than the alternative.

Today after work I asked Bill if he wanted to go with me to the Rehoboth Diner.  Since I didn't have lunch (very difficult to eat lunch at work so I skip it) I was hungry and thought a good, greasy Eggplant Parm would hit the spot.  He acquiesced (Bill hates to go to restaurants) and we had a 4 o'clock dinner.  I'm still digesting it at this hour of 8:04 pm.  Be careful what you wish for.

The eggplant, fries and roll were good.  The cup of pea soup awful. Bill's milkshake good but expensive $4.50.  We won't be getting that again.  We'll get a half gallon of ice cream and make our own milk shake (or two, or three, or four)

I'm not watching much TV these days.  I used to watch MSNBC but since the Repugs are on a "It's worse that Watergate" witch hunt and the news media are all getting hard ons eager to oblige, I have no interest in following that phony drama.  I'm more interested in following the real drama of our local Republican politicians who got elected to office with the promise to "stop the gay agenda" and all five of them voted against the Marriage Equality act in spite of the fact that their county (Sussex) has the fourth large gay couple population in the United States.  Yessiree folks, we have some work to do right here in River City Gayberry, Delaware.

See here for today's column by Dan Flood recent our recent local election for state senator and state representative where both gay candidates lost to the straight "family values" candidates.  Those darn gay candidates, they should leave there gay agendas at home.


Ur-spo said...

Flossing leads to social dancing.

anne marie in philly said...

scalia can go to hell! and he can take clarence thomas with him.

getting the back yard ready for the wedding, I see. did you get the license yet?

Ron said...

I floss several times a day. I wish I had began flossing many years ago.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I was going to get our license yesterday but had to work. I'm working today and tomorrow so maybe Friday, if I don't have to work. Sure would be nice to SOMETIME get back to my two day a week PART-TIME job.


nitewrit said...


Start learning to say, "NO!" or start liking your three and four day weeks. They're going to keep asking you as long as you say, "Yes." Don't they have any other staff in that place?


Anonymous said...

The Repugs and tea baggers will regret all this brew ha ha over nothing they wouldn't be doing or already did when Bush was in office. Lots
of voters Republican and Democrat see a Congress doing nothing about the real problems and issues with our country. 2014 could be
one of the most interesting elections in recent history. Let's see what the voters will do. Just watched "MILK" the other night - inspiring !
Harvey Milk was a real threat to the establishment. I'm sure he would be a Senator by now or maybe more if he had lived. I encouage
you to watch it again. Ron, I think you need to be advising some of your local "gay" politicians on how to get elected or really rally the
local gay voters together. In numbers there is power!
Stuart in FL

Ron said...

Stuart (in FL),

Wasn't "MILK" a great movie? I'm not a Sean Penn fan but I think his portrayal of Harvey Milk was exactly right. One thing I got from that movie was that homophobia would end tomorrow if EVERYONE came out. That includes the little old lady who lives in that big old spooky house on the corner, your dentist, the cab driver, the police officer, the school superintendent, etc. Homophobia would end IMMEDIATELY because the homophobes and the ignorant people who fear gays more than they do terrorists will realize that we are no threat to them and are really their brother, sister, mother, father, neighbor, even grandparents.

Believe me Stuart, we're going to work hard to get our local gay politicians elected the next time around. These two who were elected for the first time this past election slipped in because not all of us were really paying attention, although I didn't vote for them. I'm make damn sure that come next election I'll let as many people know as I can how these politicians voted against marriage equality. All of us should be treated the same, and not "separate but equal" as was the case with civil unions which to me always sounded like some kind of business partnership.


Ron said...


I did say "NO" when she asked me to come in on Monday. I have been saying "NO" more often. I can't all the time though, because that was part of the deal when I was hired. But I don't go in every time. Yes, they have other staff which is what I'm going to push


Anonymous said...


I love that long shot of the boardwalk and beach. I'd like to see it along with Cape Henlopen some time.