Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rehoboth Beach June 23, 2013

Rehoboth Water Tower

As regular readers of this blog know, I never but never go into Rehoboth Beach during the season.  It's just too crazy.  First getting there on Route One is literally taking your life into your own hands or rather putting your life into someone else's aggressive driving crazy assed hands.  

But this evening I made an exception.  Bill and I had a little tiff, the usual.  After the long, stressful drive back from Pennsylvania, half of it in a blinding, driving rain that forced me off the road at least five times, I had to get my mind on something else other than the situation with Bill.  So I thought this long day of daylight, that I would take a Sunday evening drive to Rehoboth and walk the boardwalk.  Uh huh.  Yes I did.

Well, the traffic on Route One was as horrendous, if not more so that I remembered the last time I drove In Season to the boardwalk.  That time I was visiting friends from Washington D.C. on the Fourth of July Sunday.  What was I thinking?  

Yes, the traffic was as bad and worse than the last time I put my life and car into other driver's hands.    Yes, I had a few near misses.  First I thought I would stop at Staples to get a new stylus. With all the other bad news on today's trip, I lost my stylus for using with my iPhone and iPad.  I probably dropped it somewhere in the Oxford Cemetery today.  So I stop at Staples.  The door was locked! I checked my watch.  6:03 PM.  The sign on the door (the lights were still on in the store by the way) said "Sunday Closed 6:00 PM."  Folks, we have a problem right here in River City.  These stores open too late and close too early.  WTF?  I'm used to trying to avoid the high traffic but apparently that is impossible here in Washington D.C.'s Summertime Playland.  We are crowds all the time.  

On to Rehoboth.  I crawl in with my 2010 red Subaru Forester, ignoring an angry honk from a fellow motorist because I slowed down for a young man on a bicycle.  I slowed down only a few feet from where a fellow gay man was hit and killed by a motorist last year while riding his bicycle.  I ignore those ignorant motorists whose first recourse is to honk whenever they have to apply their brake peddle.

I get to my usual parking spot by the Henlopen Hotel.  I now have the opportunity to try my new Parkmobile app.
 And I am pleased to say it worked very well.  Earlier I was with Sassy Bear and his partner and saw how they used their parking app.  I was quite impressed.  I decided to emulate.  

Henlopen Hotel

I park my car, get my camera and proceed to the boardwalk.  IT.IS.PACKED.  Okay.  Now I know why I don't "walk the boards" during the usual hours.  When I do walk the boardwalk it is very early in the morning before these people are even up.  

I could only walk a few blocks before I had to get off of the boardwalk.  Screaming kids (we've been here before with the screaming kids), people walking backwards into me, posers (young guys especially), and the occasional piss elegant queens strolling the boards.  NOT.MY.CUP.OF.TEA.

Rehobth Avenue - Kiddie Heaven

I'm thinking I can take a few photos anyway.  A national marketing organization earlier this week asked my permission to use some of my Rehoboth Beach photos which did wonders for my ego.  No, I didn't have to pay anything, they were legit.  So I thought I would take some more photos.  Not a good evening to take photos though, too cloudy.

Hooters (is still there?)

Since I was in town I decided to walk around a bit anyway.  From the distance I could hear a "boom-boom" sound.  I followed the sound and lo and behold, I saw a lot of people dressed in white.  A White Party!  And I wasn't invited?  I took a short video which I will post in my next blog posting (different subject).  

As I was waiting to cross the street I heard a woman's voice holler "Ron! Ron!"  I looked and saw this pretty, thin blonde woman.  What in the world?  Do I know any pretty blonde women?  She's said to me "You don't recognize me out of context do you?"  I said "No."  I hated to say "Who are you?" but from the dumb assed look on my face I guess she could tell.  She said "I'm Annie from Old Time Photo!"  Ah yes!  My friend Annie.  She asked me "How was your day?"  As is my wont I answered truthfully and said "Not so good that's why I came into Rehoboth to feel better."  She said "That's too bad but being in Rehoboth on a night light tonight will make you feel better!"  Well, actually seeing her made me feel better but being in Rehoboth with all that craziness didn't.  I don't see how my friend The Cajun can stand working there in that mess.  My God.  But it was good seeing Annie.  The evening wasn't a total loss.  Somebody likes me.


I took some more pictures then went back to my car before my meter ran out.  I love the parking app because I could check on my iPhone exactly how much time I had left and could even extend the time (at 75 cents for ten minutes!) 

Lake Gerar

I get to my car, all the while texting a fellow blogger and crying on his shoulder about my sad day.  I pull out of my parking spot and thread my car through the traffic and spill over crowds on the streets.  GET ME OUT OF HERE!

On the way home I only had one more angry beep.  I turned into one of the outlet malls but found out it was the wrong one (I wanted Eddie Bauer) and tried to turn around.  BEEP!  Someone was turning in and had to brake so I got the BEEP!  GET ME OUT OF HERE.

I get back on Route One, stop for gas then get back into the lava flow which is Sunday night traffic out of Rehoboth.  I turn off of Route One to Oyster Rocks Road then an immediate left onto Whitehall Drive.  Our house is almost at the end of Whitehall Drive.  Oh how good it was to be home even though I knew Bill would be in his basement bedroom, door locked, seething with anger at me.  

I love living the development I live in.  It is exactly ten miles north of Rehoboth Beach, off of One.  Just far enough to get away from the craziness.  

I didn't go inside right away.  Instead I got my grass clippers and did some trimming in our beautiful back yard which is my oasis.  Bill hates living here on the flat coastal plain of Delaware but I love it.  Not the crowds of Rehoboth Beach but the open space and breezes of our acre green patch of a back yard.  The birds were settling down for the night.  I could hear the traffic headed north on Route One but I was safe in my Eden.  Nobody is going to give me an angry beep now because I wasn't moving fast enough.  

Every now and then I need a reminder like I got tonight when I visited the Summertime Swarm in Rehoboth just to appreciate what I have here.  Maybe our relationship isn't perfect but this home sure is just about as perfect for me as I could wish.  

Whitehall Drive this evening - peaceful and tranquil, just the way I like it


Bob said...

Even though you had to endure the crowds, the traffic, and the crazy, I imagine it did a world of good, especially when you got back home to the peace--such as it was--and quiet.

Ron said...

Yes it did Bob. You know me so well. :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the craziness is what it takes to calm down from what really ails you. Glad you had a SAFE trip, and got home with all pieces intact. Come trim my yard if you need some more "down time"! HAHAHAHA

Peace <3

Ron said...


You're so right, the craziness is what calms me down. I needed that yesterday.