Friday, October 01, 2010

Rainy Day on the Boardwalk

Walking the wet boards this morning

Just got back from a very wet walk on the boardwalk in Rehoboth.  

This weather doesn't bother me.  In fact, I like all kinds of weather.  Perhaps the only exceptions were this summer when the humidity was so high that I was soaked in my own sweat after only walking a few hundred feed.  Also, the extreme cold of winter, but that doesn't come until January and February.  All the other months and weather conditions are just fine with me.

I talked Bill into going with me this morning.  He didn't walk but he does me to take him for a ride.  He sat in my car at the end of the boardwalk and took a nap while I braved the wet wind whipping the boardwalk.  
Bill taking a snooze this morning while waiting for me

I usually take two laps up and down the boardwalk but this morning I was so wet after the first lap I decided to pull it in.  

I took Bill for a ride up to North Shores, at Cape Henlopen State Park.  Delaware is the only state in the union that doesn't have a national park but we have some wonderful state park, Cape Henlopen being one of them.

After viewing the wind and the waves at North Shores we headed home on Rt. 1.  Half way up One, my cell phone rang.  It was my brother John who is the executor of our Mom's estate  He had good news.  In fact he had WONDERFUL NEWS!  He is sending me a check in the mail today as an advanced distribution of my share of Mom's estate.  I will be able to pay off my mortgage!  

This is a very strange feeling.  It's a good feeling but a strange feeling.  I had a 30 year mortgage, that would be paid off when I'm 98 years old (I should live that long.)  My mortgage predicament was the result of me being caught in the housing crises in 2006.  I thought I would have to live with that result the rest of my life.  I feel like I've now been set free.

Free at last, free at last.  Thank God almighty I'm free at last.

Thank you Mom.  You're still doing for us.  


nitewrit said...


I missed my walk yesterday and this morning I had to take my son to work before leaving for my own. if you read my last post you know yesterday was not a good day for me. I did finally get a picture back on the TV about a half hour ago.

I'm hoping I can get a walk tomorrow. I was thinking of walking in a place I haven't before, but i'm not certain now since a bridge was washed out in that area and people have been cut off and trapped where they live.

I also often find original European versions better than U.S. remakes, too.


G said...

What do I see?? White shoes after labor day. Of course that doesn't apply to us beach dwellers. I did buy my first pair of brown tennis shoes a couple of weeks ago. Scetchers, on sale at Sears. Hugs, Mike and Glenn

Ron said...


My walk was in the wind and rain this morning. I'm so over this rain. I'm looking forward to a nice sunny day early morning on the boardwalk tomorrow before I go to work tomorrow night.

You're right about the European versions of movies usually being better than the American version. I get the feeling the Hollywood know-it-all producers think they have to dumb down the American version of those movies for the Low Information American. Hey, they probably do.

Ron said...


You are so funny. I always wear white sneaks. ALWAYS! I see those colored sneaks. They're not for me. I don't shave my chest hairs either. No slave to fashion I.

Ron said...

I've been accused of having "chicken legs." I actually think they're quite attractive. No bulging, unsightly calf muscles on these legs.

Mark said...

So I guess Bill is back to talking to you?

Ron said...


Yes, Bill and I are talking now. This is a cycle we go through. Been doing it for a long time now. Don't get concerned if we're not talking, we eventually do. We'll go through the cycle again though.