Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Glory be, the sun came up this morning!

I sit here typing my daily blog entry feeling the warmth of the early morning sun streaming  through my floor to ceiling windows here in my cozy home office.

The gray skies and misty rain arrived on our southern coastal shores a few weeks ago and did not want to leave.  I know the refrain "we needed the rain" but come on, we have had enough.  We need some sunshine now. 

I felt like I was starting to slip under yesterday.  I am one of those people who is very affected by SAD, which is Seasonal Affected Disorder.  I could never live in the great northwest or Alaska.  I wouldn't last a month.  I need plenty of light.  Lots of light.  

Visitors to my house almost always remark on the number of windows I have.  I tell them all the same thing, I need a lot of light.  When I had this house built I ordered every extra window possible.  Even the land I live on is out in the open.  For years I lived in the middle of the woods in Pennsylvania.  While beautiful, I felt like I was living at the bottom of a well with all those trees surrounding me.  

I had the same problem when I lived in Philadelphia.  We lived in a beautiful, efficient and conveniently located house in Center City Philadelphia.  I loved that house and location (I could walk to work and the bars) for sometime but after a while, I started to feel smothered again.  I had to get out.

It's the same with the weather.  Gray, cloudy skies and misty rain makes for beautiful lawns and gardens but those gloomy skies drag Ron down.  I'm a sunshine kind of guy.  

Note on the picture of posting:  you may ask what do cats have to do with this blog?  I found an old CD of digital pictures that I copied from one of my old computers.  I had some pictures of my friend Dick Thomas's cats.  He has (or had, I don't know now because I haven't been in touch with him for years) a number (as high as 30) feral cats that he used to feed at his "farm" in Honey Brook Township, in Pennsylvania.  I love cats.  Bill doesn't.  Thus, I can only enjoy the beauty of our feline friends from afar.  I think these cats are beautiful.  Someday I will rescue one (or two) from their wild life and give them a safe, secure and comfortable home.  


Ur-spo said...

Treating seasonal affective disorder is my "bread and butter" when I lived in Michigan. Living in Phoenix Arizona, I hardly see a case of it anymore, what with all our sunshine.

do you have a light box?

Ron said...


We generally get a lot of sunlight her in southern Delaware also. These past two weeks was unusual in the amount of cloudy weather and rain that visited our area.

In the winter with the shorter days there is less light but I can handle that. It's when a string of gray and dreary days that get me down.

No, I don't have a light box. I probably should get one. I wasn't sure if they would help me.