Saturday, October 23, 2010

On The Mend

Another day and another small step forward in improvement.  

My arm is still sore but not as sore as yesterday.  What it feels like is a mind blowing sprain.  

I know what I did now.  My friend Mike of Studio City, CA put it best.....I took a "Dick Van Dyke" fall.  Yep, that's what I did last Sunday when I tripped and fell at the entrance to the American Legion Post 28 building in Millsboro, DE.  

When I knew I was taking my "Dick Van Dyke" I put out my right arm to prevent me from crashing through the double glass doors at the entrance.  Quick thinking for sure but I paid the price for it this past week with the lack of use of my right arm.

I didn't realize how much I depended upon my right arm for every day activities.  I depend on it a lot.  I felt like my freedom was taken away, which it was.

Tonight, for the first time since I fell last Sunday I took my car out (with Bill as a passenger backup) to see if I could manage the steering wheel.  I could.  I still have problems with turning left.  My wrist still feels like someone twisted it around several times.  But at least I can manage to drive myself to work.  

I'm scheduled to go to work at the hotel this Wednesday.  By then I hope most of the pain of the sprain is gone.  If it isn't, I can still manage.  However, I still can't manage to drive into Rehoboth or take on any other traffic challenges.  No, I'm not ready for the Rt. 1 gladiator combat course.

I'll have to end now because the pain is coming back but the good news is that I'll soon be back to my normal speed.  I'll have lots of blog subjects to catch up on.   The world didn't pause just because I did a Dick Van Dyke.  

Oh the wrist is hurting now. 


G said...

I think that's why drunks never hurt themselves when they fall. They just tumble like a rag doll. From now on never leave the house unless you are totally drunk. Is that helpfull advice? HA

Ron said...


Actually, I have heard that's why drunk drivers rarely are injured in accidents, they are like a rag doll. Me, I was all braced up when I took my fall. I learned my lesson, the next time I fall like a sack of potatoes.

G said...

That's what Glenn said when he read what i had written. Soon we can just look back and laugh at this painful time.

Peter said...

...I still have problems with turning left... as long as you're not going round in circles.

Ron said...

Oh no Peter, I'm not going in circles. :) I have an appointment Tuesday with the orthopedic unit. My hand/arm is improving but there is still something wrong. After I type a bit I get shooting pains. Something is still amiss.

Ron said...

I'm looking forward to that day Mike when I can laugh about this pain. Right now I'm hurting big time again because I've been typing for a while. I'll go to bed early tonight to give my hand and arm a rest. I have to get up early for a trip to the VA Medical Center in Wilmington. Tuesday I go to the doctor at the orthopedic unit. My hand/arm is getting better but there is still something wrong that is causing these shooting pains after I type just a little bit. I've never experienced this before. This is really affecting my style. I don't like it.

Sam said...

If you're doing a Dick Van Dyke, then I assume Bill is working the Capri pants.

Ur-spo said...

no Mr. Van Dyke falls any more for you for they are bad on the complexion.

Ron said...


Now you've planted that picture in my mind. No Capri pants for either one of us, we're that rare gay couple.....we're both butch. Levis and lumberjack boots.

Ron said...


Thank goodness I didn't fall on my face. My Mom did that once and we had to take her to the emergency room. I was afraid the folks in the emergency room would think that was a case of elder abuse. It looked like we beat her up. Oh no, my face in my fortune. Sort of anyway. :)