Friday, October 22, 2010

Lost Week

Winged Ron

This was a lost week.  I learned something though.  I have a new appreciation for anyone who is disabled.

All this week I've been in pain, dragging around my right arm that I injured in a fall last Sunday.  

Today I finally wised up and got a sling for my arm.  The sling took a lot of pressure off of my arm and thus lessened the pain.

It took me almost a week to realize this.  I noticed that when I went to bed or just laid on my bed and put my right arm at rest, the pain went away.  But during the day, when my right arm was hanging all day, the pain returned.  So viola!  Get a sling Ron. 

That's just what I did this morning when Bill (I still can't drive) took me to Food Lion for some backed up grocery shopping.  I stopped at Happy Harry's and asked where the arm slings where.  The saleslady told me "aisle 13."  I checked aisle 13 and sure enough, there was an arm sling.  One left.  $14.95.  I bought it.

I got back to Bill's Jeep and put it on.  I experienced immediate relief.  

However, I have to stop typing now.  The pain is returning.  

I'm getting better folks.  I really am.  I can't wait until I'm back to normal.


Ur-spo said...

I hope that is soon!

Peter said...

Take your time Ron, the more you have to tell us in the end.

Kim Ayres said...

Glad you're on the mend :)

the cajun said...

A little slow on the uptake, but glad you're getting relief now. The sling will also aid in the healing process stabilizing the flow of blood through the arm.

Take care.

Ron said...

Thank you Spo.! Me too.

Ron said...


Oh yes, I have a lot to say. It's all backed up now. I will share, I promise. Lots going on in Ron's World.

G said...

I can't believe your flowers are so beautiful. I feel a bit of envy.

Ron said...

Thanks Mike. We're in a good spot, lots of sun.

Ron said...

Thank you Kim. I feared that I had a hairline fracture but now it seems that I just had a very bad sprain. It's a week now and it still hurts but it is getting better. I've never broken any bones in my life and this is the worst sprain I've ever had. I consider myself very lucky it wasn't worse.