Monday, October 18, 2010


Yesterday, about a minute after this picture was taken of the entrance to the American Legion Post 28 in Millsboro, DE I tripped and fell.   I injured my right arm.

I won't be posting my blog until my right arm heals. It is very painful even as I type this short entry.

The irony is that I trip on the ledge at the entrance to the American Legion Post where are the old people are.  One would think they wouldn't have a ledge at the entrance.  One would be wrong.


Peter said...

Hope you heal soon Ron. Let your hubby take care of you.

Mark said...

Ron, I hope that you arm heals quickly. Maybe you can learn to type with a pencil in your mouth? It's a suggestion if all else fails.
Yes, I agree that it is quite odd that there would be a ledge at the entrance. Are they trying to kill off their customers?
Take care.
Your Friend, m.
p.s., that's not your car in the handicap spot, is it?

nitewrit said...


Oh, man. I hope you had the arm looked at. Hopefully you will have a quick recovery. if not you better learn to key with your left hand and toes cause I don't want to go long without see a post by you.

Get better quickly.


G said...

When Glenn's dad was in the hospital I triped over a concrete bench while walking towards the entrance to the hospital. I totally wrecked myself. It was already a difficult timee for us. I pulled myself together and was lucky I didn't break any "old bones". Glenn said, "well if you have to hurt yourself you came to the right place". I hope yu will feel better quickly. HUGS, Mike and Glenn

Anonymous said...

I'll miss your writing while you rest that arm. I'm sure if you're going a little stir crazy you could pump something out with one hand. It would give your brain a work out to do all that hunting and pecking!!!

Julie A

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

Sorry to hear about your arm. Don't take any chances as it could have a fracture. Hope you feel better real soon!


Ur-spo said...

That is upsetting bad luck that
get will soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

I'm sorry you fell & hurt your arm. I hope it is feeling much better. If not, it could be a small fracture.

Take care!!