Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Trip to Philadelphia 2016

Hey folks, more video compilations!  I finally figured out  to put these memory video and photo compilations together.  I am so relieved to now be able to put some of my 91,000 plus photos and videos together for access long after I'm gone.  I know I kid about it all the time, but I actually don't have that many days left here on earth.  One thing that has bothered me was that all my videos and photos will be lost once I'm gone. Now I don't feel that way.

Now, this video compilation is from my annual spring trip to Philadelphia. I don't remember exactly what happened that Pat wasn't with me on the trip up, after all it was two years ago.  Last year and this year Pat takes a bus from Canada to Philly then rents a car and drives down here where I live in southern Delaware. He spends a few days here then we drive up to Philly for a week's stay at a suite I rent at my friend Don McKenzie's co-op in Philly.  At the end of the week Pat leaves by bus back to his home in Hamilton, Ontario.  My neighbor Bill B. picks me up in Philly and drives me back to home here in Sussex County, Delaware.

On this video I drove up Rt. 896 to one of our favorite restaurants in Kelton, PA called "Daddy's Kitchen".  They make the best wraps. 

Then I visited Downingtown, my hometown. I visited the cemetery where my parents are buried. Also friends who have passed. 

Then I took a train from Downingtown to center city Philly where I met a former co-worker Tom J.

We had lunch at one of me and Pat's favorite restaurant, the Marathon Grill.  I kept in touch with Pat via FaceTime. Pat came down a few days later. That visit will be in another video.

My friend Larry M. picked me up at Don's.  

Nothing earth shattering about this blog post folks other than an excuse to post another one of these video compilations, which I LOVE doing.  


Raybeard said...

More high quality entertainment.
Since I became vegan, coupla months ago, I salivate even more at the meals you show. I don't know how popular vegan restaurants are in U.S.A. (or, indeed, Canada) generally but I'm not aware of any at all in this region - though if there are any I wouldn't go to one alone anyway.
Incidentally, over here in the last ten years veganism has skyrocketed in numbers - quintupled, in fact. It's not clear what has caused it - or whether it's a localised phenomenon or becoming more prevalent throughout the world. But it gives me comfort.

"Tommy" said...

Its really nice to watch the videos you produce and place on the web.... always interesting to see other areas of the country

nitewrit said...


If anyone wonders if there is any significance to the last shot in your video, me in front of a White House/Black Market, it is simply that my last job was working in a WhiteHouse/Black Market.


Ron said...

Duly noted!

Ron said...

I like them! I would like to find some other bloggers who do the same thing. Haven't found any so far.

Ron said...

Vegan options have skyrocketed here too. Doesn't seem that long ago the only vegan option one had at a restaurant was iceberg lettuce with cucumbers and tomatoes and if the restaurant was really adventurous a few carrot sticks. Now, places like Hip Veg City in Philly, the vegan options taste better than the real thing. Just ask Pat about the "Philly cheesesteak" . I get a grilled "chicken" wrap that taste better than chicken. Doesn't have that gamey flavor that sometimes chicken dishes have.