Monday, June 25, 2018

On This Day June 23, 2014

Well folks, did I go to Rehoboth Beach yesterday? 

No I didn't. I took one look (or maybe two) at the traffic streaming down Route One to Rehoboth Beach and decided to forego that headache.  

I might go this week. Weekends are out, at least during the summer season. I've sat in that traffic to know it's no fun to stop and start down Route One just to find no parking available in Rehoboth.

During my walk this morning I stopped and talked to my neighbor Howard.  He said the best time to go to the boardwalk is early in the morning, real early.  Years ago, when I first got my Subaru, I used to go early, around 6 am and leave before the morning weekday rush of traffic at 8 am. I also didn't have to pay for parking. These days, I usually don't get up until around 7 or 7:30 am.  However this morning I did get up at 6 am. Maybe later this week I'll venture down that way. I need some new photos and videos for my "productions" that I've been featuring lately on my blog. I'm loving these Memories that my iPhone produces, with a little editing by me. Takes the laborious work out of producing them on my iMac by iMovie. Plus I save a lot of space on my computer by storing my productions in my account at You Tube. 

Today is a beautiful day, unlike the past several days when the humidity was overbearing. I just can't work outside in that heat and humidity. Last week I almost passed out after only doing about a half an hour of pulling weeds. I still have a big pile of mulch to lay. I enjoy working outside but not in the heat and humidity we had last week. 

I'm off now to Milton and the veggie stand. Have to get some of those Georgia peaches for my morning cereal.

Have a great day!

Note: featured in todays video is Pat (of course at his previous home in Toronto, Canada). Our home with our wonderful back yard oasis.  And lastly Rehoboth Beach and Semara, the hostess and owner (and a belly dancer) at a fabulous Middle Eastern restaurant in Rehoboth Beach called (of all things) "Semara's Mediterranean Grill.

This was the last time I was at her restaurant. Have to go back.  I LOVE falafels!


Mike said...

You knew a place that makes falafels? And didn't tell me? Let's go,there for lunch sometime, say in September or October?

Ron said...

You like falafels? Great!!! Actually there are three places that make falafels. We'll go there fore lunch and won't have to wait until September. I'll call to arrange.

Ur-spo said...

just peaches? no vegetables?

Ron said...

Their fresh vegetables aren't in yet. They have veggies but imported from the South. I prefer their fresh veggies that they grow right behind their stand. Those veggies should be available in about two weeks. Tomatoes and corn! Love it!