Friday, June 08, 2018

Larry Over the Years

More videos folks!  I probably should call this my "Vlog" since I post so many videos.

This is a video compilation of some of the thousands of photos and videos of have of one of my best friends, Larry Eugene Meredith of Claymont, Delaware.

I've known Larry since third grade (1950) until the present. 

Larry is one of my few longtime friends that is still alive.  So many have died the past ten years. I am so thankful that I still have a few longtime friends with me and I am especially thankful that I have made new friends. 

There will come the day when I will be history. This fact has especially come to the fore of my brain these days with the recent suicides of two well known personalities, who seem to have everything going in their lives. 

Like many of you, I too at times have considered ending it all, especially these days when our country is led by a person who is the banality of evil and is aided and abetted by the venal cowards in Congress. But you know folks, I wouldn't give them that victory so I stay to fight the good fight.

I realize I'm getting very dark here so I will return to my normal sunny, optimistic nature and continue to post videos of my friends and my life.

Enjoy and hang in there!


Jon said...

I enjoyed the video, Ron - and I'm greatful that Larry is one of the delightful and discerning people who visits my blog.

Our oldest friends are always the best and among the most treasured. They share the memories and the essence of our distant past - which often seems to fade as we get older. They are tangible evidence of what we once were...and they maintain the fabric of what we are today.

By the way, Ron, a personal note - I've already read three of the books and started another one last night (all are thoroughly enjoyable).

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - I liked that video - lots of different aspects of Larry thru photos. Glad I got in one of the photos and wasn't frowning LOL.

Harry Hamid said...

I liked the clip. My iphone will put together little montages of pictures with music, completely on its own, and they're usually pretty good.

I've lost a couple people this year and it's not the brightest of years. I think about the fact that things could get a lot darker, and then I try and throw myself into the things I'm interested in. I think it's important to have things you love doing.

I'm saying "you" generically here. You specifically seem to have a lot of people and to love spending time with them, and that's something that would keep anybody going.

Ron said...

Larry is my longest and oldest friend. I can share anything with him. He understands me and I understand him. That's what is great about longtime old friends.
I am so glad you're enjoying the books. I have more. I don't keep any new books now. I do keep my old books which I've had for years but the new ones, I read and then they're gone. I'm glad they have found a good home.

Ron said...

I love these videos! Nice way to share memories.

Ron said...

Having a lot of people and love spending time with them is what life is about in addition to doing what gives you pleasure and others. I am so fortunate to be able to do all these things at this time of my life.