Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Finally, time for relaxing.

The past month has been busy.  My annual birthday trip to Philly. The shock of the election results. The hours and hours getting all of our ducks in line for Bill's cataract surgery.  

Each day it seems all my waking hours are chore filled.  Yesterday I decided to treat myself.  

I went down to the Bose outlet store in Rehoboth beach and brought one of those cool WiFi speakers.  This was a combined birthday/Christmas gift from me to me.  Oh I do treat myself well these days.  No more putting things off until "later."  "Later" is here now.  

So I had a little fun this morning. The video above is one I took of Bill listening to the polka radio station I created for him.  Bill loves polka.  I do too.

The video that follows is one that I posted to Facebook this morning.  I never did learn how to polka dance.  But I had fun anyway. I may have turned 75 years old a few weeks ago but I'm still young a heart.  I will never act as an old man.  Except of course when I first get out of bed in the morning, getting my arthritic body moving.  But once I get started, watch 



Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. Glad to see you still have spring in your step after your recent fall! Not trying to criticize, but you might want to update the "Ron" portion (box below the flying American flag) with your new age. Happy Thanksgiving! ~~ NB

Raybeard said...

Was that dancing......or creative walking? :-)

Jimmy said...

Bravo! What fun. Good to see you up and bouncing around.

Ron said...

Did I say I was dancing? I wish I could do the polka. I never got the hang of it. Thus, my "creative walking." Hey, gives me enjoyment and that's what counts in the end.

Ron said...

I am so glad I can walk and bounce around. Especially after my latest fall. That could have been serious. I was lucky.

Ron said...

Thanks NB. I'll update my profile now.

nitewrit said...


Great seeing you cavorting about and I hope this continues to the end, that you never act like an old man. That was my pledge as well, as you know, but it doesn't seem I got a choice in the matter. I hate this looking like some old geezer when I walk, but I'll be darned if I'm going to let it make me think like an old man. So, polka on...when you buying an accordion?


Ron said...

I dance and will dance always no matter what I look like. I enjoy dancing. Now playing an accordion, that's another whole matter. Don't think I'll take that up.

pat888 said...

Ron - love that video. That shows just how much fun you are!!