Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Gift For Bill

A few days ago I bought a wireless Bose speaker for my Wave radio.  Oh how I love that speaker.  Now some of my favorite music fills the air at Casa Tipton-Kelly. 

I liked my new Bose wireless speaker so much I decided to get another.  This one for Bill for his workshop downstairs in the basement.  Bill loves polka music.  He has been playing some of his favorite polka melodies on an old cassette tape player.  Tiny sound and all that. Now he's living, real Bose sound!  Of course I had to talk him into accepting my gift.  Bill never asks anything for himself other than my presence. While that's flattering (and probably sounds like I am very full of myself which I probably am) I thought he should enjoy his favorite music as much as I do.  So we got him set up.  

Happy times here folks.  Musical happy times!

You know sometimes I take things for granted.  Today I was reminded of how fortunate we are to live in a nice home and just go out and buy something like this Bose speaker.

We drove to Rehoboth Beach first for a walk on the boardwalk.  As I parked the car I noticed the car next to us was packed.  And I mean packed. So I got out and took a video.  As I rounded the car I saw a cat sitting on top of some of the stuff packed in the car.  Then I saw a woman behind the wheel.  Oh my God, this person obviously was homeless and living in her car.  Wow.  Sometimes I need these reminders of just how fortunate Bill and I are.  I could never imagine something like that happening to me but you just never know. 


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