Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving - The Day After

Here we are at yet another Black Friday. 

My Thanksgiving Day was quiet, thank you.  I spent it at the hotel where I work part-time at the front desk.  

Don't feel sorry for me (Argentina) because I didn't spend my Thanksgiving Day in the traditional manner, surrounded by family at a table laden with all manner of traditional Thanksgiving food.  Although I have to admit I did miss the green bean casserole. 

For almost twenty years now, since I've been working part-time (and a few years full-time) as a hotel front desk clerk (after retiring from my 37 year career in bank trust operations), I have worked Thanksgiving Day at my hotel job, wherever that may be.  From where I first worked at the Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania and now at a cool, little boutique (and expensive) hotel in Lewes Delaware. I get to meet lovely couples like this group of folks who return to the hotel every year where I work now.

Thanksgiving hotel guests yesterday 

They are happy to see me and I am happy to see them.  

Now you know my little secret folks, I had a very happy Thanksgiving because I brought smiles to some of my favorite folks faces and then brought a big smile to mine. 

I may not have sat at a Normal Rockwell Thanksgiving dinner table but I had a wonderful Thanksgiving in my own way.  

I hope you did too.


Oliver said...

Our tradition is tomato soup and grilled cheese (different cheeses every year) and we change it up with a simple dessert or a funky dip with crackers/chips. It is simple and tasty. We started it as It was only 2 or 3 of us and way too much work to make the mammoth feast and then pick at leftovers for a week. There is always wine and football and just a low stress day which you cannot have with extended family and snotty little children running around screaming.

Jon said...

Ron, I have long given up on Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings. Simplicity and smiles are what it's all about. Take care.

BTW - - I'm still doing a LOT of reading!

Ron said...

"Snotty little children running around screaming" . . . . . I had forgotten about that aspect of the family Thanksgiving dinner get together. Thank God I don't have to go through THAT.

Ron said...

And I used to believe in those Normal Rockwell Thanksgivings. They don't exist. All families are dysfunctional. I'm thankful all year for what I have.
Glad to hear you're still doing a lot of reading. Same here!

Linda said...

Ron. Too much pressure to try and recreate childhood memories of the Holidays. I gave up doing that awhile ago. I am glad you have such good friends and neighbors. Plus a job you like. In another blog you mentioned you are ugly. Far from it, you are a good looking man. You and Bill are very lucky.

Take care, I am looking forward to your next blog.

Ron said...

Thank you so much for your kind and very generous compliments. All accepted!