Sunday, November 06, 2016

Random Thoughts Two Days Before the Election

Philadelphia skyline - photo taken by me from 21st and Chestnut Street, where I will be staying next week

Only two more days until the election, can't end soon enough. 

The race is tightening up.  Every now and then I get sick to my stomach just contemplating the outside chance that Donald Trump and his evil minions of hate will take over the most powerful office in the world.

Can anyone really imagine Trump, Giuliani, Christie, and Steven Banion in charge of this nation?  Pence, the ultimate homophobe busily at work reversing all the gains made by gay Americans.  Remember, Indiana Governor Pence actually signed a bill jailing same sex couples who had the temerity to apply for a marriage license.  Yes, that same Governor Pence who seems so polished on the trail when compared to that vulgar barbarian Donald Trump.

Me and Pat roaming around my old neighborhood last year - now a chi chi neighborhood - very expensive!

Hillary Clinton, president Obama and vice president Biden will all be in Philadelphia election Eve.  I'll be getting ready to make my annual birthday trip to Philly to meet my friend Pat, who is taking an overnight bus down from Toronto, Canada.  Philadelphia will be the center of the universe, for a while at least, both for this country and the world and for me.  

My neighbor Bill B. is chauffeuring me up to Philly on Wednesday, my birthday. Bill is also a sane person, he supports Hillary.  I hope we have a LOT of good news to talk about during our two and a half hour ride to Philly. He's picking me up at 9 AM in the morning, November 9th.  Oh by the way, I will be 75 years old on that day.  

Me with my longtime friend (and former co-worker) who will be our host next week

Can you believe it?  Seventy-five years old?!  That is old.  I've discussed situation before with my long time friend (since 3rd grade in elementary school) Larry.  I remember when his grandfather died at 57 years of age.  We thought that was old.  My paternal grandfather, who died two years before I was born, was 59 years old.
My paternal grandfather, Fieldon Tipton 1937 (two years before he died of a heart attack)

Look at me, seventy-five years old!  You know something folks?  I don't feel like an OLD MAN.  In my mind I'm still that immature 27 year old who used to haunt the gay bars on the weekends looking for that perfect man.  

I remember thinking at that time that once I reached thirty years of age my life (as a desirable gay man) would be over.  Time was running out.

Well guess what folks?  Time hasn't run out. At seventy-five years of age I am literally have the BEST time of my life.  That is as long as Donald Trump and his deplorable masses do not take over this country.  Now pray with me that this orange faced monster doesn't get elected president.


Elle Clancy said...

Early birthday wishes, Ron! (In case I miss you next week.) I was going to vote early, but it is always tradition for me to go on election day so I will wait. The whole thing is a nightmare. And if Ohio goes Trump, I will be so utterly disappointed. And ashamed.

Jono said...

To use his own words, the election of Orange Cosby "would be a total disaster."

Jon said...

Hey, Ron - Happy Birthday!!!! It sounds like your birthday excursion to Philly will be fantastic - - it will be a very special day.
What you said in this post is exactly true - - no matter how old we get, we are still the same person that we always were. The youthful feelings remain forever in our hearts.

BTW - my Mom was a Scorpio, too......they are very special people.

Ron said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Elle! I always like to vote on election day. I'll be in line early tomorrow morning. I do hope Ohio goes for Hillary and Trump loses Ohio as well as all the other battleground states.

Ron said...

I cannot even imagine Trump being elected president. I thought Bush was bad but Trump? Total disaster.

Ron said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Three years ago I began celebrating my birthday in Philly. I love it! I get to see all my old friends and new friend (Pat) and relive old memories in a city where I lived for so many years and worked. It's all good.
Didn't know your Mom was a Scorpio. You understand Scorpios then (smile). Yes, we are special (smile again). One thing is true about Scorpios, we NEVER forget.