Saturday, November 05, 2016

"Hold Up!" Trump Supporter Interrupts President Obama

Yesterday at a political rally for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, President Obama chastised a crowd for booing a Trump protestor.  

First look at this video made by the Trump protestor and then look at the video of President Obama chastising the crowd for booing the Trump protestor.  

I agree with President Obama, we all have the right to free speech including this Trump protestor who, by the way reminds me of the distant cousin who threatened me with bodily harm if I visited his parents again while researching my family tree.  

My cousin (woman in back) and her husband and son before they knew I "practiced the gay lifestyle".  The son is the one who threatened me if I ever "put a foot on their property again."

The night before I was to visit his mother (my 2nd cousin - her grandmother and my grandfather were brother and sister) and her husband (who called president Obama a "quare"), he asked me over the phone is I practiced the "gay lifestyle".  When I replied "If you mean am I gay?"  He said "Now get this bud, you put one foot on their property and you'll have me to deal with! You got that bud!"  Of course I took his advice and didn't visit his parents the next day as I had planned with my cousin Bob and his wife, who had traveled all the way from Marietta Georgia to meet his second cousin. 

My cousin Bob with his wife Marie the night before of the planned visit to my cousin.  I called from this restaurant just to confirm our visit the next morning and this is when I was warned not to "set foot" on my cousin's property by their son because I "practiced the gay lifestye."  You know folks, all my life I've been at the receiving end of this homophobia hate and one would think I would get used to it, but it still hurts when you hear it come out of nowhere.  Just looking at this video of the Trump protestor at the Hillary Clinton rally where President Obama was speaking brought all the evil back to fore. I will never deny who I am but I am not stupid either.  I didn't visit my cousin the next day.  Instead we took a ride through that beautiful western North Carolina mountain country.  Ironic that so much hate resides in such a beautiful part of the country.
Me, the next day in that beautiful western North Carolina mountains where my father was born and where my paternal family heritage is and also where so much hate still resides.  The irony.

If you want to know why I didn't visit, check out the hateful venom in this man's free speech.

Now look at this video at how Obama handled this protestor exercising his right of free speech.

The Face of Hate

 He told the crowd to "Hold up!" and stay focused.  Don't waste time booing this man exercising his right of free speech but instead get out and vote (for Hillary Clinton).  While you may not like Hillary Clinton, there isn't much choice.  Do you want to vote for a person (Trump) who has this kind of support?  A person who spews vile and hate and lies and intimidation every time he speaks. A person, who when confronted with a protestor exercising his right of free speech says "I would like to punch him right in the face!"  

I like the way President Obama handled this situation.  This is the way a true leader (of all the people) handles a situation like this.  Deescalate the venom and focus on making a positive change by voting for the candidate who represents the best of America.

Make sure you vote!


Geo. said...

Hadn't seen "Trump Supporter Interrupts" clip before. Can't imagine what could impel someone to get THAT psychotic. Wouldn't be surprised if he has some acting training in his background and recent deposit in his bank account.

Ron said...

I think you're on to something there George.

Jimmy said...

I hadn't seen either of these clips before. Very impressive at both ends of the spectrum. Wow! Your story is very familiar to me.

Ron said...

I've seen a lot of changes of attitude towards gay people in my life. Unfortunately there is still a large swath of homophobia just beneath the surface. Never get too comfortable. The hate is still there, simmering.