Monday, September 12, 2016

Wallpaper Photos For My Blog

I took my wallpaper pictures of the clouds from the window to the immediate right of the door out of the plane

Have you noticed my new background blog wallpaper?  I know you've noticed that I change my header photo often, sometimes daily. 

All of my header photos are taken by me.  I could use other photos but I like to make my blog personal.  But one frustration I've always had is the background wallpaper.  I've always wanted to make it personal but I could never find the right photo.  The photos that I take, while good (in my opinion) were either too distracting or not the right size.  I wanted a background wallpaper photo that covered the whole background without repeating.  

For the past eleven years since I started this blog, I've been experimenting with different photos I've taken as wallpaper background.  Nothing worked. Finally, I found a photo that worked.  Like all such discoveries I don't know what I did, only that it worked!  

The wallpaper photo of clouds on this blog is a photo I took out of the window of my recent flight to Buffalo, New York.  I had a window seat, which I paid a little extra money to secure.  I made a good investment.

While looking out the window I was fascinated by the clouds and the shadows on the earth below those clouds. I pulled out my ever ready iPhone and took some pictures. From my peripheral vision I could see the the seated flight attendant ever so slightly roll her eyes. A slight smile creased her lips.  Oh yes, I was the classic goofy tourist.  I don't care.  Really, I DON'T care what anyone thinks of me anymore.  Well, actually I do care but I don't care that what anyone thinks of me when I whip out my iPhone to take photos and videos. 

So I'm here to tell you folks that I have now have an extra dimension to my blog, personal wallpaper photos! Now to improve my content.  By the way, still no ads on my blog except for those annoying "SKIP THIS AD IN 4 SECONDS" when I post my videos that I've uploaded to YouTube.  For that I apologize but I don't have a choice. If I upload my videos to Google, the quality isn't good.

Always working to improve folks. Thanks to all of you who have been with me on my blog journey. 


Bea said...

The clouds are a lovely addition to your page.

Jon said...

I like the background cloud photo that you chose for your blog (and that blue sky is neat!). Much like you, I most often like to use photos that I took for my blog. Unfortunately, lately I've just been using bland solid colors for my background.
I also really like the huge photos that you always use on your header.

Ron said...

Thanks! I've been looking a long time for jus the right wallpaper for my blog. The "Clouds" is perfect not only because of the photography but because it is personal, I took that photo out of an airplane. It's not a generic wallpaper that somebody else created. I love the colors!

Ron said...

Thanks Jon! I won't be changing that background wallpaper for a while now that I have found one that pleases me. I love posting the huge photos on my header, something I stumbled into that I found I liked. I was a bit concerned that it would bore others but apparently not, thank goodness.

Ur-spo said...

A lovely Journey it is.