Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Home From Canadian Holiday!

Me on way to board propeller plane back to Philadelphia

I'm back home folks!

I see my last post was my last day in Hamilton, Ontario.  Oh so much has happened since then.  

Pat and I returned to his home in Toronto.  We attended the Canadian National Exhibition, also known as "The CNE."  

The crowds, lights, sounds, rides, games of chance, food, smells, and (did I say?) CROWDS!  

Then "home" and visits to our favorite restaurants like Aroma, Udupi Palace (Indian), the Big Carrot.   This is my third trip to Toronto to visit Pat and we always have to visit these restaurants.  My trip to Toronto wouldn't be complete without these visits.  Pat did try to take me to a few new restaurants but that didn't work out.  One restaurant that he was especially anxious for me to visit was the Swiss Chalet.  That didn't work out because as soon as I discovered a two month old "baby in a basket" that was at the table across from us, I got up and left.  I told the hostess "I don't eat at restaurants with babies in a basket."  I prefer a dining without the smell of baby poop and ear piercing screams of a baby that doesn't want to be in a restaurant.  I also don't dine at restaurant where the Mother breast feeds her baby at her table which is what happened two years ago when Pat and I were dining at the Cafe Azafran restaurant in Rehoboth Beach.  Please excuse my rant but I just don't understand why parents bring their babies to restaurants.  Can't they afford a baby sitter or do they think their "miracle from God" is so precious that they want to share their baby with other patrons in a restaurant. Again, my apology for my rant.  Back to my trip.

Yesterday Pat drove me to Buffalo to catch my prop plane back to Philly.  Prop plane?  I felt like I was in the final scene from "Casablanca."  What's with the prop planes?  However I was told by one of my fellow passengers that American Airlines is phasing out the prop planes and replacing the with jets.  About time I would say.

My fellow passengers boarding the propeller plane at the Buffalo airport yesterday morning

The weather was perfect at the Buffalo airport. In fact, all week the weather was ideal.  Wow!  I sure did luck out.  By the way, the Buffalo airport is probably the best airport I've ever been in.  Clean, efficient and plenty of outlets for charging my digital devices (iPhone and Macbook Air).  Unlike LAX, which (and I can't believe this) has almost NO outlets for charging smart phones or other digital devices.  

Me waiting ann charging my iPhone at the Buffalo airport. 

I paid a little extra to get a good seat on the prop plane back to Philly.  Check out these cool videos that I took of my view right next to that propeller. Of course the thought crossed my mind what if I saw one of those propellers drop off?  This thought was especially on my mind because, while waiting to board my plane, I was talking to another airline passenger who told me that the front wheel fell off his plane departing from Chicago!  You just never know folks when your time is up.  Thankfully my fellow passengers and I arrived home safely yesterday in Philadelphia.

My ride was waiting for me at the baggage pickup point.  Our two hour ride back to southern Delaware was on traffic free roads, unlike last year when I made the mistake of returning on Labor Day.  Never again will I make that mistake.

Bill was waiting for me when my ride drove into my driveway.  I was home.  Oh, and the heat and humidity was back.  Now I know I'm really home.

Always good to get away folks but always good to get home again.  

Many, many thanks to my host in Canada, my good friend of three years Pat.  

Thank you Pat for being so patient with me and treating me to one of the best holidays I've ever had.  Your reward is waiting in Heaven.


pat888 said...

Ron - cool video you took of liftoff. Yep - we had great!!! weather during your stay in both cities - Hamilton and Toronto. Also, folks, Ron failed to mention he beat me in 3 of 4 board games of scrabble while at my house. See what a good host I was LOL.

Jon said...

Welcome home, Ron - I'm glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip. That week went quickly and you sure packed a lot of adventures into it.
I did a double take when I saw the photo at Buffalo Airport. I have two wooden rocking chairs that look nearly identical to those in the photo.

I enjoyed the videos of the plane but those propellers scare the hell out of me. Casablanca, indeed!
I've been doing a LOT of reading lately (smile) - - much more about that later....

I wrote an earlier comment for this post but my cat Bosco SAT on the computer keyboard and messed everything up!

Raybeard said...

I think a lot of this 'babies in restaurants' business fulfils a need, perhaps subconscious, of the mother showing off her offspring - "I'm so proud of my little darling so please show a bit of patience when it bawls out your eardrums!". They seem to think that it's only a little inconvenience that we can surely put up with - WRONG!

Welcome home, Ron - though I know you'd have liked to have extended your stay.

Btw: Nice(?) sound of plane engine in your little video - but what on earth were you saying?

Jimmy said...

Welcome home! I hope everything was fine upon your return.

Travel said...

Welcome home!

Ron said...

You were the perfect host❗️👍🇨🇦🇨🇦😜😜

Ur-spo said...

I too am glad you had a nice holiday and made it home safe and sound.

Ron said...

I had a wonderful vacation! Couldn't have been better. The weather was perfect. Always something interesting to do every day and of course, Pat was the perfect host. Plus, I had the advantage of my American dollar against the Canadian dollar which was a bargain. What I like about these trips is not only do I enjoy them while I'm in the moment but the memories that I have for a lifetime now. And I have my photos and videos which I will enjoy this trip over and over again. I take advantage of these moments because one never knows when your health goes. I could be going through what Larry is going through now. These days I live for today.

Ron said...

You're right, I would have liked to have extended my stay. In two month's time Pat and I will reunite again, this time in Philadelphia the day after the election day, which is my birthday. Every year we celebrate my birthday by spending a week in my former hometown of Philadelphia. I hope this year we celebrate the election of the first woman president of the United States and put this Trump Thing away forever.

Ron said...

Thanks Jimmy! Unfortunately, I had a surprise from my dentist when I got home. I have to have a tooth infection which will necessitate the removal of my bridge and a replacement. Total cost over $3,000. Always something. I don't even feel like writing a blog posting about it.

Ron said...

Thanks David! The trip went well both going up and coming back through TSA. They were very nice to me this time. No full body check but they did open my suitcase and inspect its contents.

Ron said...

Thanks Dr. Spo. When out of the country I'm always concerned I will have a medical emergency but Pat is prepared to make a race for the border to Buffalo to put me in a emergency room. I was very careful during my stay in Canada and didn't fall once. And of course I had a very nice vacation thanks to Pat, who you know was a perfect host.

Raybeard said...

I'm getting increasingly nervous about the Trump, Ron. We are getting regular reports on our news bulletins about how polls show that he's not only closing the gap on H.C., but in an increasing number of areas he's overtaken her. I only hope that this is an erroneous, maybe purely British, slant. But I could soon be starting to sweat.

Ron said...

I'm getting nervous too when I see some of the polls closing the gap between Trump and Clinton. I am incredulous that so many of Trump's supporters don't see the danger in electing a person who is so incredibly unqualified to be president of the United States. The Republicans keep up the drumbeat that Hillary is not to be trusted because she lies. And Trump is to be trusted and doesn't lie? The Republicans who support Trump have sold their soul to the devil just to appease their unbridled hatred of Hillary.