Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Canadian National Exhibition - 2016

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), also known as The Ex, is an annual event that takes place at Exhibition Place in TorontoOntarioCanada, during the 18 days leading up to and including Canadian Labour Day Monday. With approximately 1.5 million visitors each year, the CNE is Canada’s largest annual fair and the fifth largest in North America.[2] The first Canadian National Exhibition took place in 1879, largely to promote agriculture and technology in Canada. Agriculturists, engineers, and scientists exhibited their discoveries and inventions at the CNE to showcase the work and talent of the nation. As Canada has grown as a nation, the CNE has also changed over time, reflecting the growth in diversity and innovation, though agriculture and technology remain a large part of the CNE today. To many people in the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding communities, the CNE is an annual family tradition.

The following description of the Canadian National Exhibition I lifted from Wikipedia this morning. 

This year for the third year I visited the CNE with my Canadian pal, Pat F. 

I LOVE carnivals! I attended my first carnival in my hometown of Downingtown, Pennsylvania when I was about nine years old.  Oh sure, I know carnivals are corny and not high brow, but I have always loved them.  Must be my white trash background.  You'll never see me at a Shakespeare Festival but you will see me at carnivals like the CNE! 
Shakespeare - too highbrow for this half a hillbilly white trash blogger

The above video is one I strung together from several short videos that I recorded from my iPhone during our visit a few weeks ago.  Be forewarned, this is the first of several videos that I will post to this blog.  

I hope  you enjoy the experience as much as Pat and I did!

Me and Pat waiting in line at CNE

To be continued:


pat888 said...

Ron - Help, I need some coaching. Acting skills are pretty miserable here. But I must excuse myself partially that I was dealing with sciatic nerve problems which over our holiday kept me on the low energy side. I'll try to do better next year. I'm afraid this video will put your readers to sleep. And possibly politely not respond. But all that aside the Ex is fun and will be much better next year. My leg is almost back to normal.


Ron said...

You are one of those rare people who can put up with me and all my foibles. You have made possible my life now of travel and adventure. For that I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you Pat for all your kindness and generosity.

Raybeard said...

Ron, I saw this about eight hours ago and, wanting to disprove Pat's notion that the video might have been boring to us 'outsiders', I wrote a comment, but suspected that it might have got lost in the ether when the usual temporary acknowledgment didn't appear.
Anyway, assuming that it didn't arrive I just wanted to say that I found the 5-minute video as fascinating as I usually do, and far from sleep-inducing. A slice of 'Canadiana'. I always like to see how the other half (half?) lives.
I've just returned from seeing a French film and I was wondering how often do you hear that language spoken in Canada (and I don't mean by tourists). It must be reasonably widely spoken in a place like Toronto. Moreso in Montreal, of course - and (I think I asked you this some years back) have you ever been to Quebec, city or even province? - where, I think it's at least as prevalent as English, maybe even majority.

Anyway, now let's see if this works.......

Ron said...

Thank you so much for your comment expressing disapproval that my "Pat" video is boring. I don't think it is boring at all. My blog is all about producing a slice of my life and others that I interact with. I think some will find my blog postings interesting as I know others will find my blog not so interesting. Those are the folks who move on to other blogs that they find more interesting. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I am who I am and I make no apologies for being me. Sure, throughout my lifetime many have found me boring, even members of my own family I am sad to say which is probably why I am estranged from them at this time of my life. But there are others who don't think I am boring and those are the people I associate with now. I personally find Pat very interesting. He is smart, funny, witty and very unselfish man.
To answer you question of French spoken in Canada. Yes, we encounter quite a bit of French spoken, even in Toronto. I have been to Quebec and Montreal back in the Sixties. I would love to go back. I've been pushing Pat to visit there next year even though he says "it's five hours away." So we take the trip. It would be fun. I would especially love to see Quebec again. It is a beautiful city. Funny thing happened this trip with my credit card. My receipts kept coming up in French. I don't know how that happened but I managed. Always interesting and fun when I visit Canada, especially with Pat.

Jon said...

I always enjoy your videos because it makes me feel like I was there. I can almost smell the delicious food - and I can mute the screaming babies.
If I had a choice between a Shakespeare festival or a carnival, I would choose the carnival. There's a little white trash in all of us, Ron.

Raybeard said...

Yes, I now remember when asking you before, I mentioned that in Cologne once (before I moved there to live for 3 years) I met a guy in my hotel - a leather type, bearded and hot as Hell - who came from Montreal but could speak no English. It only dawned on me later how unusual that must have been. He was going onto Munich which I knew well but he had booked nowhere there to stay, so I offered to ring up my regular (gay) pension there and book him a room. That was one of the very rare circumstances, only repeated once, when I found myself, with him standing beside me, translating directly from French into German - and it wasn't easy. But anyone coming from Quebec and being unable to speak English I can just about understand, but from Montreal that must surely by exceptional.

And btw: yes, I can see why you're attracted to Pat. I would be too.

Ron said...

I think I talked Pat into visiting Montreal and Quebec next year!

Ron said...

That's why I post my videos, to give my readers a "feel" for being there. I have absolutely NO interest in attending a Shakespeare Festival. Zero interest. As for the white trash, you can take the boy out of the white trash environment but you can't take the white trash out of the boy.

Raybeard said...

That'll be a joy for us to read about and to SEE, Ron.