Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Greystone Manor, Niagara Falls

The Greystone Manor Bed and Breakfast, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Continuing with my recent Canadian holiday, the Greystone Manor is the bed and breakfast I chose for our overnight stay at Niagara Falls in Canada. 

Then dining room

The living room
Pat in the stairwell to the first floor from our room

Last year Pat made our overnight accommodations for our stay in Niagara Falls. I forget the name of the hotel but it was one of those chain hotels that cater to families. Folks, even though I've been in the hotel business for the past eighteen years, I'm finding I'm not predisposed at staying at these touristy, kid worn out hotels.  I was going to say at hotels but I held back because this year we stayed at a Best Western in Hamilton, Ontario, which was probably the best hotel I've ever stayed in.  So I can't make a blanket judgment.  

Pat resting in our room - NO RUGS ON THE FLOOR!

I did my research this year and I chose a bed and breakfast on the Canadian side of the border of Niagara Falls called the Greystone Manor.  I choose well.

Located a short distance from downtown Niagara Falls, on a quiet street, the Greystone Manor was an ideal location.  We were greeted warmly (with a smile!) as we exited our car.  We were expected!  

"Lisa" showed us around the delightful Victorian style house where we were going to spend our night.  Ah, no kids.  No worn out rugs from the rug rats. No surly front desk personnel burned out by all the tourist families with their little kiddies. No dirty carpets. No noise. Ah yes, accommodations for two senior men who are way past the family accommodations.  Oh why it took me so long to discover bed and breakfasts.  

The Greystone Manor was spotlessly clean.  No rugs.  And did I say quiet?  Oh yes, I did.  

We were shown the dining room where our breakfast would be served.  I have to tell you folks, the next morning when we had our breakfast that was the first time in my life I've been treated like that.  Wow.  So this is how the Other Half lives?  It's a shame that Pat and I aren't big breakfast eaters but it was a pleasant surprise to be treated like special guests.  

You know folks, I wasn't going to go back to Niagara Falls next year but after our delightful experience at this bed and breakfast, I'm going back!


Raybeard said...

Nice flavour of the place in the videos, Ron - but the still that shows for the second one has Pat looking ever so camp. Please don't think about changing it - if you even can, that is.

Ron said...

I'm so glad you can see my videos now. That's what I try to go, give a "flavor" of what my life is like. Hey, I didn't notice that Pat was looking camp holding his "luggage", a plastic bag! Maybe Pat won't notice.

pat888 said...

Ron - I'm definitely going to have to hone up on my (if I have any) acting skills to try and make your videos a little more entertaining. That's funny what Ray said.

Raybeard said...

I'm relieved that you also found it funny, Pat. It still looks it to me, one day later.

Ron said...

You acting skills are par excellence!