Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring is Here!

The calendar says Spring doesn't arrive until Palm Sunday, March 20th.  But folks, I'm telling you Spring is here!  

Yesterday the temps were up to 77 degrees.  I took sought to take advantage of the spring like temperatures and began laying flagstone around my compost pile.  I had to quit after about an hour of that hard labor, I was sweating.  I had to quit folks.  I am of that age that if I get overheated there may be serious consequences.  Bill said even he got dizzy working outside.  We both came inside to the cooler climes of Casa Tipton-Kelly.

Me yesterday putting a border of leftover flagstones around my compost pile
Note the picture at the header. It is of the double wide where my late friend Bob McC. lived with his husband Jim D.  That photo was taken last week a day after our last snow (I hope).  That place, scene of many a good times is now abandoned.  Now only a sad reminder of what was and will never be again.

These days I have new friends and new "good times."  One day too Casa Tipton-Kelly will be no more, only a faint reminder of the happy and contented life that Bill and I enjoy now.

Today I go to work for my regular 3 to ll PM shift at the hotel.  The hotel is undergoing complete renovations thus creating some discombobulation of everyone's regular routine.  But all that will be well worth it because I'm telling you folks, that hotel is absolutely fabulous now.  I am so proud to work there. I don't work in any dumps. Oh okay, I'll admit it.  I am a hotel snob. 

I'm back on my regular shift.  I don't like switching around every week.  I lose track of when I'm supposed to work plus I can't plan my "other" life.  Right now I have a balance that works for me.  Part-time work and retirement doing what I want and enjoying doing.  If I'm working all the time, especially filling in on short notice, then I feel like one of those firemen who sleep at the firehouse waiting for a call to slid down the pole and fight the latest fire.  I don't mind filling in occasionally folks, but not all the time, on a regular basis. I work part-time.  I'm not a substitute worker. 

I'm posting two videos to You Tube I took.  One of the renovations at the hotel and the other of the new daffodils that have arrived this Spring at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Hopefully I'm not infringing on anyone's copyright status.  Most of my last videos that I posted to You Tube were blocked by You Tube because I dared to have background music in them.  God forbid I would prevent one of these overpaid entertainers from getting a few more pennies for their "art."  It's not like I have ads on my blog and I'm making money from posting those videos.  What a time we live in folks, every one is so hyper about political correctness and copy right infringement but yet we're bombarded every day with incessant ads from all angles.  Thank God I got rid of my land line which I DON'T MISS AT ALL.  At least I stopped that one form of ad harassment. Should've done that a LONG TIME AGO.

Okay, I'm ranting now and I shouldn't be.  Such a beautiful day outside.  Think nice things Ron.

Me at work with my "Barney" sweater


Larry Meredith said...


That video of the hotel renovation was like a scene from a horror movie. The POV that of the viewer walking down an empty hall and into empty rooms with a lot of shut doors, and all the time these voices in the background, buzzing and hammering. I expected the monster or the killer to leap from one of the closets at any moment.


Ron said...

Hey Lar!
I'm glad you noticed the eerie quality of my video. I was on the 3rd floor which was unoccupied because they are putting in a new ceiling (getting rid of the popcorn ceiling) on the second floor. We figured no one would want to rent the third floor with all that hammering going on. I should have arranged to have Chuck pop out of the closet with a big "BOOO!" You do have some imagination Lar. I wish I would have thought of that scenario when I took that video last Monday night.

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - I enjoyed Larry's and your comments - funny stuff. Hey maybe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will stay there if he passes your way. Very posh looking. And by the way - that temp you mention is more of a summer number than spring. We are presently in the 50s up here - but whatever the temp it seems old man winter has left the building.

Raybeard said...

Re your weather: Well, all I can say is "Lucky you!", Ron. Our Winter has just decided to loosen its grip but our daytime temps have hardly touched 50 - and there was a frost last night, while most of the daffs have been literally nipped in the bud already. 77 remains a longed-for fantasy.
But enough of moaning - except for one more. I still don't have sound so am unable to enjoy your vids to the full. But nice scenery!

Ur-spo said...

I realize it is your photo of daffodils I recently used to don my FB page. I guess I owe you royalties.

Ron said...

Although the change to Daylight Savings time was a pain, I am glad for the longer days. I love Spring!

Ron said...

Get that new computer! You don't know what you're missing!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
My daffodils are spectacular this year! More next year!