Sunday, March 06, 2016

Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan died today.

Nancy Reagan
1921 - 2016

I'm always surprised by my reaction to the deaths of public figures.  There are times which I expect to be very sad and I am not.  Then there are times I don't expect to be sad but I am. Today, when I heard of the passing of Nancy Reagan, I am experiencing profound sadness.

Nancy Reagan, widow of former president Ronald Reagan brought class to the White House.  

Today, during the most base and vulgar campaigning of the Republican presidential candidates, remembering Nancy Reagan brings back memories of a better time in this country. 

During her lifetime, Nancy Reagan received much criticism but always responded with grace and class.  

Nancy Reagan, actress

Nancy, our country will miss you.  Real class and dignity. 

Nancy and Ronnie


Jon said...

Nice post, Ron, and you told it exactly like it is. Nancy Reagan was often mistaken for a bitch, but she did have class and was a perfect match for Ronnie. She nourished his confidence and ego - rather than tear him apart like Jane Wyman did.

My mother and I met Reagan and had quite a long private conversation with him (no one else was around). I was only fourteen at the time but I was impressed by his kindness and intelligence. The Reagans weren't the evil Bozos as they are sometimes portrayed.

Bea said...

Both Ron Jr. & Patti Davis have stated that the Republicans of today would be a disappointment to Ronald Reagan. Michael Reagan, by constrast, feels that his father was the 'original Teabagger' which I find repugnant.

I'm not sad at Nancy's passing, but, at 45, that could just be a generational thing.

Raybeard said...

Didn't she/they have a gay son they never talked about, as though it was too shameful to be acknowledged? (Was that the Michael that Bea, above, mentions?)
And then there's all that astrology thing....

Or am I focussing too much on the negatives?

Bea said...

Michael is one of those right-wing, talk radio guys who seems to be straight. I know Ron Jr is an atheist, but I don't know if he's gay to boot.

Jon said...

Raybeard -
Michael is their adopted son. It was rumored that their real son, Ron Jr., was gay - but that was because he studied ballet (and was a mediocre dancer). I think Ron Jr. is now married.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. I think Ronald Reagan would be horrified at the goings on this primary season.