Monday, March 21, 2016

Old Films Transferred to DVD's!

NOTE: I noticed that the video doesn't actually begin until a little over three minutes into the video right after the Jay Leno segment.  By the way, I used an old Jay Leno tape to test the copying but I didn't realize I had also uploaded that segment to You Tube. So please bear with me.  Also, bear with the background hillbilly music which could be annoying to you Mariah Carey fans (which I am NOT). Enjoy!

Finally!  I've started to transfer my old VHS tapes to DVD's. This is something I've been putting off for a long time. It's a big job folks. I have over a hundred VHS tapes to be transferred to the DVD format.  Because of this monumental job, I've been procrastinating for a LONG time.

Several years ago I bought a VHS/DVD combo unit to copy the VHS tapes to a DVD.  Folks, the process is quite complicated.  Almost too complicated for this 74 year old brain.

I was about to figure out how to do it six years ago when I made a memorial DVD for my Mom's funeral.  I haven't done anything with the VHS transfers to the DVD format since.  

This task has been hanging over my head for sometime.  Lately I've been spending a lot of time playing on line Scrabble in my Facebook account. I have to tell you, lately I've been feeling guilty when I'm "wasting" my time playing Scrabble on Facebook.  

Yesterday, I finally bit the bullet so to speak and planted myself downstairs in our finished basement in front of my old 40 inch SONY Bravia flat screen TV (which we paid $4,000 for years ago, being once of the early purchasers of the new "gigantic" screen TV's which don't seem so gigantic now - I have a 60 inch flat screen TV in the Tipton Cinema).  

Oh what a day yesterday was.  I had to relearn the whole process again.  My old brain cells really got a workout.  Unfortunately I accidentally erased about ten minutes of a VHS tape I had of my Mom counting her bonds which I kept in my safe.  What is the matter with me?  Practicing on a real tape instead of one of the many "junk" tapes I have?  Sometimes I could kick myself.

However, after much frustration I finally figured out how to transfer the images from my old VHS tape to a DVD.  The first one I did was of films that were taken in 1966.  Yes, FIFTY years ago.  I'm uploading it now to You Tube.  Hopefully that goes without a hitch.

The contents of that video tape were originally 8mm film.  Thus this is the third time the images have been transferred to a different format.  Of course there is some degradation. But you can still see a YOUNG Ron Tipton.  Did I really have all that hair?  And the sheen, where did that come from.  Believe it or not, I never put grease in my hair, I always kept it dry even when it wasn't fashionable.  Man, do I ever feel old now.

I see where my upload is now complete.  Folks, a warning, this is a long tape.  Over thirty minutes long.  So if you're really interested in my life, you can take the time.  If not, then I won't throw any guilt trips on you for moving on to another blog with a briefer post.  

Another warning, you'll notice I'm a little "fey" in the video.  Remember, this was back when I was young.  Twenty four years old.  I have no excuse for acting like a swish other than I can blame my good friends Ron Hampton and Ed Cage who were very femme. I have since realized that the "femme" route wasn't good for me so I butched it up big time.  

Long blog posting here folks.  But I did want to share my good news with you that now I can copy all my old VHS tapes to a format that I can post to You Tube.  I have a big job ahead of me but once I'm finished, and as I near the end of my time here on earth, I will go in peace.  By sharing this part of my life to You Tube, my legacy will be complete.  I don't have any family members now who are interested in my old photos, VHS tapes or DVD's but if someone in the future, family member or not, is interested in my time here on earth, then there it is . . . on You Tube.  

Me, exactly 50 years ago!

By the way, here is a photo of my friend Pat "way back then.  He's pictured with his band mates on an album cover.  Yes, that is Pat to the right.  Some hunk right?

Pat and his band "The 45's" way in the past - were we every THAT young? (and had all THAT hair?)

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Jon said...

Hey, I love the old tapes....and the hillbilly music! Those were certainly the good ol' days, and they remind me of the summers I spent in New Jersey with relatives when I was young.

You're right, Ron, it's a long and tedious task transferring old films to DVD. I'm glad you're finding time to do it. When I lived in Texas I started transferring my VHS tapes to DVD. During my move to TN the movers "lost" many of my old tapes and also some equipment, so I've given up.

Wow, I like the pic of Pat on the album cover.