Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yet Even More Old Films Transferred to DVD

  This is your lucky day folks.  Yet even MORE old films transferred to DVD that I'm sharing with you today.  Hey, isn't this fun?  Almost as much fun as having a neighbor pressuring you to stop by and view an hour's worth of slides from their latest vacation trip.  Oh yes, I remember THOSE days.  When we lived in Philly, we had these delightful neighbors, the Kehrers.  Very nice folks.  One summer they took a vacation to Europe.  When they got back they invited us down to show us their slides. Folks, I have to tell you that was one of the most boring two hours I've ever had in my life.  And believe me, I've had some boring episodes in my life.  But hey, after you've seen one angle of a church cathedral in Cologne Germany, you've seen them all.  No need to show me ten different versions.  And they Mr. Kehrer got caught up on "Was this taken in Cologne or Koblenz Germany?"  I wanted to shout out "IT.DOESN'T.MATTER!"  But of course, the Best Little Boy in the World that I am, I didn't say anything but suffered in silence.  So folks, I am quite aware that I may be boring the pants off of some of you and if I am, then just move on to the next blog but for those of you who are interested, here is my latest installment. 

This video shows me cavorting with our two Pomeranian dogs at our new house in the woods outside of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  Oh those were the days. I was so young and those dogs were so frisky.  Check me out with my skinny leg jeans, before they were fashionable.  Hey, I still have those jeans but they don't fit me anymore (waist).  The waist is 31 inches and length 36 inches.  These days the Old Ron takes 34/34.  Waist has expanded and I've shrunk.  Fifteen pounds heavier too. For years now I've been procrastinating selling those jeans on Ebay as "vintage jeans."  That's another project I should get in gear for. 

Me and my skinny legged jeans 1986

And guess what folks!  I found a video that I had taken of my workplace at Mellon (formerly Girard) bank in Philadelphia.  I had forgotten all about this video.  What a delight to see my former co-workers like Nazarene Regalbuto, Bill Price, Joe Moorhead  Peggy D'Allesandro, Nancy Wallace, Renee (I forget her last name) and Sue Saylor.  Hard to believe I took these films thirty years ago (1986).  Time does really fly.  

Two good friends and former co-workers Reno and Renee (Renee is gone now)

Note: Pictured at the header of this blog are my former bosses Joe Muirhead (now deceased) and Bill Price. 


nitewrit said...


Kinda funny sometimes looking at old film like this, especially with the not so great lighting and focus. There is a sequence, not very long, somewhere about 8-9 minutes in where you turn and then walk up a drive. You have a mustache, or so it appears, but when you turn you resemble Hitler, a long and thin one, but Hitler nonetheless. Interesting seeing your old workplace back then, with the bulky monitors, microfiche readers and such.


Unknown said...

I think I've told you before, but if not, but you were/are a very handsome man!! I loved the photos you shared a while back. I believe you were on vacation in Massachusetts. You were wearing short denim shorts. Talk about dreamy!!!
I love all things from the past. I'm a very nostalgic person. I think all the videos are great. And thank you for sharing them.
P.s. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you shared more of those old photos of yourself in the shorts!!!

Jon said...

I agree with everything James Flagg said (above). Hey Ron, it's nice to have admirers (I should be so lucky...). I'm also a very nostalgic person. I love old films and photos.

I remember the good ol' days (???) when people used to take travel slides - and I also remember being subjected to agonizing hours of having to watch them (my relatives always had lots of them).

Ron said...

Hitler? I resemble Hitler? Didn't see that one coming Lar (smile). I had forgotten that I had taken a film of my old workplace. I enjoyed bringing those memories back again where we had an army of office workers to do all that clerical work before the onset of computers. Also nice to see the young faces of my former co-workers.

Ron said...

Thank you VERY much for your generous compliments. Always appreciated! It is interesting to look back at my younger days. At that time I didn't have a high opinion of my looks. I thought I could "get by" but my brother Isaac was always the "looker" in my family. Blonde, perfect posture, perfect facial feature, good build and talented. Actually movie star handsome. Have you seen any of the pictures of him that I've posted? These days Isaac is trying to keep his weight "down" to 300 pounds. Bald. You just never know.
By the way, the one thing that initially attracted Bill to me was my long legs.
I'll post more pictures of myself in those shorts. You know me, I LOVE to post old photos.

Ron said...

Just one more thing I like about you, you are also very nostalgic. I've always loved old photos and films. My friend Wayne, right before he died, in his last blog post complained that I "lived in the past." Well, uh . . . . yes (I guess).
By the way, I HATE watching someone else's slides. But mine? Not a problem (smile) At least with my blog postings one has the option of exiting out of that posting.
And as far as having admirers, Jon, you've had your share in the past and now look at you . . . all those lonely farm housewives. They LOVE YOU!

Unknown said...

I'm like Bill, I love long legs on a man! I really love when they're tan! I don't remember pictures of your brother. I'll have to look back. I was never into blondes! I love dark haired men.