Monday, December 29, 2014

Gossip Magazines

Oh yes, I'm one of those people who read the supermarket gossip trash rags. Guilty as charged.  I've been doing reading them for years.  

In fact, I'm so bad I subscribe to these totally useless magazines.  Only two though:

The National Enquirer 

Both are published by the same publisher. Both out of Florida.  Both total trash.  

Now we all love good gossip.  Admit it, you do too even though some of you won't admit it.  There was a time perhaps that these magazines actually provided good gossip.  However, that's not the case now.  Ever try to read NE's Mike Walker?  He's almost unreadable with his cutsie poo spelling of English language words like "spy witness" and getting in a tizzy about who is gay and who is not (aren't we over the "gay" thing yet for being legitimate gossip)?

These magazines stopped producing good gossip years ago. Now they specialize in appealing to the worst of the Obama haters by saying he is:

A womanizer
A Muslim
A racist
A Kenyan

Almost every other issue has him and Michelle on the verge of separating.  Has him flirting with other women or having affairs with them.  Then in some issue they refer to his gay past.  Hey National Enquirer!  Make up your mind.  Either Obama is a womanizer or he's gay . . . can't be both.  We get it, you're appealing to your lowest denominator audience.

Then there are the issues where Camilla (Prince Charles' wife) hates:

The Queen
Prince Charles
Mickey Mouse 

I made the last one up.  But wait, the NE will probably make that charge too.

Every issue I plow through hoping for a bit of true, juicy gossip but the most you'll get out these rags is who is having lunch with who (that's gossip?)  Or outright lies.  Apparently the English Royalty and President Obama are fair game and unlikely to sue these sorry ass magazines unlike celebrities who will sue.

Truth be told I get some of my best (and juiciest) gossip from a favorite blogger of mine, Bob of "I Should Be Laughing".  And he's free!

What really did me in with these magazines and why I'm letting my subscription run out is now the ads are creeping in.  At one time the NE's last two pages were ads.  Now it's the last nine pages.  Before you know it, the ads will take over like they've taken over my Vanity Fair magazine.  And I'm letting that subscription run out too.  

For all the money they charge for their subscription there was an unwritten understanding that the mag wouldn't be ad choked but greed sometimes knows no bounds.  

Next up is my consideration for canceling my cable subscription.  Ads are taking over there too.  Whatever happened to the proposition when pay TV first came into being?  Remember what they promised?

You pay for TV and you won't have to see the ads. 

Ha!  I can go turn on my TV now and what usually comes up first?  You're right, ads.  

What is it that our former illustrious president said?  


Jon said...

You're right - there are definitely more ads than articles. And the articles usually reveal nothing. I admittedly like trashy gossip, but I liked it better when I lived in Hollywood and got it from some very reliable sources.

I remember the National Enquirer years ago when I was a kid. They had a completely different format - - black & white photos and articles about freaks and other oddities. It was like a side show tabloid. Now it's all celebs, politics, and royalty.

Hey - - wait a minute. I'm not REALLY that damn old, am I ???

Geo. said...

Ok, Ron, so maybe he is a Kenyan racist Muslim gay womanizer, but I voted for him because he reminded me of Bogart. Glad I did too. Great post and happy new year!

Ur-spo said...

In hospital we called these rags "Nursing Journals" for the RNs read them constantly and circulated them; they were everywhere.

Unknown said...

Print ads in print publications almost pay the cost of printing and delivery. All profit comes from subscriptions. But printing and delivery costs keep going up. So they sell more ads, hoping there aren't too many smart people like you who allow the subscriptions to expire. And I'd bet the number who allow the subscription to lapse are in the minority. The lowest common denominator is amazingly stupid. I worked in television for 22 years, believe me, I know about the LCD.

I subscribe to National Geographic, Popular Photography, Shutterbug, and the Smithsonian. I get magazines from two amateur radio organizations (ARRL and the RSGB), and the national caving organization (NSS). Add in the old folks home (AARP), and a monthly county mag, and I have more than I can handle in the print media department.

Peace <3

Raybeard said...

Ron, even though I see newspaper gossip as shallow, unreliable and motivated by something other than truthfulness (read: profit in increased sales), it does remain infuriatingly compelling. Maybe that's the part of human nature which derives some satisfaction in seeing others taken down a peg or two, though only when we dislike them for other reasons. However, for sheer entertainment value I'm with you in commending Bob's ('I should be Laughing') blogs. I get a regular chortle or LOL out of his sardonic, dry comments - and, as you say, he's free!

wcs said...

Now we're not ones to go 'round spreadin' rumors.
No, really, we're just not the gossipy kind.
Oh you'll never hear one of us repeatin' gossip,
So you'd better be sure to listen close the first time!

Travel said...

A friend introduced me to TMZ, probably the best celebrity gossip source.

Ron said...

Thanks! I need my gossip and those magazines just aren't doing it. They're too expensive and no real gossip. Just lies that take up space. These magazines have to be one of the biggest scams going today.

Ron said...

You're right, rarely do the actual articles reveal anything of substance. I'm not ashamed to admit like trashy gossip but there is very little and usually no real gossip in these magazines these days. I think they're afraid of being sued by the celebrities. And Mike Walker is totally useless as a gossip columnist. He's too caught up in creating what he thinks is his clever new words. Another problem I have with the gossip magazines is a lot of these new stars I don't even know who they are. More proof that I am getting old.

Ron said...

Oh don't get me wrong George. I am an Obama supporter. I voted for him twice and I would vote for him again. There was no way I could vote for John "Angry Old Man" McCain or Mitt "The Liar" Romney. I am always amazed at how many, otherwise intelligent people, subscribe to the lies about Obama.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
One good thing, I recycle my gossip rags. My neighbor Barbara loves them as does my barber. When I lived in Pennsylvania my Mom got my old mags as well as my barber. Always al home for that trash.

Ron said...

You have a good point about the cost of printing and delivery. I didn't take that into consideration. But for me to get "value" out of these magazines they have to print something I am interested in reading. I am not interested in the same old lies about the British Royals or President Obama. I want some real dirt and believe me it's there. I just think these magazines are risk adverse to getting sued by the celebrities. So they stick to the "Guess who is gay?" and "Camilla hates the queen" stories. I admit it will be hard to let my subscriptions expire. I've vowed to let them expire before but chickened out. I'll probably chicken out again.

Ron said...

Not ashamed to admit that I am a gossip maven. I don't spread malicious gossip but I do like to hear good gossip whether it be at work, the neighborhood or celebrity.

Ron said...

You're so right! Much of the newspaper/magazine gossip isn't true but some kernels of truth gleam through. My problem with the National Enquirers of the world is that once you read the article, there is little or nothing to it. It's fake. What are they afraid of? Either they're lazy or they're afraid of celebrity lawsuits. They know that the queen and Obama won't sue them. I think what is finalizing my decision to let my subscriptions expire is the intrusion of ever more ads in their magazines. If the subscription was cheap I am willing to put up with the ads but the subscriptions aren't cheap. The main thing is,, where is the real gossip? I'll go to one of my favorite bloggers Bob "I Ain't One to Laugh But …. . "

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. You might also like, and then there are the ones that are more gay-centric like queermenow, queerty, gawker, and towleroad.

I can't stand the cheap vegetable ink the Conde Nast publications use! My skin seems to have quite an affinity for it, and my hands look like silly putty after I try to read it. My eternal life partner still gets it tho, thanks to a gift subscription. If they would only always use a glossy cover (like they still do once or twice a year), I could take it, but I don't like getting newsprint on my hands.

Happy New Year! ~~~ NB

Ron said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Another problem I have with some of the publications, like Vanity Fair, the articles are just not well written. Where do they get their writers? I could name at least a half a dozen bloggers who are way better than that crowd that gets paid to write their hard to understand articles. They must have connections.